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Meet the Ambassadors {Part 2}

Hello Dear Friends!
I'd like to make sure you that didn't miss the announcement of my Brand Ambassadors Team. :)
Please help me say hello (and 'great to see you again!' :) ) to another 5 brilliant Artists who agreed to support my brand.
Most of all, check if you've seen the first part of our 'Take 5' project!
I asked these beautifully creative Artists to choose 5 objects that always accompany them in their creative process and I find their answers incredibly inspiring. Please, enjoy the 'confessions' of another 5 Ambassadors!

It is nearly impossible to choose only 5 objects that are always with me as I always make a lot of mess when I start creating a project. :)

1. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been reading a lot of books and it’s the books that shaped my personality and my imagination.
I don’t have them on my studio desk but when I think about things I can’t live without – it's definitely books. You might never guess that my favorites are the dark ones, that is why as often as I can, I escape into this world and use a black album base. ;)
2. I can’t imagine my studio without scissors and a precise knife. When I can’t find these two, I get goosebumps.  ;)
3. I love all kinds of stamps and stencils and I have loads of them. Sometimes one little stamp can inspire me to make a whole album.
4. I have been cooperating with Scrapiniec brand for a long time so in my works chipboards are an indispensable element.
5. I can’t think of working without different media, but If I had to choose one, it would definitely be gel medium.

You can find Dorota's stunning creations and all her social media links on her blog.

How happy to be here and keep sharing my 'haPPy art' with you all as Finnabair Ambassador - feeling very blessed...

So I will have to let you all into a little secret about my fave 5 - because I am crazy & capricious my 5 faves constantly change with my moods. :)

1. Vivid colours always feature largely in my art especially all the Art Alchemy paints.
2. Texture Powder! Just a dab mixed into the paints creates a custom coloured texture powder that I love to pull through the prettiest and most delicate of 3. stencils.
4. My addiction for various doodle pens, crayons, pencils and chalks never wanes as they as so lush for tiny details, scribbles and splatters!
5. But I will leave you with the constant that's always around me when I'm creating - it's my cheeky cute Pug Sammy. Somehow he just knows when it's time for a tea break, a stretch of the legs and a Puggle snuggle... :)

You can follow Kassa's happy art adventures on her blog.


Here are the top 5 inspirational things for me:

1. Brushes. I love the feeling of a brush in my hand. I then feel like a magician with a wand. :)
2. Art Alchemy Waxes. I love the tangible part of my art and I enjoy working with my fingers.
3. My own projects and projects of other artists. It's my source of inspiration every time I want to surprise not only others, but myself in the first place.
4. Small embellishments like Micro Beads, Glass Glitter, Mica Flakes and other wonderful Art Ingredients.
5. Photos of my family.

Follow Elena's art and find her social media links on her blog.

So like the other Ambassadors I have 'those things' that I like to surround myself with when I create and my must have/go to products. It is pretty hard picking out just 5 but here they are 😊

1. A source of natural light over my desk is a 'Must Have'! It sets the mood for me and helps to create the relaxed atmosphere that I like for creating.
2. I also need to have a television close by and on whilst I am creating. It isn't about wanting to watch favourite shows but more the 'noise' from the TV.
So those 2 set the mood for me; now some must have/go to products!
3. Finnabair's Art Basics: Heavy Gesso (Black and White) and the Soft Matte Gel! You need these you your life people!!!
4. My Gelli Printing Plates! Siiiiiiiigh! Essential kit for me and my style of creating. I so so love creating my own patterned backgrounds for paper projects.
5. My hand carved stamps! I so love carving them and I love using them! There is nothing quite like being able to use a stamped image that is unique and your own design.

So that is it. 😊 If you would like to catch a little more about me and my creative life please check out my Instagram account.

There are always some constant elements both in my artworks and in the reality around me.
I have my favorite things that always inspire me and help to escape the ordinary.

1. Vintage books. Not just for reading. :) I love using books (mostly flea market finds) as bases of my artworks. I love their smell and textures, the beautiful old paper, vintage illustrations and that poetic old-fashioned language they're written in. They are brilliant when used as art journals!
2. Another flea market must for me are differrent kinds of metal bits and trinkets. I equally love all the "new" metal embellishements like Mechanicals.
3. I simply cannot create without stamps, especially those with writing and different kinds of sentiments.
4. In my life I like to surround myself with monochrome tones, I choose black, white and greys in my apartment and wardrobe but in my art I love reaching for the energy of vivid bright colors of inks and paints.
5. Finally, one more element that is always present and that is coffee. :) Nothing works better to age paper, make beautiful stains and splashes and create a unique vintage feel.

Don't miss any of Monika's beautiful creations following her blog.

*   *   *   *
So here they are - my whole wonderful Team of Brand Ambassadors!
Keep an eye on my blog, this bunch of talented Artists will be sharing their creative ideas very soon! :)
And if you're feeling inspired by our posts, we'd love to know what are your own 5 objects that are always near you while you create?
Do you always have fresh flowers on your work table because of their color and beauty, because they bring you a sense of calm?
Do you have any go to medium you can’t imagine creating a piece of work without?
Can you only create with some heavy metal music playing in the background? Do you light a candle every time you are about to start a piece of work?
Feel most welcome to go right ahead to our Finnabair & Friends Open Studio facebook group where you can share your Take 5 photo and tell us about those special little things that make you feel good when you create.
See you there!
Finn & The Team

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