Monday, 28 March 2016

Butterfly Catcher

Happy Spring Monday, Everyone!
Let's go catching butterflies, shall we? :)
Irina's creativity and imagination will make us all feel inspired by this beautiful season and maybe use the most unexpected objects to create some great assemblage Art...
{p.s. Pssst... Irina's butterfly is real! :) }

Recently, a small tin landed in my hands. I thought for a while about it and what new life I could give it. I imagined what it could look like with the passing of time and decided to recreate a worn, vintage look.
This is how my vision turned out:

Here's my short tutorial of how I got from an ordinary can to a magical Butterfly Catcher. :)
I hope you'll feel inspired!

1. The base of my project was a simple canned food tin. I carefully lifted the lid and washed it really well. Then I covered the surface with alcohol inks and waited for them to dry. These inks are perfect to use on metal.

2.  I wanted to create the effect of a rusty can and the best medium to do that are the new Rust Pastes. They are so gorgeous! I love them and you will too!
To apply the pastes I used a silicone brush. This is another amazing novelty! Again, I waited for everything to dry. The paste should dry thoroughly! Yes, creating mixed media might take a long time, but I do not like to hurry with my art pieces. I enjoy the very process of creation.

3. The next stage was using different decorative elements to create an interesting texture and add to the 'worn by time' feel: Art Stones, Mini Art Stones, Art Ingredients like Micro Beads and Mica Flakes.
3D Gloss and Matte Gels served as excellent adhesives. I covered both the interior and exterior surfaces of the jar.

4.  I continued to create the story of an old rusty can. This time I added some lovely rusty Mechanicals + Heavy Body Gel. Can you see how perfectly the Grungy Butterfly matched the whole idea?

5. I added a little color using Art Alchemy Metallique Ancient Coin acrylic paint.
I also decorated the lid of a jar. And at the last moment, I pinned a real butterfly from my collection.

6. My project is ready!

Wishing you a beautiful, creative Spring!

Materials used:


Athanasia said...

Wow this is just AMAZING!

Mona Pendleton said...

So unique and creative!

Dreamy Attic said...

Beautiful Irina, and very Creative idea 😊!

Irina Honcharyk said...

thank you!!!

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