Monday, 17 August 2015

Friend Or Foe?

Hello my Friends!
Before I present new amazing art from my Creative Team, I need to check if you've seen my latest announcement. :)

Today on the blog we have an absolutely stunning piece by Gayle!
And when you follow her step by step tutorial you will see how doable the techniques are and maybe feel tempted to create your own special collage piece.

Hello lovely Finnabair friends.
My project this month has been inspired by the large metal watch from Finnabair’s Mechanicals range, and the whole idea of “time”.
It can be our friend, or it can be the enemy. It is an intangible force in our lives and we have no control over it. We could philosophise all day about “time”, its meaning, its significance and how it affects us...

“How did it get so late so soon ?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon.”
Dr. Seuss

1)  I’ve worked on a cradled timber panel that measures only 15cm square. I really like this hard, solid surface, as opposed to canvas which has too much “give” in. The timber panels are hard, solid and smooth and perfect for collaging.
The surface still needs to be sealed or primed first, to a) stop paint or ink from soaking into the timber (like watercolor paper;,  b) prevent resins from the wood, over time , discolouring your work and  c) to aid your collage papers to “stick” and adhere well without air bubbles.
It’s also a strong surface, able to support the weight of metal embellishments.

2) The timber panel was given a coat of Art Basics Soft Matte Gel, then when completely dry, a coat of Heavy Black Gesso.

3) Because the main image was going to be very detailed I’ve kept the background simple.
However, the timber sides were collaged with paper napkin flowers and clocks using Soft Matte Gel as the glue.

4) Used Finnabair’s “Messy” Clear Stamp along the sides.

5)  I then collaged the photo and other paper elements onto the timber panel using Soft Matte Gel for the lighter papers and tissue and the 3D Matte Gel for the photo and heavier papers.

6) All the metal embellishments were given a coat of Art Basics Black Gesso, (except for the white clock faces). I’ve used the beautiful Finnabair large Pocket Watch from her Mechanicals range. Sadly it gets mostly covered up by other embellishments, but it is really the base for this whole project. (I did end up swapping the skull for a tiny whimsical face).

7)  The metal butterfly was painted with Black Gesso, too.
It is the perfect background for highlighting the shimmer and shine of Gold Mica Powder, which is mixed into Soft Matte Gel first.
The tiny black Micro Beads have been attached also using Soft Matte Gel.

8) All the metal embellishments after being coated with Black Gesso were then painted with Gold and Teal Mica Powder mixed with Soft Matte Gel.
The metal clock faces have been painted with acrylic paint to try and match the collaged paper clocks.
For some variety of texture and colour I’ve added some crimson velvet petals. All of these little bits and pieces were all stuck onto the timber panel with 3D Matte Gel.

“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money.
It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” 
Steve Jobs

Materials used:


Ann said...

WOW! Love it!

Lizzyc said...

Amazing creating!

Etsuko said...

Absolutely stunning!! xx

The Colour Press said...

Your creativity leaves me spell bound every time I see a creation of yours. Thanks for sharing the process of making this masterpiece.

Genevieve said...

This is truly beautiful. I was wondering if you could guide me in finding paper elements and how you print them .

Thank you

Natalie said...

This is incredible Gayle.... love love love

Ewik said...


Scrapthat said...

Such a lovely true work of art!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Powerful image!

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning Gayle, just wow!

Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing!

Marianne/skorpionen said...

Totally jawdropping (if that's a word) awesome!! You are so incredible creative!! Thanks for all your inspiration!

smokeysmom said...

Another incredible face collage, Gayle. It is truly awesome!

Heather McMahon said...

WOW! Simply stunning Gayle!

Kathy Bradley said...

I love your art pieces - they are all not only gorgeous, but unique and thought provoking - wonderfully so! This new piece is amazing and I love the colors you've used and the elements as well! Thank you for sharing your process!

zenevak said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your step-by-step process. It's great to see the project broken down and what to use the products for. :)

Helen Wallace said...

Original, unique, inspiring. Takes my breath away :D

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Gayle. Thanks for sharing. Love it!!!

smokeysmom said...

I am so in awe every time I view this amazing art by Gayle. It's just so, well, awesome:)

Unknown said...

I love how you brought this photo to life Gayle. This is fabulous!!!

Gayle Price said...

Thank you every one so, so much for all your lovely and encouraging comments. They are truly appreciated. Genevieve I have tried to leave a comment under your comment but can't seem to do it and i have also gone to your profile to try to contact you but there is no contact address, so I will answer your question here ( haha I hope you come back to read the comments ) I use all kinds of paper elements, I love to collage so I am on the look out for interesting images every where. Big glossy fashion magazines are great, paper napkins, scrapbooking papers, gift wrap, wallpaper, and specialty collage papers you can purchase on line. I also down load images from the internet and print them as you would a photograph. I try to find the source of the image and ask permission first or check for copy right. Hope this helps.

Genevieve said...

Thank you Gayle i will start opening my eyes . Have purchased the wood canvas now to find the perfect image .

Caroline said...

I appreciate this was some time ago (no pun intended)~I came across it on Pinterest & had to come & see more! It's an incredible piece of art! What drew me to this is the face & 3d petals. Their colour is stunning! I shall leave it there as comment may not be seen. Tyfs.

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