Saturday 7 May 2016

Let's Celebrate International Scrapbooking Day!

A very special day today, Dear Readers!
I just love it when my Creative Team gets together and creates inspiring art as a group. I'm sure, once you see the full post, you will feel their energy and admire their talents with me.
Today the Team joined their artful forces to celebrate International Scrapbooking Day.
Together with Prima we have prepared a lot of exciting things - make sure you keep an eye on the Prima blog and all our social media!

Each of the Ladies chose a quote on creativity that was close to her heart and created an artwork inspired by it.
We hope you will join in the fun and take part in the challenge we came up with - scroll down to check out the prize and what to do to win it.
So.... Let's party! :)

Scrapbooking came into my life 4 years ago and today I feel so happy and honored that I can celebrate it here in this incredible team with my scrappy friends all around the world.

I chose this creative quote for my project because I think it represents all these amazing things you can do through art and consequently through scrapbooking. I love that I can be on the paper anything or anybody I desire and I can achieve that only with my pencil, paints and all these magical media :) 

*   *   *

Can´t even remember how many times I had to make tough decisions in my life. Always afraid of making mistakes.
As I get older, I realize that my unwanted mistakes were the needed lessons I learned. Some of them even ended up as an amazing experience and a feeling of absolute happiness... What may seem as a horrible mistake at first, may be the best decision in the end. One has to go through all sort of struggles and new challenges to realize the life´s been so wonderful thanks to all the slips and faults. You have to be daring and you´ll get the best.
In life and in art...

* * *

This quote rings so true for me. I can completely lose myself to the process of creativity... colour, pattern, texture, shape, just making lines on a page or watching paint colours run together and change. All other concerns are forgotten and I become totally absorbed in the creative process. I love how art can do this for me. It is my “escape” from the “real world”.
As time has gone by, I have discovered “what” and “how” I want to create. I have discovered things that are unique and personal to me, can be reflected in my art. I now feel a greater freedom with what I do and create from the heart rather than creating to fit a current “style” or “trend”.
Once upon a time I would never have used an image of myself in anything I created, let alone  draw it. My page is me - colour, pattern, collage, and texture. The delicate prettiness of birds and flowers, contrasting with a little grunge by way of wire and splatters. Do what you love and love what you do.

*   *   *

I chose this quote because it is so much about me! I love art. Art gives me the opportunity to live several lives at the same time and to see the beauty even in small things.
Creativity for me is the ability to soar above the world and the struggles of everyday life.

*   *   *

I chose this quote because art is for me an escape from reality. 
Being creative can take me away from the everyday life, a stressful job, all the worries. It allows me to calm down and relax.

*   *   *

Sometimes, most times really, the hardest is just getting started. But whether it's a great project, or something that never gets completed, the process is a necessity.
Creating isn't a "maybe" thing, it's a "must" thing for me. It's a way of living. It makes me whole. Even when life is busy, or crazy, or just plain hard... I always feel drawn to my worktable, to get away, and let the cobwebs clear.
Every time you put paint to canvas, or glue to paper, you learn something. You see what you like and more often, what you don't like. I always share a process or technique with anyone, it's who I am. If I saw the little light go on, a smile of accomplishment, or a feeling of pride from a student in my classes, it made it all worthwhile. So the quote I chose rings home to me. I try to create to inspire others, so they can love being an Artist as well.

*   *   *

It was exciting to create an art piece inspired by a quote. I knew straight away that my piece must include some paint tubes to correspond with the words. I had few used tiny tubes which were given to me by my daughter. I had those for ages and now the time has come to alter them and incorporate into my mixed media piece.

Everyone is creative in their own way. Creativity is equally important as your art tools.
I feel that the more I create, the more creative I become. You must lose your fear of being wrong and let your imagination help you in being creative. Let go and let Art happen.

*   *   *

I've always thought logic and magic were two actual opposites, but on the second thought, I realized that imagination is indeed equal to magic. Creativity takes you to places others have never been to – just like a magic spell. The great Albert Einstein definitely knew this truth and I couldn’t agree more with his beautiful phrase.
Imagination is like invisible doors that lead to the worlds only you can create. Where others see only dead-ends, creative people find possibilities, chances, challenges and adventures.
I always try to remain open-minded and flexible while working on my art. If creativity is magic, and magic is the ability to shape reality according to your own will, then imagination truly takes artists anywhere they wish to go.

And finally - good old me...
Instead of making the project I've decided to make a BRAVE decision and try to talk to you directly, on my Periscope (you can find me there - my nick is @finnabair).
For those of you who won't use Periscope for any of the reasons - I promise to upload it later to my YT channel and give you a hout in my media.
What will be the Periscope about?
I promised to you on FB to show you my new studio when it will be finally ready to show. Now I know this "right" moment will never happen, so I decided - ok, Studio is not just a place, is is a creative process too... so I will invite you for a moment into the half-finished studio which I hope to turn into my temple of creativity :)
But this is not the most important part - in fact, I'd like to talk to you about my creative life, decisions, surprises, and how it all started and continued - and I hope it will be inspiring and uplifting to some of you!

