Monday, 18 December 2017

Mixed Media Moth

Hi there everyone!
Juliya's artwork for today absolutely blew me away - and you will very quickly guess why! :)
I love this project on so many levels and I'm definitely feeling inspired - I hope you will want to try something new today.

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Hello friends!
How are your preparations for the holidays going?
I've already played with the theme of the New Year but waiting for Christmas celebrations, I wanted to make something magical and unusual...
I really love the idea of textile moths but I cannot use a sewing machine and I had no suitable fabrics at home. 
And then I thought: here are the paints, here is the texture paste and so many of my favorite mixed media products, why not creating a mixed media moth?! :)
Please, meet my special new little friend. :) 

I drew the wings and the body on paper and used as templates to cut the shapes out of canvas - for the wings and faux fur for the moth's body. 

To create the beautiful texture for the wings, I applied Modeling Paste through the 'Flourish' stencil, then I added two layers of Impasto paints - Jade and Aubergine, one on top of the other. The trick is to use a wet wipe later on - it allows the textural pattern from the stencil to reveal its shape and you can create some really gorgeous shading with your chosen colors.

I really love this effect, I think it looks a bit like a vintage shabby shic fabric with embroidered patterns.
Then I glued the wings and quickly made a decorative stitch. It's best to do it fast because when the wings are well dried, it is very difficult to sew by hand through the hard paste, paints and canvas.
I also sewed the wings onto the furry body.
For me, the most delicious part of the creative process always comes at the end - when it's time decorate! :)

It was such a pleasure to arrange all the embellishments on my little moth - Micro Beads, Glass Glitter and Glitter added a beautiful magical shine and shimmer! 
Mechanicals Tin Heart and a filigree, a couple of transparent drops, stickers from 7Dots Studio - that's all the decor. 
In the end, it is necessary to swipe everything with a dry brush and some White Heavy Gesso, giving the toy a more shabby appearance.
I also dry brushed White Gesso on the reverse side and added another color of Impasto Paint - Heather on the body and a little on the wings.
The final touch was made with Art Alchemy Waxes - it's a perfect finish for all kinds of projects.
 Please watch my short video in which you will see how my little mixed media creature came about.

I had a lot of fun making my mixed media moth and I hope that you will like my idea. 

Is there a project you've always wanted to make?
Don't wait any longer and don't be afraid to try new things.
Just grab some mixed media and let creativity bring you joy!  

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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Janet Spears said...

Really like this. Thanks for the video.
I have a question.
What type of glue do you use?

Audrey Serruau said...

This moth is absolutely stunning and so inspiring !! Thanks a lot for sharing with us your beautiful idea !

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