Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Mixed Media Minutes - Vintage Decor - video tutorial

Hi, I'm back - and guess what - I've got a new project with a tutorial for you!
It's the third time I was doing FB Live on my Page and I'm happy to say - it is getting easier and smoother every time! Well, at least the show itself - the preparation stage is always a pain - I have too many -or not enough ideas! Or maybe, simply, I can't decide?
This time I really had to think a longer while before the idea for the project came - but when I opened my photo box and found a bunch of these very special photos I had found in the antique store in Glasgow, everything came together!
I keep wondering who these people could be... I have a full album of their photos. It was heartbreaking to find so many family keepsakes left behind by someone. Memories of the happy times - lots of laughter, fun and celebrating life. It was an impulse - I had to take them home with me, so from now on they are my adopted, extended family. Can you imagine a better inspiration for a project?
I love dimensional, rich and textured projects, and working with real old photos is a real pleasure. There is something magical in them. Inspired by the sepia colour I decided to add some tea stain (very strong tea infusion) to the colour combo - it is my favourite way to add this beautiful, natural shade of vintage brown. Lace, buttons, threads - they are my natural choice when working on vintage project, but this time I added also some shells and Art Stones to imitate the sand - because many of these photos were taken on the beach!
Here you can see the project I was creating for you during the FB Live show - I couldn't stop myself and I had to try different colour palette this time, although the stain is still there, adding beautiful brown hues.
Again - it's full of lace, flowers, shells - with accents of my favourite gears from one of my Mechanicals sets. I hope you will like watching the whole process - you will see the video below!
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I hope you will be inspired - enjoy the FB Live recording!

Here you can find most of the supplies I was using in this tutorial - 
all linked to Mixed Media Place Store:

Thank you for your presence during the show, all your comments here and on my other social media. It means so much to me. You make such a difference.
With love

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