Monday, 13 October 2014

Love The Kids

Hello, Friends!
Today we have Linda using her magic art wand. :)
It's amazing how she managed to pack so many mixed media, fantastic techniques ( + the adorable factor!) onto one small canvas. Just take a look...

Hi everyone! I’m Linda Cain and I’m back with another fun project. 
I used a vintage picture and several Art Basics + Art Ingredients + Stamps + Stencils + Mechanicals to create a piece you can enjoy for years.

It could also be a wonderful gift for a special person… the Holidays are coming up sooner than you think. So let’s get going!

Here's the tutorial I prepared especially for you:

1. Start with a 6x6 inch canvas and cover it with Soft Matte Gel that has a touch of ink.
2. I added a mixture of water and Claret acrylic paint in a mister. Spray it on the canvas in a pleasing pattern.

3. The next layer is Nickel Azo Gold acrylic paint with a touch of water for a glaze.
4. Quickly spray with water and let it run and drip.

5. I cut 3 strips of Newspaper Elements Resist Canvas and frayed the edges. Save the threads for later. Add the 3 pieces and a strip of trim with the Soft Gel.
6. I glued a piece of Ruler Ribbon to the right-hand side and let it dry. Using Sepia Archival Ink, stamp the flowers from Sunrise Sunset #4 set and the Engraver set Words. 

7. The Heavy White Gesso is perfect for adding circles with a small lid. Add some more images with black Archival Ink and the Stamps from Adverts set.
8. I used watercolor and India ink pens to add shadows.

9. Now it’s time to break out the Opaque Matte Modeling Paste and the Checker Stencil. Add in three or four areas and let dry.
10. At this point I decided to add some Perfect Pearls to the trim with a small brush and water.

11. The canvas needed some more contrast, so I stamped the Brick stamp with black Archival Ink to several areas.
12. I started laying out the other elements, and the trim did now show up well enough for me, so I dabbed it with White Gesso.

13. Using 3D Matte Gel, add Vintage Centers, Washers, a Star Brad, Mini and large Flowers and various other Mechanicals.
14. I painted the Star Brad and the Number 6 with White Gesso and used the 3D Gel to glue it to the Mechanical Center.

15. The Sunrise Sunset Button was edged with archival Red ink. Waxed Linen was tied in a knot through the holes.
16. The finishing touches are adding Gesso and Claret paint to the Mini Flower with an Engraver Brad, and a Gear to the center of the Washer. Pearl Glass Glitter was glued in three spots with the Soft Gel for a bit of sparkle.
The Kids photo is layered onto black mat board and glued into place, and NOW you can add the threads from the canvas with Soft Matte Gel. They seemed to curl for me, and I thought that was a cool design to end with.

17. I wanted more “red” for contrast, so I added a glaze of the Claret paint all around the canvas. That did it, I think we’re done! :)

Materials used:


Helen said...

This is gorgeous, Linda!!

Pammejo said...

Amazing Linda...I just love your art work and techniques. Fabulous canvas

kit cochran said...

Beautiful canvas, so rich in color and texture. The photo is adorable and tells a story which brings your art to life. I love your color combinations and the canvas strips add so much texture and interest. Really well done. I love it. It just draws you in.

Cristina Criscolores said...


Claudine Criner said...

WOW!! Beautiful!!

Maremi's Small Art said...

I love the tutorial ! It's wonderful piece showing us the magic of mixed media. Pure art xx

Jan Hill said...

Just beautiful, thanks for the step by step instructions ��

Sarah Lynch said...


Rachelle Olaridge said...

Gorgeous mixed media and awesome steps. TFS! Love it!

Corrie Herriman said...

Gorgeous ! and great tutorial !
Corrie x

teri reed said...

Love this so much, fantastic!!

JackieP Neal said...

Great piece Linda! Love the steps!

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful project! All the layers and color look fantastic!

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