Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Struggling - mini collage (altered chopper)

Hi, my dear ones.
I'm back with a small collage on a bit unusual surface - I picked one of my flea market findings off my wall and decided to work directly on the old kitchen tool! I'm not 100% sure what kind of knife or chopper is it but when I saw it waiting for someone to adopt it on one of the car boot sales I knew I had to take it home... so here it is!
It's not easy to explain the inspiration behind it - if I can I always try to create following my moods and feelings, and this time was no different. I've picked the first elements that were calling my name, I added the text I've found in my little tin box - I think the closest translation of these Polish words will be "she is struggling/swaying" - and that would describe me in the last days or weeks perfectly. It was meant to be, I believe!
I didn't use many supplies to decorate it, to be honest. I loved the look of it anyway and I didn't want to cover it too much. I didn't even touch the old wooden handle - I've just picked the photo and focused on creating a small composition on the old, rusty and dirty blade.
I've used mostly only layers of old lace, metal embellishments (Mechanicals from Prima) and delicate touches of Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel, to add extra texture to the blade of the rustic tool. I'm really happy with the choice of the stencil with some text - I think it is adding a lot to the whole look, it's intriguing, a bit mysterious.
All the colours you can see are a mix of my favourite, home-made tea stain (very strong black tea infusion), Art Extravagance Patina Effect Paste and Rust Effect Paste diluted with some water. I love the look I achieved on the lotus flowers - aren't they amazing?
Extra metallic touches are done with Art Alchemy Wax- in Rich Copper Colour. I added just a tiny bit, to match the natural colours of the nails in the wooden handle.

Have you got any items which are waiting to be used or decorated for ages? Maybe it is time to take the dust off them and put them on your table, so they will finally have a chance to shine, to go to full glory? Looking through your hoarded supplies, findings and "I'lluseits" may be a great source of inspiration and surprises... how many times you re-discover the things which you completely forgot you have? It's the story of my life!

Here is the short list of the supplies I've used for this project - all linked to Mixed Media Place Store of course!

Wishing you all a great, creative week... btw, make sure you will check this space this Friday, something BIG is coming!
huge hugs


Heather Thompson said...

Another amazing creation

Joanne said...

This is so beautiful. Amazing how you've made an old ugly object into a gorgeous piece of art ��

jonni said...

The tool looks like a dough scraper, and it's absolutely beautiful & unique!

robin dudley-howes said...

It's perfect Anna. I love how you left the natural aged beauty of the chopper. The layers of the patina effects and ephemera accentuate the worn beauty of the chopper making it an art piece.

ArtoSpective.Com said...

It's Looking Lovely.

jbonomo said...

This is gorgeous! What word stencil did you use? Love the words. Thank you!

jbonomo said...

This is just gorgeous! What was the word stencil that you used? Love that addition to the chopper.

KOLOROWY ptak said...

Perfect vintage piece of art! I love it so much!

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