My Periscope recording is here. 
(sorry for the problems with connection, we will improve it soon)

We hope you enjoyed our "conversations" about creativity in our lives..
We'd like to invite you to join in and encourage you to celebrate your creative side by taking part in our challenge. :)
Your task is to take a quote that is especially close to your heart, the one that motivates you in any way, basically any words of wisdom that move you.
Create any piece of art - it can be a layout, collage, canvas, card, anything you feel inspired to make. Feel free to interpret your chosen quote any way your Muse tells you. ;)
Then simply add your link using inlinkz tool below and then our Team will vote who the winner is.
The prize is waiting!!! I hope it will add a pinch of creativity into someone's life!

You have time till May 21st to send in your beautiful art.
Good luck and enjoy your time being creative!!!

Finn & The Team


Johnna said...

Lovely works of art and beautiful quotes. That prize package should inspire me also. Thanks for creating such beautiful things for us to use so we can fulfill the inner artist in us all.

Nadyunya olenadole said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh!!! Happy dance day ladies!!!! 10000000000000000 congrats and hugs!!!!! Amazing inspirations!!! Thank to all of you!!!!

Nupur said...

OOOOOOOOO MY it so awesome....its so much fun and interesting to read and be inspired by the stunning it....Thank you for sharing....xx

Linsey R said...

How exciting! Everyone's art pieces and quotes are so super inspiring!! Thanks for sharing, Finn, and I can't wait to join in this challenge! :)

Cat Kerr said...

Beautiful quotes,art and wonderful video!! Love your space so far!! xo Cat

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, such creative and inspiring work! :)

KOLOROWY ptak said...

Niesamowity post! Dziewczyny jak zwykle stworzyły mega inspirujące projekty! Ale to co mnie najbardziej urzekło, to Ty sama, Twoja siła, determinacja i marzenia, którymi wciąż wytyczasz swoją drogę :) Nie pierwszy raz słyszałam tę hisotię, ale pierwszy raz miałam okazję zobaczyć Ciebie ją opowiadającą... dziękuję Ci za to! Uskrzydlasz, inspirujesz i jesteś najlepszym dowodem na to, że marzenia się spełniają. Wiem, nie jest to łatwa droga... ale utwierdzasz mnie w przekonaniu, że warto nią iść, żeby na jej końcu znaleźć upragnione Szczęście :) Aniu, życzę Ci, żeby starczyło Ci czasu na realizację tego wszystkiego co siedzi w Twojej głowie :) Buziaki!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous artwork from the tram and what a fantastic creative space . Enjoy . Tracy x

Unknown said...

I have always been in awe of your work, Finn, and thought I don't even know how to start something like one of her pieces. However, now that you and Prima, have brought us the Art Basics, the Art Alchemy, the Mechanicals, the Relics and Artifacts lines, as well as so many've made it a little easier for me to make a piece of mixed-media art I can be proud of. Thank you Prima and Finnabair you are genius!

katrinpoemg said...

happy scrapbook day to everyone ladyes

Kathy Bradley said...

Each piece of art is beautiful and the quote are wonderful. Thanks for sharing so much inspiraton!

Linda said...

Wonderful works of art

mommyx2 said...

Congratulations Finnabair on your success! Your art room is amazing and I loved your videos and talk of inspiration! I was so lucky to have taken a class with you in Maryland last year! Hope to have another opportunity soon. The projects and quotes are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration.

LucianaW said...

Your studio is amazing Anna! Thanks for sharing!!! I appreciate!! Good luck and success in the new space!xoxo

Marci said...

Thank you for the video studio tour and words of inspiration!

Mariola Kowalska said...

Great work each of you :)

Laure Janus ~ Little Joys Studio said...

What an amazing, creative space. Just lovely and HUGE! Thank you for sharing your creativity and your SELF with the world; my art and really my entire thought process has changed and expanded thanks to you. Hope to see you in another U.S. class soon, and have fun breaking in your space!

Katia said...

Beautiful challenge!

Anya said...

Hi Finn! I loved the tour of your studio! Am thinking how fun it would be to visit someday... Ireland is a place I've wanted to see for a long time! Thanks too for sharing your story--it is inspiring indeed. I needed to hear what you said about following your dreams and passion!! I'm a papercrafter/cardmaker/relative "newbie" to the mixed media world. I love your "wild" work and look forward to following more and playing with paints/mediums and artifacts!! :) Enjoy your new studio--it's gorgeous! (And thanks to your husband too--so sweet the way you ended your video with the two of you together! ;)

Sari Hänninen said...

I couldn't resist taking part of the international scrapping day, so I posted a mixed media canvas that I made, mostly inspired by Finnabair and other talented mixed media artists, that you have in your design team :).

katrinpoemg said...

Beautiful challenge good luck everyone

Unknown said...

You have very beautiful work. Unfortunately I see more and more often in Russia that shamelessly copy your technique. It is a pity that so few people have come up with themselves, and don't copy your work. My dream: to get into the team of designers Anna.

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