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Ambassadors Spotlight - Monika Huculak

Hello Friends!
I'm here today with a brand new inspirational series I called: Ambassadors Spotlight.
This idea was born out of a simple fact that I... well, that I just can't get enough of art made by these superbly talented Artists and that I love seeing them here on my blog as often as possible. :)

Today, I'd like to have a one-on-one chat with Monika Huculak whose feeling for vintage is pure magic and you can always get beautifully lost among all the delicious layers of paint, paper
and meanings in her stunning artworks.

Monika Huculak (a.k.a. Kolorowy Ptak - which means 'A Colorful Bird' in Polish) is a 33 year old ex-history teacher from the south of Poland.

Right now she works with special needs youth, she loves history and art and is a happy owner of a recently adopted shelter dog. :)

Please, enjoy today's post and make sure to leave some love for Monika! :)
Don't forget to follow her art on her {blog} and {instagram}.

1. How and when did you start your art adventure?

I started my blog in 2010 but even before that I would be creating pieces out of magazine cutouts not knowing that I could be calling it collaging or art journaling. :)
When I was browsing the internet looking for gift ideas for a friend, I came across scrapbooking blogs and I thought to myself that I would like to try making such pretty things myself. After trying out different kinds of art, I discovered that my favorite outlets are: altered art, large layouts and the closest to my heart - art journaling. I fell in love with the creative possibility to express myself and unwind at the same time.
I also discovered the wonderful art community of like-minded people and made some friendships that last to this day.
2. What do you like the most about your style?

The answer's simple: layers! I think they are my signature trait. Just like splashing and dyeing with coffee and all the vintage, 'time-worn' elements.

3. What are your art dreams/plans/wishes?

I've always wanted to try soldering. I get the feeling that I would have a lot of fun altering and creating with metal.
4. What is your must have Finnabair product?

I absolutely love Impasto paints and all the Mechanicals! They just perfectly match my style and the character of my artworks.

5. Share a quote that you find particularly inspiring.

The only limit is your imagination.
6. Share a word of of advice for all those who want to be creative and maybe are stuck in a creative rut or feel too shy or insecure to make and/or share their art.

Look for inspirations everywhere around you - in music or nature. Stay open.
Don't waste your time wondering what other people will say. Just listen to what your heart is telling you.
Keep experimenting, trying out new ideas and techniques. That's how you'll find your style.
7. Show us your favorite artworks.

All these pieces happened spontaneously, out of the need of my heart. Each of them makes me think of a special moment in my life and the people I love.
The first one is the one on which I had a blast painting with Impasto acrylics and my watercolors. I surprised myself when the piece turned out quite flat, I usually build up countless layers so it felt different but very exciting. :)
This tag was a a lot of fun to make as I wanted to create a special kind of work with my favorite quotations that could be hidden among the layers.
And finally, a very special frame with a photo of little me on my mom's lap. It goes without saying why I love it so much. :)
We hope you enjoyed today's interview and that you're already looking forward
to the next Artist Spotlight in May! :)

Finn & The Team

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