Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Dreaming, Layering... New Classes Has Started! - Wanderlust & USA-Canada Tour Updates

How are you my dear ones?
It's a real pleasure for the teacher to see the class, which was for a long time in planning stage finally comes to life and meets the expectations. First times are always a bit rough on the edges, I'm checking the time more often than usual, sometimes small  problems appear - but nothing too serious... and in the end you've got a classroom of satisfied students with lovely projects in their hands. Every teachers' dream, I think!
I was lucky enough to test my "Layers of Dreams" class already - and I'm really pleased with the results. It is of course because of my talented and sweet students - they were more than helpful and understanding... I can't wait to teach this project again - it was a great experience!

The class is as always - technique-packed and it may be interesting for scrapbookers, mixed-media artists and fans of altered art alike as the techniques used on this panel may be easily transferred to other projects... I just love these rich, almost organic-looking layers!

"Layers of Dreams" is a great class to try art mediums and experiment with building dimension - you can see how versatile and easy to use these products are and how many possibilities they give. It is fun, it is a bit challenging  - if you are naturally "clean and simple" kind of person - but what is the most important - it  is just relaxing... there is something really soothing in gluing down these endless layers...

If you'd like to try this or any other of my classes - check out my UPDATED classes schedule here - many of the events are already opened for registering :) Why not joining one or two? :)

Talking about the classes...can you believe MY CLASS at wonderful online event, Wanderlust 2016 is going to be published this week? I can't wait to see how my idea will inspire this amazing community... I've seen a lot of great classes and projects which followed them already - breathtaking... So I keep thinking - what will happen after my class? 
I can't show you the project yet - I only got permission to make a little sneak peek of the project I've made for Wanderlust - do you know how hard it is to keep the secret?
Here it goes!

If you'd like to join the classes and learn how to make this - and MANY more wonderful projects, learn about the supplies, take part in activities, giveaways and challenges - you still can!
Registration is open, and if you will follow my link here - I will be able to get a small commission payment too - thank you in advance! It would be great to see you there!

I have one more exciting announcement to make
- my schedule for classes in Canada and USA is finally ready! 
Check out the banner below and this link to see all the dates and places I'm visiting this time. Some of the shops started the registration already - and if it is not announce yet you can contact them and put your name on the list to make sure you will get the information about the classes!

And now I'm off to finish packing... this weekend I'm in beautiful Sweden! I'm so happy to be back and see some old friends and meet new ones too!
Sending hugs


Maria Lillepruun said...

OMG what a layout! I love it!

Linda DesGroseilliers said...

When will you post which classes you will be teaching at Whim So Doodle in St. Petersburg, Fl.? I took one of your classes last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Caty said...

Amazing !!1 so wonderful artwork!! Love it ! lot of success !! Big hugs. Caty.

Liudmyla Lupuliak said...

Hello . I would like to get to your master class in Beaverton Oregon. How can I learn more Information?

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