Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Book of Possibilities * Brand New Online Class!

My dear Friends...
Perhaps some of you have already seen the news that Everything Art and I shared yesterday but... let's go back to the past for a moment, shall we...? ;)

Releasing my first online class - Imagine Collage - I had my hands shaking, but heart full of hope.
It was a real milestone in my artistic life.
And oh my... the response we got - all the enthusiastic reviews, heartwarming messages and tons of beautiful artworks made by the students - it made me feel proud and humbled at the same time.

I don't want to miss another opportunity to thank you so much for your support, encouragement and all the beautiful words I heard from you. I can't express how much it means to me!

I'm so grateful my friends Kasia nad Jamie who came up with this beautiful cooperation - they helped me so much to make this dream of mine come true...

And now - get ready! - we are giving our second online class in your hands and it's called

Book of Possibilities!

It's sparkling new, never taught before, created especially for Everything Art and for you all out there! :)

In this class I'm trying to share with you all my love for collecting, creating and tranforming.

It is a unique mix that I hope you will really enjoy - inspirations, techniques, practical tips and a lot of creative freedom!

My plan was to invite you to my creative world, try to explain my ways of looking at things, help you discover their potential and give you tools to give these bits and pieces a chance to really shine...

Think of books, old paper, images, photos, scraps of paper and fabric - all these elements + art mediums are something that makes the Art Transformation possible. They are all waiting for you here!
You have to admit that vintage books have a special kind of magic feel and in this class we'll make them even more exeptional - we'll make them yours, playing with all kinds of inspiring mixed media techniques and creating your unique, very personal mood book.

I explain where to find and how to choose an old book to work in, how to prepare it, embellish the covers (two ways!) and I share many ideas what to create inside.

This class is something brand new and never seen before and also longer than my other mixed media collage Imagine class that perhaps some of you have already taken.
And as always and with each of my classes - my whole heart is there and I can't wait to share my passion for this type of book art with you!
If you're still hesitating, you need to know that my Book of Possibilites comes with very detailed instructions, I take you through every step and you can also chat with Everything Art Community (with me and other class members) if you need more guidance or any kind of help.

The class is downloadable from the Everything Art, so once you purchase, you can do watch it whenever you want, in the pace that suits you and as many times as you like!

Registration for my brand new Book of Possibilites online class is open so head right ahead to Everything Art shop!
If you're still hesitating (I hope not! ;), please read the detailed description and join me in the clasroom soon!

Let's get our fingers dirty and make some gorgeous book art together!



Wilma said...

Yessssss, I'm in!! Looking forward to your magic!

Unknown said...

Signed up and have watched videos can't wait to make a book, Thankyou so much for your time and effort you put into your online classes I did your first class and loved it so easy to follow this class looks just as fantasic. Hugs and Thankyou 💕

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