Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Breathing Exercises, Wanderlust and... lucky winner!

Hi, everyone!
Today I'd like to show you a couple of my art journal pages that I created during one of my journal classes.
You need to know they were not the main subject of the workshop. They were made quite quickly, without too much planning or pondering.
The whole point is to take a breath, clear your head, move your hands.
A kind of warm-up if you please. ;)

I often do this creative exercise, not just during classes but also for myself.
This is not just a warm up to create something 'more important', no such thing!
These pages are just as important as more complex pieces. They are like breathing...

As you can see, these pages don't need many materials, just some paint, crayons or inks and some collage elements, that's it.
They are super simple but for me they are very powerful with all the meanings and emotions in between the shapes and splashes of color.

I hope you like my 'breathing exercises' and feel tempted to move your hands on the page....

Before I go, 2 more things I need to tell you.
First of all... - watch out! You still have time 'till December 15th to grab a special offer on Wanderlust 2016 adventure that I'm super proud to be part of!

Just 6 days to go if you want to buy a seat on Wanderlust 2016 at a fantastic price!! Join me and 25 other amazing teachers on this year long class about mixed media and art journaling.

Wanderlust 2016 has a promotional price until the 15th of December 2015. You can buy the whole Wanderlust 2016 course for only £65 (approx $98 / €90). After this date the regular price of the class is £99 (approx $150/ €137), so don’t hesitate and grab your seat now to enjoy the whole of 2016 with inspiration.
Being a member of the class also give you lots of other different kinds of activities on the Everything Art online community, creative challenges and exercises with prizes, interaction with teachers, motivating discussions, creative games, topics that will help you understand art and find a best way to express yourself and discounts from their partners!! 
Come and join us!

And now one more, very exciting news.

Remember my giveaway ? We made a random drawing this morning and...
 we have a lucky winner!

Huge congrats to Debs Smith!
Please contact me at to claim  your prize!

Thank you again guys for  taking part - I was overwhelmed and humbled with the response and it was a pleasure for me to read all your beautiful wishes for the next year. I  hope they will  a ll come true!!!
sending you all warmest hugs


famillemarleau said...

Love your pages. They're beautiful. And congrats to the winner. Johanne Lacombe

SD pooja said...

Yes I loved your breathing exercise a lot..they are very inspiring !

Edwige V. said...

Just what I need, a breath, gonna work with smiles, simply smiles. Thank you for giving us such inspiration.
Hope I'll be part of Wanderlust. And congrats Debs :-)

Notations of a Crafter said...

Oh My Gosh! Uncontrollable excitement here in my little craft room in Kent. Thank you so much! Have sent email

TracyM #6773 said...



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