Friday, 5 May 2017

Art From The Heart And Soul

Hello Friends!
Kasia's brand new creation will surely help you get your weekend organized - with brushes in paints in hand that's for sure! :)
Today Kasia's presenting one of my favorite things in mixed media - the possibility to tell countless visual stories and she does it oh so beautifully... Will you add your own? :)

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Hello friends!
Perhaps you noticed that I just love working with vintage photos - they are a constant source of inspiration to me. I always wonder about the people represented and all the stories they carry.
I love imagining all sorts of stories who those people were, how they lived, what they dreamed about, did they live happily ever after...? You never know which story might be true but it's always a great pleasure to express them with different kinds of media.
This time I have for you vintage project on wooden plate. I'm sure you know the frustrating feeling when the paper you're working on gets deformed under the weight of paints and water.
Working on wooden substrates is a perfect way to avoid that! I really recommend this trick - such bases come in countless shapes and sizes and you can add many many layers of waterbased products and nothing bad happens. 
For my background I used many products - Art Basisc Modeling Paste and Gesso, lovely Art Alchemy Paints and Wax.
You will be able to see what and how I did it in the video below, but please look at my details photos how beautiful the wax shines! How beautifully it highlights the details and the structure (made with the 'Bubbles' stencil) of the background!
I think this is one of my favorite thing from all Finnabair products. Such a large selection of colors makes it possible to use it in every project you wish. 
Great addition to all the projects, are also pieces of paper clay. Thanks to paints and other media you can transform them into any style. They may be rich, gilded carvings or modest additions, all depends on your imagination.
I hope you will enjoy the video I made especially for you so that you can see my creative process here:

If for any reason you feel hesitant to cut and paint the actual vintage pictures or you don't have them in your house, Finnabair's Ephemera come in really handy! :)

I hope I managed to inspire you to reach for some beautiful vintage photos and create mixed media stories for them...

Happy creating!

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2amscrapper said...

amazing work! loved watching you create all the layers.

Christine Burnett said...

Amazing piece loved the video 😊

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