Friday, 11 December 2015

Winter Stargazers

Hi, everyone!
Every time Olga sends in her new project, I feel like making myself a big cup of tea and sitting down quietly to savor every aspect of her new artwork.
Today is no different. Take a moment and enjoy Olga's winter art story. :)

December sky is like a dark and frozen dome from which Mother Winter shakes out her blankets and pillows that sprinkle the world with lovely snow. Those who have trouble sleeping on such nights are able to see the very first snowflake and shiny constellations.

The tattered baking tin was so tempting that I didn’t want to overshadow its natural rust and scratches with any paint.
I started out with a few Mechanicals Typewriter Numbers that became the points of interest in my work. They were glued down to the tin and then completed with a number of bigger and smaller Star Brads. I chose a round Mechanicals Washer as the focal element.
Everything was fixed with 3D Gel which is the best adhesive for metal pieces.

Next, I covered the metal tags with an abundant coat of Soft Gel and then glued portraits from the Ephemera collection face down and let them dry.
To reveal the transfer I sprinkled the tags with a bit of water and soon removed the wet paper rubbing it gently off with my finger.

I  stamped the tags with the Messy clear stamp that has a lovely handwriting pattern. I applied one more coat of Soft Gel on my tags to seal the pictures.
I also added the symbol of sun and moon as the main element.
To add some dimension, I used a starry stencil with 3D Gel which was applied with a palette knife.

To accent the 3D patterns, I painted them with a mixture of Soft Gel and Mica Powders. Then I applied a thin coat of such paint over the whole tin.
Then I fixed the metal tags and the bottle cap to the tin adding another portrait in the cap.

To finish off, I embellished the background here and there with silver paint. I also added a pinch of Micro Beads on the tags. The idea of less is more worked perfectly here.

Have a delightful and relaxing weekend!


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Sharon Y said...

Love the feel of it. Earthy, grungy and artsy. I will never look at an old baking tin the same.

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Beautiful Olga, so very subtle and magical. I love your thinking, it's so unique!

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