Wednesday, 19 June 2013

April 2013 - picture summary

And here is much shorter, much compact version of April's picture summary... this time I had more time to spend at home, but not too much, not enough to get spoiled, lol!

1. Surprisingly cold April, 2. Getting my stuff organized

3. My desk - creative mess, 4. Finally with Andrew

5. Super Secret plan - start!, 6. My Birthday Google Website - cool!

7. My birthday apple pie in progress, 8. Finally - Spring!

9. Publication in Scrap-Info Magazine, 10. Dog Shaming ;)

11. Scrapping with 7DS "Love Is in the Air" and Prima, 12. Secret Plan - in progress...

13. Sizzix journaling, 14. Breathe Me - Sia - journaling

See you soon!


Debi said...

Finn, just love how you've done this instagram month
naughty puppy x
Debi x

Debbie L Gregory said...

Love the pictures, especially your puppy. Looks so sweet. I had this happen to me once with my nephews dog I was babysitting, and he took my ribeye when I went to get my glass of tea from kitchen. Yelled at her, then felt bad because she was missing her daddy. Love your art, my very 1st inspiration to do mixed media was your canvas on YT. And Happy Birthday, hope you did have or will have great one. Cant wait till secret revealed.

MARCH said...

un joli résumé :-)

Scrapping Madness said...

Just signed up for one of your classes in Davie FL. So excited!!!! I love your work and I can't wait to see you in action.

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