Wednesday 23 September 2015

Warm Welcome to New Memebers of Finn Creative Team!

Hi there, my dear friends...
There are no words to express how grateful I am for all your Creative Team Call applications.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reply to each of the letters (as my busy schedule didn't allow me to spend enough time at my home studio) but believe me - we took great care to carefully read every single one of them and visited every blog and gallery. And we were amazed, inspired, humbled by your creativity and love for mixed-media art. My heart is full of emotions now: I'd never expect that many applications, such great art and so many wonderful, warm messages.

Thank you for sharing your art, your personal stories, class memories and compliments for my Creative Team. It really means the world to me and my Team!
Some people created artworks and videos especially for this call - so impressive! Some of you wrote (and you were so right) - it's always worth trying!
We're sending special love to all those of you who felt shy but found the courage to write the letter - we're so glad you did!
You are all appreciated, you are all welcomed, we were so happy to hear from you. You've made our world a happier place!

Picking creative souls who will join our Creative Team is always a hard, painful process - as one of my art friend said: you hadn't known life really, before you tried to pick a team... and this is so true!
Finally after long discussions we are ready to announce who is joining us this year!

First of all: four of our Creative Team ladies stay with us for the next term -
when you click on their names you will have the chance to see all the stunning Art they have created for the Team so far:

 Gayle                                    Linda

Marta                                      Olga

And now, we'd like you to help us say hello to wonderful new Artists who agreed to support me with their creativity and talent! Please send some love and encouragement to Athanasia, Denisa, Irina and Kasia!
To make you know each other a little bit better, we've asked our Designers to answer some questions and also pick an artwork that is particularly close to their hearts.

Athanasia Papantoniou 
1. From: Greece
2. Always on my work table: a paintbrush, water and baby wipes
3. Favorite color palette: pinks and blues
4. Favorite creations: canvases and pages in my black journal
5. I'm inspired by: almost everything, like colors, nature, flavors and smells, photos and of course music, as I'm a musician
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: there always comes a vision and I want to make it happen immediately!
7. Cats or dogs? How about a fish in a bowl?
8. Tea or coffee? Hot chocolate!
9. Simple or messy? Both :)
10. I'm dreaming about: rainbows in 

Denisa Gryczova
1. From: The Czech Republic
2. Always on my work table: organised chaos, gesso, heat gun,  Archival ink, paints, brushes, sprays
3. Favorite color palette: turquoise and brown, all shades of tea stains
4. Favorite creations: love art journaling, collages, tags and ATCs at the moment
5. I'm inspired by: old vintage photos, music, other artists
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: it makes me nervous
7. Cats or dogs? dogs
8. Tea or coffee? both with lots of milk
9. Simple or messy? the messiest person ever
10. I'm dreaming about: a huge garden including a small forest

Irina Honcharyk
1. From: Belarus
2. Always on my work table: paper, glue, scissors, a cup of tea
3. Favorite color palette: white, black, blue
4. Favorite creations:  canvases, layouts, altered art
5. I'm inspired by: nature, art
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I want to take a brush and paints
7. Cats or dogs? Dogs!
8. Tea or coffee? Tea
9. Simple or messy? Both simple and messy
10. I'm dreaming about: having a lot of time to create and realize all my ideas

Kasia Bogatko 1. From: Kołobrzeg, Poland. I live by the sea and I love it. You'll see it in my projects, I'm sure :) 
2. Always on my work table: gesso, gauze, A LOT of brushes 
3. Favorite color palette: turquoise, blue, brown, gold
4. Favorite creations: definitely the scrapbooking pages, with a touch of mixed-media
5. I'm inspired by: life, photos, people
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I want to do something special and better than before.
7. Cats or dogs? Dogs!
8. Tea or coffee? Year-round coffee, and in cold winter evenings - tea
9. Simple or messy? Messy
10. I'm dreaming about: to be always loved, healthy and happy

We really can't wait to see their first projects and tutorials - oh I wish October would come sooner! Before this happy moment - how about checking their blogs (links above, under the names!) and following them on social media? I'm sure you will be as excited as we are!

Thank you again for all the love, support and special hugs to those of you who  applied to the Creative Team. Don't give up guys - we hope to hear from you next time!
Finn and the Crew


Елена Смоктунова said...

My Congratulations of the lady from the heart! :)

Marianne/skorpionen said...

Amazing team, both the "old girls" and the new ones!
Really looking forward to see all your creations!
Huge congrats!

Mieke said...

What a team! Can't wait to see more... you are all so talented. Thanks in advance for the inspiration ;-)

Unknown said...

Congratulations to new members in your creative team. Good luck and I can not wait to see the projects they will delight us.

Evelyn Walter said...

Congrats to the gorgeous team you picked! I´m happy, that 4 of the "old" girls will stay, I adore their work <3;
congrats to the "new" girls! They are all well known in the Mixed Media Cosmos, I think, and they make wonderful art! I´m looking forward to the first projects!

Olga Kolov said...

Congrats to new team!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Huge congratulations to everyone. I look forward to following your journey. Tracy x

Arantzazu said...

huge congrats ladies!!!
wow!super talented DT!

Lee-Anne said...

Wow! Amazing team! Looking so forward to seeing more amazing designs. Congrats everyone!

Kotolifestyle said...

Congrats ladies. I look forward to following your journey. Lena

Athanasia said...

Thank you so much Anna for letting my dream come true! I can't wait to start working with this AMAZING ever team <3

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Congratulations ladies, you all make beautiful art, very well deserved spot on the creative team! Love to see the four ladies from the old team back for another year! Looking forward to see all of your work!

Linda Simpson said...

Many congratulations ladies.
Linda xxx

Scraps of Elegance said...

Wow. What a sensational dynamic team!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see all the new ldeas have fun Ladies.

Sharon Y said...

Another fabulous team. Congratulations! Looking forward to your creations!

LucianaW said...

Congratulations for all!!!! Great time!!!! xoxo

Astrid Maclean said...

So happy to see my favourite designers are all still there!! And I really look forward to seeing what the new members will create, I always feel inspired when I visit here. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to apply myself ....

corinne de france MARCH said...

une belle équipe , félicitations

Elen ArtCrafts said...

Congratulations to this dream crafty team! They are all amazing!

kitsNbits said...

congratulations to the team! Cant wait to see all your fabulous creations

Unknown said...

Mi enhorabuena a todo el equipo!!, fabulosos talentos que estoy deseando ver ya!!
Abrazos!! :))

Unknown said...

Many, many CONGRATULATIONS to the new team members and the very best of luck! 🍀 A truly great team! Much love, Sanda xoxo

Ann said...

WOW! congratulations for all!

Fragmentos ao Sol said...

Love this team! Congratulations to all the girls who were selected and who sent applications. You rock!

Kathy Bradley said...

Congratulations to the returning design team members and to the new design team members - woo hoo for all of you.

LISA said...

Congrats!! Such an inspiring team!!!

Toni said...

Congratulations everyone.... can't wait to be inspired !!!

Nolanna said...

Congratulations girls! You're earned this ! I can't wait for beautiful inspirations. :*

Марианна Orange House said...

Congratulations to new team mambers!!!

Hee Sun Kim (MIYAKE) said...

Congrats ladies! Great team!

unni's scrappeboble said...

Woooow :) Congratulations for all!!!!

BlackDamaskDesigns said...

SO thrilled to continue to see Gayle, Linda, Olga and Marta's work on your team, they are all unique and truly sensational! Congrats to the new members as well!

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