Friday, 3 April 2015

Casette Art

Hello, my Friends!
I'm constantly amazed by how creativite my Team Girls are... Today is now different.
Marta - who is known by now for creating breathtaking assemblage pieces - is so inventive when it comes to chosing art materials... :) See for yourselves and be amazed!

Hello my dear friends !
It's Marta Lapkowska here and it's my turn to be back with some inspiration for you.

Today's project is my next variation on assemblage art. Once again I used common and very well known but old objects that can be found in a household.
Can you spot some cassettes in my work ?
Yes, old type of cassettes, do you remember them ?
Do you still have some at home ?

To create this piece I used four old cassettes. I wanted to achieve some dimensional background which is not that easy to work with.
I wanted to experiment and see how I would manage to combine those in my art. I just love challenges !

I opened one of the cassettes and used rolls and tapes from inside. When I saw the all the bits, I figured that they could make perfect and great looking embellishments on their own, wouldn't you agree ? :)

I colored my work using mediums matching the colors of the tapes.
You can see the whole step by step process on my video. Enjoy!

I do hope that this mini canvas will open your mind and you will think outside the box!
Be sure to share your creations with us if you find this inspirational.
I have a feeling many of you still have old casettes at home so why not using them in your art?! ;)

Marta xx

Materials used:


TangledBlueRose said...

So wonderful and clever! I adore this, so amazing, love the colors and fabulous layers!~kim

The Colour Press said...

My eyes literally popped...... stunning simply stunning. Thank you so much for recording a video. I learnt a lot and thoroughly loved watching the magic unfold.

Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing Marta!!!! Love this so much!!

Lia said...

Well done Marta ..absolutely superb..

Kathy Bradley said...

Another amazing and awesome item turned into art!! It actually turned out lovely - from the old cassettes! I love it and thanks for sharing!

Anguree Jansen Van Rensburg said...

Amazing Marta !!! This is fenomenal

Anonymous said...

Amazing idea, colors and canvas. Thanks, Marta. You gave old cassettes the second life.

Julie said...

Very cool! I really enjoyed this video!

Cathie said...

Amazing! I love the cassettes - so unexpected and Creative.

Nan G said...

Fabulously cool !

famillemarleau said...

It's a stunning piece. Great way to reuse old cassettes. Johanne Lacombe

Julia Aston said...

what a wonderful repurposed creation!

Unknown said...

Marta never disappoints! Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

Dear me... this is so fun. Just love the way cassette tape makes such pretty patterns. As always, your creativity is shining Marta. Thanks so much. j

Yasmin said...

Fantastic project! Awesome work!

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