Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Art Recipe Wednesday: Why? - antidepressant scrapbook page

Hi, how are you doing my dearest ones? :)
I hope you are doing well - we are stepping into real Autumn now which means: plenty of rain, gloomy weather and winds... did I mention winds or lots of rain? Well, it is really windy. And rainy. No chances for anything else, to be honest!
Yes - certainly it would be the best time to hide under a blanket with a cup of tea and a book...

If this option is not possible you can always try to fight with the moody weather and Autumn depression using the best therapy ever invented: creating with loads of color!  You can just start with splashing a bit of positive tones on the paper... and you may discover you finished with something like this:

I have to admit this project went a bit out of control on some point: it was hard for me to recall how many layers, steps, textures I really applied - but I did my best to share this process with you!

The composition may look a bit (?) messy but my favorite white negative space and controlled usage of stencils and splashes of color wrapped it all together, I think.
With this amount of red, yellow and pink tones I just HAD TO keep as much white as possible and add some contrasting black in couple of places...

I'm really pleased with the little "pink bursts" I made using one of my new stencils and how pretty simple plastic caps look like if painted and glued in the right places... a touch of upcycling is always great!

Here is my Art Recipe for today - and step-by-step instruction for you:

1. The base of the project is 12x12 white cardstock and some leftover papers including 7 DS "9th Wave" Collection paper - Golden Sand and some Washi Tape. I started with gluing random strips of patterned papers and pieces of Washi in the middle section of the project - from side to side. Perfection wasn't needed but I wanted to have a lot of negative space left - on the top and on the bottom of my project.

2. My next step was marking the place I wanted to glue my photo and starting splashing Ecoline Watercolors: I sprayed the background with a bit of water and I used my brush to make yellow and pink splashes of paint going mostly from top-right to bottom-left corner of the project. This added the first layer of color to my page. I dried everything with heating tool and I was ready to continue.

3. I took 2 patterns of stencils: "Retrobursts" from TCW and template from Stampendous set of stamps by N*Studio. First I added some "Retrobursts" elements using inking tool and Festive Berries Distress Ink from Ranger, next I used a bit of Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso applied through bubble pattern template from Stampendous. I applied the gesso with a piece of old sponge.

4. When the layers were dry I used Art Basics Light Paste and large chevron stencil to create one more layer of texture - following the middle "line" of the papers I created in the beginning. I dried the Light Paste with heating tool, added a bit of Festive Berries Distress Ink on the sides of the page and splashed my Ecolines again - to add more vibrant color to the project.

5. When the surface was dry I used one more  stencil (grungy dots) and Art Basics White Heavy Gesso to create some white pattern on the very colorful background. In the same time I covered with White Gesso my selected Mechanicals - I wanted to change them to match my idea of using white chipboard elements.

6. Again, I dried the project. This time I wanted to place my embellishments and photo: I cut my biggest pendant and trinket into halves and attached it to the background with 3D Foam Squares. Then I added a layer of veil and attached my photo using the same kind of adhesive. Finally I decorated the composition with a couple of white chipboards and other elements such as plastic caps cut into pieces, butons or alphabet and word stickers.

7. I added a couple of Art Ingreadiens - Glass Beads into selected places of the composition and dried the Soft Matte Gel I used for gluing. Next I put my brush in the Ecoline paints and colored a bit my plastic caps, Mechanicals and word stickers. I dried the project once again.

8. Finally - using a paintbrush - I splashed a bit of Black Indian Ink and stamped "Honeycomb" pattern around my photo to add some contrast. When the ink was dry I added some finishing touches with a very soft pencil and Stampers Big White Pen - following the lines I created with Light Paste and White Gesso and stencils or making circles around splashes of my paint or ink. Antidepressant page was ready!

Here is a list of supplies from Mixed Media Place Shop for your convenience:

That's it! It was a lot of messy fun and crazy layering - but surely the idea was worth of trying! I hope you like it and - maybe - you will try some similar techniques?

Make sure you will check my blog on Friday - there will be another great project and tutorial waiting for you! (Isn't my Creative Team just amazing?)
Sending hugs


Anonymous said...

Amazing! It is stunning.

Sharon Y said...

So happy and fun! The recipes are soooo helpful. Thanks.

Salla said...

Gorgeous colour bursting page & great tutorial. I love stencils and am really inspired to try this style!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Fine design and bold colors!

nanou navarro said...

love LO and colors stunnig work!

Gail Tuff said...

Love the L/O it just made me smile with all that lovely use of bright colour, i must admit i am a tad scared at using very bright colour but think this has inspired me to have a go. thank you for sharing your stunning work xx

famillemarleau said...

It's an amazing page. I love it very much. Thanks for sharing, Johanne Lacombe

Véro said...

Wonderful Anna
come on at home, in the south west of France, the weather is still sunny, morning a little bit cold, but in the day pleasant !!!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love!!! x

Sarah Lynch said...

So bright and happy!!

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