Monday, 6 June 2016

Magnified Splendour

Hello Darling Readers!
Let me tell you this - my Creative Team is simply brilliant! Would you ever add Art Ingredients + a bug...? Yes, indeed, you heard me right! :D
Head on and see for yourselves what our super creative Denisa prepared for today's project!

I love hiking in the woods. A few days ago as I was strolling in the Beskydy mountains I found a beautiful bug. I have to say that normally, I do not touch these creatures but since it was dead and looking so gorgeous I decided to take it home and make its beauty eternal. :)
So here I am with my art journal cover.

I grabbed my smallest art journal (9x17cm). Although I love the quote on the front saying: "All you need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn´t hurt" (so very true :)), I felt it needed some face lifting. So here´s what I did:

First I covered the page with White Gesso. When dry, I applied Modeling Paste over the stencil and let it dry.

Next I sprinkled some pigment Mica Powders on the textured surface and sprayed them with water. I used my heat gun to dry it. I did some random stamping with black Archival ink using my fave Finnabair´s stamps.
I placed the poor dead bug inside a Mechanicals metal flower that´s deep enough to cover the bug´s body with a transparent Melange Art Pebble.

Inside the flower I glued on Micro Beads all around the bug. I attached some turquoise wire to the flower. I covered the flower with the Melange stone. I love the way it magnifies the bug. Super cool.

As the next step I glued the cluster on the cover page. I painted some luffa using Art Alchemy acrylics. Then I glued painted luffa all around the metal flower. I also used some Glass Glitter and Micro Beads on the top. After that I placed three metal stars on the luffa.

I added the sentiment and did some final touches using Art Alchemy acrylics and Mica Powders.
The work´s done. :) Easy like a piece of cake.

As you can see one may use whatever he or she likes on a project. Inspiration is everwhere. Just open your eyes and you´ll see.
Happy crafting!

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Brenda Heyward said...

Wow its beautiful! Wish I could say that more entomology students think this way!

talkis23 said...

Lovely creation I'm in love again and agian WOW

Unknown said...

Amazing! Pure magic!❤­čśŹ❤

Athanasia said...

I love it Denisa! Great work!

Anonymous said...

That's a whole different take on recycling! Love what you did there - very unique.

Marci said...

Very creative!

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