Sunday 30 June 2024

June Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm on Finnabair's blog for the monthly Brand Ambassador theme. This month we have to alter a toy. I chose a water gun. 

First, I covered the water gun with Soft Matte gel to have a first layer. Then, I primed the plastic water gun with Black Heavy Gesso twice. 

I selected some cogs from different moulds. I used Heavy Body Gel to glue them. I primed the cogs with Black Heavy Gesso. 

I colored the cogs and some parts of the water gun with Green and Blue Patina waxes. When they were dry, I rubbed some Aged Brass wax.

For other parts, I used Black Gold and Celestial waxes.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place or online store:

Since I was a child, animal toys were my favourites. I had all kinds of things, from tiny dinosaurs scattered on the carpet to colourful fish surrounding me in the bathtub. Now I still love all those small things and I really enjoy altering one from time to time, especially real-size replicas like the one you can see here today.

Transforming a simple beetle replica into a magical creature is an enchanting journey with Finnabair products. Using an array of her vibrant paints, metallic waxes, and versatile mediums, I breathed new life into the toy, creating a whimsical masterpiece. The rich, textured paints provided a fantastical base, while the metallic waxes added a touch of ethereal glow, making the beetle look like it just flew out of a fairy tale.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place or online store:

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