Friday, 2 September 2016

Right From The Heart

Happy creative September, everyone!
Marta's opening the month with one of her adorable Tiny Art canvases.
Actually, her universal technique can be applied on every size of surface so we hope you'll feel inspired to try it out yourselves. Enjoy!
Hello friends,
Today's post will be short and sweet but very mixed media!
You know how much I adore small forms... this time I am back with another tiny canvas filled with all kinds of findings.
I truly believe that sometimes all you need is time and patience to create soming that you really like. In this make I combined ordinary elements such as lace, metal recycled findings, plastic toys with professional art products. I love this kind of mix.

It was great to watch how the composition was coming to life. I glued all my elements with 3D Matte Gel. Once everything was dry, I covered my piece with Black Gesso.
With all the elements primed with Black Gesso, it was really easy and fun to add the colors.To do that, I used my very favorite Art Alchemy acrylic paints. Those are great little jars with stunning product that will last you for long. You don't need much of paint as it has a great coverage.

As my final touch I added some Mechanicals, shiny gems and a title from 7 Dots Studio.
Although I know some of you might find it challenging to create on smaller spaces, but trust me, you can do it! Gather elements that move your imagination, take time to build a composition you like and simply enjoy the process.

I hope I inspired you to create your own Tiny Art.
With much love, Marta xx

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Kathy Bradley said...

I love, love your little canvas filled with all sorts of wonderful elements. They just all seem to fit together perfectly!

Ellen dematos said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to create a small wonder such as yours.
I am wondering where do you get your strips of wording and phrases? I can't seem to find them long enough.

Andrea said...

Very great! Like the rectangular pieces - what's this?

Gayle said...

When I scrolled down to the first photo your stunning piece quite literally took my breath away! Positively stunning!

Maremi's Small Art said...

Those are 7Dots Studio stickers. Visit they have retail store and lots great products and even some sale now ☺ hugs Marta xx

Maremi's Small Art said...

Those are car weights ☺

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