Monday, 18 September 2017

Secret Garden

Hi there Friends!
First of all, have you heard about my open Creative Team call? :)
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I'd like to send a super warm thank you to all of you whose applications are already in our mailbox -
- I'm really touched by such a lively response and I will take a close look at every single email. :)

Feel brave and don't think twice! Write your email - maybe YOU are the hidden gem I'm looking for this term?! :)

And now - get ready for a super special art treat from my Creative Team!
Uber talented Kassa created a fairytale project that will absolutely tempt you to grab some brushes this week! Enjoy...

*   *   *   *
Hi there lovelies, I'm so happy to be back over here again and share a little bit of my imagination with you all - a little eerie secret garden...
I've been wanting to create a mini garden for little people for sometime now. When I was young I longed for the Borrowers to live in my house and be my secret friends and then there was the book/tv adaptation of the Secret Garden that I loved too and now I have merged the two together.
I finally found what I had been waiting to find for this creation to get started - 3 lovely corroded rusty objects found in our back garden. And here's how they ended up after adding some mixed media magic:
This is how it all happened:

Step 1
I gathered a few rusty found objects that I have horded away: the curly ring binder, bent old nails, and along with the Finnabair Mechanicals Lotus Flowers & Grungy Butterflies I gave them a coat of Clear Gesso.
The Clear Gesso seals the rusty particles that are dropping from the found objects and provides the perfect flat matte base ready for the Waxes in the following steps.

Step 2
Once the gesso was clear and dry, I started to adhere the Lotus Flowers to the nails.
I used a tiny amount of hot glue along with the 3D Matte Gel. The hot glue dries fast and secures the flower to the nail whilst the 3D Gel will have the secure lasting glue effect. If I only used the hot glue, the flower would fall away from the nail pertty quick, 3D Gel is like super glue!
Step 3
Next I assembled all the found objects in place with the hot glue, carefully holding them in place until the glue dried solid.
I placed flowers in between and around the curly wire which looks kinda cool. The butterflies I sit grouped together like a little cosy family and perched lonesome for a more stark effect too.

Step 4
To make sure everything stays in place I added the 3D Matte Gel in and around where I have paced the hot glue. I didn't worry that I applied a touch too much gel because the next couple of steps took care of that, quickly I moved on to the next steps before the Gel dried.
Step 5
I placed Mega Art Stones in the 3D Gel that has spilled over and I also placed 2 or 3 stones into the flower cups.
I took a few steps back to see where more Stones were required to add balance & harmony to my growing garden.

Step 6
Again moving quickly before the gel set, I sprinkled Mini Art Stones over the Mega Art Stones and as the 3D Gel wasn't dry yet, the mini stones adhered perfectly in and around the larger stones making for a perfect combo!

I added more Mini Art Stones by placing a blob of the Soft Matte Gel onto my work surface and a heap of Mini Stones next to the gel. I kept dabbing my brush into both and basically painted and dabbed the Stones onto the surfaces. This way the stones adhere quickly, make less mess and catch in tiny crevices.
Step 7
I waited over night for everything to dry. I couldn't use my heat gun because of the heat, metal and hot glue combo would mean everything would collapse in a heap, I needed the 3D Matte Gel to work it's magic.
Once dry, I applied the Aged Brass Wax with an old paint brush to everything, blending the Fire Ruby Wax for shots of strong color, White Gold for highlights and Mystic Turquoise to create depth and shadow. I don't rub the wax in too much as I want it tacky for the next step...

Step 8
Quickly before the wax set, I dusted in the Mica Powders here and there with a paint brush which added a magical sparkle to the high shine of the waxes, a stunning combination and a vibrant color effect! Such a quick and easy technique giving results that look like they took longer to achieve. ;)
Step 9
So I can't resist a little paint and the perfect pot was the one with a magical twinkle of Dragon's Eye Art Alchemy Sparks. Just a dribble here and there but for sure a drop inside the Lotus Flower cups. 
The Blue Patina Paste and the Gold Rust Effect Rust Paste added the Va Va Voom whilst still maintaining the grungy appeal - I used sparingly as makes for a greater pop!

Step 10
Whilst everything dried, I chose my little people from the Ephemera pack, cut them out, scribbled them with a little color using the Oil Pastels and Gelatos before adhereing in place.
The pastels and Gelatos are ideal to scribble extra highlights, depth and color.
Finally, using a paintbrush I splattered with watered down Black and White Impasto Paints.
Welcome to my magical garden! :)

I do hope I've managed to pique your childlike imagination.

Going back and exploring childhood memories has made for a very happy Kassa, it's took me back a fair few years and brought big smiles to my face.

I've layered so much of my favourite media and that always brings joy to my heart when the results sing and dance with color.
Have a beautiful, color filled journey my friends! I'd love to see your creations up over in the Finnabair & Friends FB group sometime soon...
xoxo Kassa

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mommyx2 said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!This is so cool, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thank you for the inspiration

KOLOROWY ptak said...

Kassa, it's absolutely stunning! I love your idea! I love all details! Brilliant piece of art :)

Suman Pandit said...

this is brilliant Kassa !!love the scene you created out of junk, I have a lot of stuff saved because I see potential in it but the way you have conceptualized this is really awesome !!

kassa said...

Awe thanks so much for your beautiful words - always haPPy to share xoxo

kassa said...

Awe thanks so much sweets- I'm over the moon that you love this lil piece of my imagination and all it details- have a beautiful day xoxo

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