Monday, 14 May 2018

Create With Abandon

Hi there dear ones!
It so happens - what a beautiful synergy - that we've been having a monochromatic time lately on my blog. :) Last Friday we saw the stunning creation in purples from Olya and today we meet with Bipasha who also felt inspired to make a wonderful mixed media canvas in a limited palette.
It turns out she loves purple too! :) Please, enjoy this beautiful post!

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Did you ever let your creativity go wild without concerns or perhaps consequences or care of what others think?
I did many times and as a matter of fact, today's project is an outcome of one of those wild plays with monochromatic colours!
I created a mixed media heavily layered canvas in my favorite monochromatic shade of vintage purple.
At the very outset, I used the two shades of Impasto Paints (Aubergine & Chocolate) and randomly brayed the area on my canvas to get a position of the focal point of my composition.
These paints have one of the thickest, creamiest, smoothest consitencies without a freedom to mix any two colours and create your own palette.
Once applied, I immediately fell in love with the meddly of the aubergine + chocolate tones.
Next I used pieces of 3D board to create some faux bricks. I adhered these using the 3D Matte gel medium which works as an excellent adhesive for thick material.
I still wanted to play around with the positioning of the elements in my composition and hence I didn't use the Heavy Body Gel (which dries quicker!) as an adhesive for this part.
Next I moved to my favourite part : adding some yummy textures with Paper Paste, White Crackle medium and blended in the look by squeezing in some Art Stones here and there with 3D Gel.

Then I added some colours to my textures in the same colour palette of the aubergine + chocolate tones. I sprayed water generously to obtain a washed-out look and get rid of any hard brush strokes.
Finally, I dried everything with a heat tool and added multiple layers of chipboard leftovers, Mechanicals, frames, doily and other pretty bits and pieces from my stash.

I coloured the chipboard with Metallique paint in Velvet to add some rich shine and colour contrast.

This time I prefered the Heavy Body Gel over the 3D Gel to adhere the frames. It dried quickly so I did not have to wait.

At the very end I finished the piece with some splatters of diluted Heavy Gesso in white.
 Please, enjoy my video and I hope you'll feel inspired to create a gorgeous piece with abandon! :)

Starting on an idea without a planned thought process might be a bit intimidating and might make one feel uncomfortable but you are abandoning your inhibitions for a time and that's what expressing yourself through creativity is, isn't it?

Happy creating!

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na.olsen said...

Love it ! Great idea to put the doily in the ring and the string hanging around really adds to the project. Thank you for sharing !

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