Monday, 9 April 2018

A Window To New Ideas

Hi there Dear Readers!
You're in for a wonderful mixed media treat this Monday!
Olya created a magical little world on a canvas inviting us all to join her and find pleasure in making beautiful art...
Watch her inspiring video tutorial and maybe open your own window to brand new ideas this spring. :)

*   *   *   *

Hello, lovely creative friends!
Today I want to share with you my new art inspiration -
When you have such beautiful colors of paints in front of you, all you really want to paint and feel like a real artist! :) I hope you will see how easy it is and be inspired.

My project is actually very simple - all I did was that I just enjoyed playing with all these colors and textures! You've got to love mixed media when as if by magic, everything turns into a three-dimensional picture... You can use the simplest things, the main thing is not to be afraid, to experiment and show a little imagination!
So my idea was to create a faux wall and a window with textures imitating the real ones.
To create a wall effect like this, the ideal products is of course Stone Effect Pastes!
I started by glueing sone pieces of wood and some chipboard shapes on the base on the canvas. Finnabair's Mechanicals Tags also worked great as additional detailsfor my background.
And speaking of Mechanicals - the Wings are just the perfect symbol of creativity and inspiration, don't you think? :)
When my arrangement was ready, I applied the Stone Effect Pastes and made sure they dried well.
I wanted to work with acrylic paints in my project so I covered everything with Heavy Black Gesso that makes primes all the surfaces to 'accept' paints better but also enhances all the acrylic colors and makes them look more luminous. Black Gesso truly creates miracles! :)
When everything was well dried, I went on to my ever favorite stage - applying the paints! :)
And I started with the incredible Impasto Paints. They thick and matte and that makes them an excellent base for the first layer. I chose this gorgeous palette of blues that I love so much.
I let go of all my doubts and just started painting and enjoying my favorite colors.
You will see how I did all the shading in my video tutorial below.
I placed my chipboard window in the middle of the canvas and painted it with orange and brown shades that made me think of lamp light.
I must tell you that I thoroughly loved the painting process here! It was so relaxing and fascinating to see the beautiful colors and shades emerge.
My last step was to add final accents and contrast to my project. For this I used Snow White Impasto Paint - this thick and pure white is ideal for creating highlights! A brush of Pitch Black paint also helped me to create even more depth.
To add more interest and meaning I attached little light bulbs, some wire and wrapped the whole canvas with a thin fishing line. This is a small, almost imperceptible detail, but I really like how it turned out.
Please enjoy watching my video and see the whole creative process!

I hope you're feeling inspired! :)
I believe that creative process should be something that brings you joy and happiness so let go of all the fears and doubts - call your inner child and artist and simply let them play!

With love,

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NancyO. said...

I love this ! The colors, textures and use of scraps are so cool ! The stone effect pastes are next on my wish list along with more of the art alchemy paints. I got a few for Christmas and love those paints . Thank you for the inspiration . I'm excited to give it a try someday.

Hina Mirza said...

Stunning project.. . Thanks for the tutorial!!

foxfoot said...

This is simply beautiful! I started a door project that was similar, but got stuck ... I think this will get me back on track. Thanks!

I V said...

Hi, what did you use to glue the embellishments to the canvas?

mamablitger said...

Olya your project is just amazing ... LOVE it !! The detail with the small light bulbs is gorgeous. Love the colors as well.
Thank you for sharing and for taking time to record a video. Believe me your efforts are much appreciated.
Hugs from Monica

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