Friday, 9 September 2016

Eccentric Journal

Happy Friday, Dear Friends!
Are you ready for another treat from my Creative Team? :)
Olga's inviting us all to the incredible eerie world of her artistic imagination creating true wonders on her Denim Journal's cover. You'll love every bit of it!

There is something very appealing in the classic denim texture. It is perfect on its own, without any transformations, but looks more sophisticated being painted and embellished.
This versatility of the wonderful Denim Journal, which can be taken with you anywhere you go, makes it a perfect canvas for your imagination – both outside and inside. So let’s give it a bit of a personal touch.
1. First I prepared the denim background by applying a thick coat of Black Gesso with a flat silicone brush creating rough effects. Be generous as gesso provides a waterproof resist surface for all the media to follow.

2. I cut a pile of collage elements (Ephemera Collectibles can serve as a great image source!) with coordinating patterned papers and arranged them on the cover glueing them firmly. I left some blank space underneath to have the denim background see through.

3. Then I added some colours with messy sweeping strokes. My paints of choice were Art Alchemy acrylics in blue and gold tints (see links below). They are just perfect to match the wonderful jeans shade of the journal's cover.

4. To add some dimensional feeling, I glued down a few Art Pebbles, a trio of flair buttons and Mechanicals Stars and Rustic Washers. I think incorporating such elements let me achieve a more vibrant and structural effect.

5. I had fun altering the facial features in my collage elements transforming cute faces into a bit wicked ones. :) I used both white and black fineliners along with watered down acrylic paints.

6. I finished with stamping with Vintage 'Stamps and Adverts' and handwritten ('Messy') patterns.
I also attached some black thread and sprinkled the whole composition with a pinch of Copper Glass Glitter.

I hope that you will like my version of this wonderfully versatile Denim Journal.
You can see a whole bunch of its incarnations in the hands of our Creative Team clicking on this {link}. I'm sure you will feel inspired to join us and play with Denim too!

Have a creative weekend!

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