Monday, 13 June 2016

Rock - a - Bye - Baby

Happy Monday, Dear Readers!
 Are you ready to start the week with new Art inspiration from my Creative Team?
Today is Gayle's turn and she created the most beautiful assemblage inspired by this old nursery rhyme many of you are surely familiar with - it goes like this:

 Hush-a-by baby 
On the tree top, 
When the wind blows 
The cradle will rock. 
When the bough breaks, 
The cradle will fall, 
And down will fall baby 
Cradle and all.

Wait till you see how it inspired our brilliant Gayle! Enjoy!

Hello lovely Finnabair friends.
This month I’ve been inspired by some stuff I was going to throw away and a nursery rhyme that I thought was odd.
An old, cheap “shabby chic” frame and the lid of a biscuit tin were destined for the bin, until I thought maybe they can be recycled; and the nursery rhyme “Rock a Bye Baby” has always bothered me... I know it’s meant to be soothing and sung to put a baby to sleep. However, I find it a little disturbing, what with the boughs breaking and baby crashing down. So, I have done my version of the nursery rhyme in the old frame as an assemblage. It was also an opportunity to play with 2 of my favourite Finnabair products: White Crackle Texture Paste and the new Rust Effect Pastes.

No. 1 Started with an old frame that I coated with White Gesso, and then when dry gave it a coat of Art Extravagance White Crackle Texture Paste.
No. 2 Using Soft Matte Gel as adhesive I stuck down various pieces of lace to give me a textured background.

No. 3 The biscuit tin lid was given a coat of Gesso and White Crackle Texture Paste.
No. 4 Frame and biscuit tin lid then painted with Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint in Light Patina.

No. 5 Tea bag just dropped onto the lace to stain it.
No. 6 Close up detail of how the lace can create pattern and texture as a base that can then be built on.

No.7 Biscuit tin “cradle” filled with soft muslin and velvet leaves.
No.8 Close up of amazing rust finish that can be achieved so quickly and easily on chipboard using Finnabair’s Rust Effect Paste.

No.9 Detail of Crackle Paste on frame, Rust Effect Paste on chipboard leaves and beautiful Glass Beads and Micro Beads.
No.10 Detail of how Mechanicals Grungy Butterflies are suspended by wires attached to Mechanicals Mini Knobs at the side of the frame.

My baby is hanging from the branches in its cradle of muslin, moss and feathers. But if the “bough breaks” it will be caught and kept safe by the beautiful butterflies that are hovering above and watching over it. The mother figure is there too, to love and protect.

The butterflies are not “stuck on” to anything. I did not want to adhere them to the beautiful feathers, so they are suspended, literally hovering above the cradle, held there by thin gold wire that wraps around the frame and is then attached to little metal knobs.

Layers of tea stained lace, rusted chipboard, cracked metal, feathers, and Finnabair’s beautiful Mechanicals.

Mechanicals Tin Hearts and Grungy Butterflies already in a rust finish.
All embellishments, except butterflies, have been attached using 3D Matte Gel and Heavy Body Gel.

I love how art can always gives us an opportunity to change a story...
Gayle xx

Materials used:


Sharon said...

Hi Gayle, I love your explanation of the nursery rhyme, your're so right most of them are very disturbing! I adore this piece with the guardian butterflies and the ever watchful mother. Another fabulous piece of artwork! xx

Kathy Bradley said...

Gayle - gorgeous and textural piece!

Heather said...

beautiful, love all the details.

Fiona Paltridge Designs said...

STUNNING Gayle! I just love all of your art xxx

Ann said...

Love, love, love!

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Marvelous idea and project, sublime in it's outcome, gorgeous details!

The Colour Press said...

Sensational. Love the combination of soft textures against grunge / rust.

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