Friday, 18 March 2016

No Stress Tag

Hello, Friends!
This Friday belongs to Linda who comes with: a) an Important Reminder that creating Art can actually be fun :) and b) some really great ideas of what you can do with Sculpture Medium (you might need an old tshirt ;) ). Enjoy!!!

Hi, Linda Cain here. Everyone loves to see a project they can make themselves without taking hours or days to complete. Art is supposed to be fun and relaxing.... (I wish) instead of creating stress. At least that's what I hear.
So I tried to make something easy, fun, and low on the stress level. I hope I succeeded and you enjoy the journey.

I started with a plain black #8 tag and 3 of my favorite colors of Art Alchemy Opal Magic Paints.

I used Heavy Black Gesso to add the Doily Stencil, and Heavy White Gesso with the clear Messy stamp.
You can get both the Black and White Gesso in the Mixed Media Essentials 6 Pack.

I used the Aqua-Rose paint on the large rose that gave it the pinkish metallic color, and sprayed it with Black Cherry Mica Powder + Water spray.

This paper rose was an aqua color to begin with. I added Dark Velvet, Rich Turquoise, and Light Patina Metallique Paints, and sprayed with Gold and Blue Mica Powder sprays.

This was an interesting experiment. I TORE very thin strips of old white T-shirt material and soaked it with Sculpture Medium.
When dry, it makes a nice stiff embellishment for the tag. In a word, this Medium is AMAZING!

I cut pieces of cotton trim and covered them with Sculpture Medium.
The metallic gold ric-rac also worked well when wrapped around a metal rod and dried.

This is how I used the T-shirt strips behind the piece.

I also add the Sculpture Medium to the leaf. Then I sprayed with the Mica Powder sprays.
The roses have some glitz added with Black and Copper Micro Beads with Violet Glass Glitter to really add some contrast.

I mounted the tag on a piece of black chipboard for stability. Lastly I and added some pen-work around the edges of the tag and chipboard. I hope I achieved a clean and simple piece here. I so admire people that can do that.

Your Friend in ART,

Materials used:


2amscrapper said...

I'm lovin' how you used these products, Linda. That white is a nice contrast, even better now that I know what it's made of. Helene

Chrissy said...

Fantastic! I wondered what the sculpting medium was all about and now I have a better idea. Thanks for sharing and your tag is beautiful.

Lee-Anne said...

This is amazing! I love the look of the new paints and oh think of the possibilities with the Sculpting Medium!!!

mamablitger said...

Your tag turned out fabulous. Awesome flowers, lovely background, gorgeous colors.... You are so creative. Thank you for sharing the step-by-step. . It is very inspiring to see your work and to read how you achieved these awesome effects.
Hugs from Monica... Spain

Susan Battensby said...

I love this Linda so beautiful. Wish I could achieve something las lovely as this.
Am going to see if I can get Prima products in the UK.

Marci said...

Hmmm. I never thought of the sculting medium for lace or trim. Great idea. Besutiful tag.

Kim Collister Studio said...

Love the tag and process Linda!! I am ordering these paints this weekend!

Kathy Bradley said...

So very gorgeous, Linda, as always!! Lovely textures, colors and flowers.

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