Monday, 3 October 2016

Love You Forever

Hello in October!
We have such a special art piece to start this new month - Marta created a really emotional spread in her vintage book. Those of you who have tried art journaling already know what it's like to pour your feelings onto paper and how healing this form of creativity can be.
Those of you who have never journaled - believe us, it's so worth it! We hope Marta's story and beautiful artwork will inspire you to try this form of art.
Hello friends, it's Marta Lapkowska here.
I am back with a very special project... a project in the memory of Suzi, our guinea pig.
Losing a pet is never easy... but seeing your child saying godbye is the hardest thing ever.
This page was created only last night... with a very broken heart but I felt I had to and needed to do it, simple but very meaningful.
I wanted the textures and colors to reflect my mood... I wanted to capture the thoughts we all had at home. I believe that expressing our feelings and saying things out loud helps in difficult times...
I started by covering both pages in my altered book with White Gesso. It's the best way to prime your pages and to prepare your piece for all kinds of mediums that you might want to use. Especially when you create on delicate vintage paper like I did in this case.
As pages from old books are quite thin, it's good to glue 2-3 pages together with ordinary glue or Gel Medium.
My next step was to create some texture with Modeling Paste and a Honeycomb stencil.
While the Paste was still wet, I added the lace. Lace can be easily glued on with Modeling Paste but you can also simply press it into wet Gesso.

When everything was dry, I went for a monochrome palette and colored the pages with Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays and a touch of some Silver Finnabair acrylic paint.
My embellishments - 3 metal Tin Hearts were sticked with 3D Matte Gel Medium.
Wishing you all the best,
Love, Marta xx 

Materials used:


Linda DesGroseilliers said...

A lovely way to say good-bye.

Torsa Saha said...

Aww !! My dictionary doesn't have proper word to praise it Marta !!

Anat said...

Gorgeous work! I really identify...ours died too and my daughter was so sad that broke my heart!
I eanted to ask you what is the white lace in theedge of right page?

Sam Sparkes said...

What a lovely way to say goodbye Marta, very special.❤

Maremi's Small Art said...

Anat the lace on the edge is wallpaper

Marci said...


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