Monday, 22 May 2017

Break Out In Song

Happy Creative Monday, Everyone!
Athanasia prepared a true Art Alchemy feast for us all today. And not just that!
This project is packed with creative ideas you can use: inspiring journaling tricks, musical inspiration and some triple gesso action too. :) There's a video tutorial as well so together with Athanasia, I hope you will grab your paints and papers immediately. Happy creating!

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Hello dear friends!
My last art journal page is already placed in my Denim Journal and makes me really happy when I open it and the first thing I see are these beautiful colors.
I always love to incorporate a variety of colors on my pages. It just cheers me up and makes my day every time. :)
The Art Alchemy acrylic paints come in such yummy shades and I can't resist to use almost all of them in my projects.
So, after I used the Heavy White Gesso to prime the page, I started by painting with my favorite colors using a paint roller.

When they were dry I used the 'Bubbles' stencil to create some round shapes here and there with the Rich Turquoise paint.
Then I grabed a black permanent pen and wrote the lyrics of my favorite song 'Other People' by LP.
I used Clear Gesso to seal the text, just to be sure that it won't come off in the next steps.

After that, I painted with some White Gesso here and there to blend the colors and the text with the white background.
I also used the black pen to add some doodling here and there...

Then I dealed with the bubbles. I wanted some spark in there and the Sparks Acrylic Paints were perfect for this effect.
I used three of my favorite shades: Raven BlackIris Potion and Mermaid Sparkle.
I also used the Mystic Turquoise and Amethyst Magic Antique Brilliance Waxes to achieve an even more shiny result. I realy love how they turned out.
I used a small tag to write down a quote I found on Pinterest and decorated it with these cute Mechanicals Wings, a button I had in my stash and thread in different colors.

Last thing to do was to make some splashes with the Black Gesso to add a bit of contrast.
You can see in my video below how I played with all these delicious colors and how I built this page.

Thank you for visiting and I hope my music inspired project will give you some creative ideas :)!

I wish you all a happy crafty day and weekend!


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Syl said...

Oh yes, you gave me some creative ideas.
There are some statements I want my girls to remember, and you've given me the right means to do so.
Thanks a lot!!

Jacki Daniels said...

love it xx

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