Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Anniversary Book-Box Gift

Hi there Folks!
Today I'd like to share with you something very dear to my heart - a small anniversary gift I made especially for my parents.
I have to admit, I had a hard time deciding what to make and how to start - I'm not a cardmaker and ever since I can remember, all those smaller forms have been really tricky for me!
After searching for advice with my experienced friend, I finally got on the right track: I decided to create a special book-box, something that could fit all my dimensional embellishments, a hand written note and a wedding photo. It's also just the right size to perfectly fit on my parent's shelf and serve as a unique keepsake. And so I was saved! ;)

Of course, once I started, I couldn't resist and I had to decorate both the outside and the inside of my box. I picked the most beautiful "Dreamscapes" papers from 7 Dots Studio as my colour theme and the fun part started!
I simply can't stay flat - whatever I do, sooner or later I will have to get texture, dimension and a generally grungy-vintage feeling.
Mechanicals, Art Basics Modeling Paste used with stencils and as an adhesive and of course my favourite Art Alchemy Waxes made the project look just stunning!
The final touches came from Art Ingredients Silver Micro Beads and that added the extra sparkle I needed - and here it is!

It's been quite a long time since I last used my sewing machine so I dusted it off and put it into use - and loved it, no matter how moody it is and how hard it tries to make knots all the way. Now I can't wait to do it again!

The inside of the box was decorated using a similar set of supplies - this time however I wanted to add a more romantic, delicate feel to it to match the wedding photo of my parents.
Again "Dreamscapes" papers were the best choice, especially in great company of rusty Mechanicals, Modeling Paste, some die-cut elements (thanks Andrew!!!) and paper flowers. I didn't put any delicate elements on the cover as I wanted my gift to stay safe during the travel - but inside I didn't have to worry at all!

I added some cheesecloth, lace and white splatters for a more dynamic and lighter look - it also perfectly matched the stitches I've made using my faithful old sewing machine!

The colors of the whole project were created mostly using my homemade tea stain infusion and few colors of pink toned sprays.

The more I think about it, the more I am sure I am not able to create minimalist, simple projects. That's it. You have to know your limits, I guess... ;)
I had a great time playing with scrapbooking papers again - it was something I was missing for a while, and going back to some of my favourite techniques from the past - including messy stitching - gave me a bunch of fresh ideas and a big kick to create more!

I'm feeling so inspired that I simply can't wait to come back home and hide in my studio for a week or two...

Sending huge hugs,


Heather Thompson said...

this is perfect! and so special, happy anniversary to you parents. so sweet

Helen said...

This is beautiful, and I am sure they loved it.

Wells_Wendy said...

Absolutely Stunning & Perfect

Ola Khomenok said...

Stunning creation! And a photo of your parents just so beautiful!

Alexandra said...

This is lovely, so pretty, I love the texture you've created on the outside and all the details inside too. What a gorgeous keepsake for your parents. Tfs, Alexandra

Angela Simpson said...

Absolutely gorgeous Anna. I'm sure your parents love it. x

mommyx2 said...

Wow - this is simply amazing!!!! What a special, emotion project, your endless inspiration never ceases to amaze me, your parents will have tears at the love put into this project!

shamela said...

Absolutely gorgeous 😍 - love it! 🤗💞

corinne de france MARCH said...

You look a lot like your mom ! Beautiful creation

Lemon Creation said...

Wow, stunning keepsake! Love the idea and, of course, the end result:) The outside of the box is just so beautiful- it evokes a dreamy feeling in me;)Hugs, Asia

Marci said...

What a lovely, meaningful gift. It is beautiful and I love the photo of your parents.

Mukta Parvatikar-Maniar said...

Hey there...This is simply stunning. I am sure your parent will cherish this box...such beautiful work with textures and colors....amazing.
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