Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Artifacts Come in all Shapes and Sizes...

Hi again my dear ones!
I'm back here, between my usual schedule - traveling, planning, teaching and creating... in fact, I'm far ahead in plans for 2017 and I hope soon I will be able to share my full schedule for the next year - how crazy is that?

Today I'd like to show you one of the projects I decided to put on a bigger canvas - I'm sure you remember my "Artifact" class, full of texture, dimension, dramatic games of light and shadow? Well, there is now a chance to make a bigger version of this project... it transformed into the triptych and it really is full day od mixed-media fun - check it out!
(I'm going to teach this class next year during ART IS YOU Art Retreat in Minneapolis - you can see the full schedule including my other classes and amazing art from crazy talented teachers here... )

(The Ultimate Artifact - triptych 3x 18x24 cm)

You know I simply love using everyday objects and found items - here I was playing with the idea of double brush composition, built on the top of the heavy texture, surrounded by tons of metal plastic and paper elements - mostly my Mechanicals, Art Pebbles and Art Stones from Prima, but there is much more! As it is a classroom project I had limited access to my rubbish boxes and I  could only use whatever I put in the kit... but the results are not too bad, don't you think?

But this project is not just rich composition! there are amazing layers, which just make my heart sing: cardboard, fabric, lace, Art Extravagance Texture Pastes used with and without stencils - so much to see, so much to touch! All the colours used are based on my product too: Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso, Art Alchemy Paints and Art Ingredients Mica Powders are the ones I have to list first. It allmakess me a really proud product designer... I just love how thy all work together, just as I planned!

If you are interested in taking this class - here is your chance!
You can join Art Is You in Minneapolis and learn from the most amazing artists...or me ;) I'm so very proud to be invited to join this artistic tribe again! Check us out - and watch out for updates on Santa Rosa Art Retreat too!

Here is a list of the most important art medium used for this project - I hope it helps!

Sending best wishes to you all


Kristina Peshko said...


Sue Marrazzo said...

There is so much to look at! You are good.

John Luke said...

Those have a look of the ancient treasure box.

Katrina said...

Υπεροχη δουλεια!!!!!

Bribrie said...

Magnifique! J'adore

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