Friday, 19 January 2018

New Finnabair Products! - {Reveal Part 1}

My Dear Friends...
This is the time in the year when my heart starts beating really fast...
I can finally share with you the results of my long time planning, designing, testing, creative thinking and... making another of my dreams come true.
I'm incredibly proud to see how much beauty you create with all my products and it only makes me want to work even harder and provide you with even more exciting supplies and inspiring 'art babies' of mine. :)

So, please join me on this big day and as always -
please, let me know which goodies are calling your name first. :)
The second reveal is coming up on Monday so keep an eye on this place and on Prima blog!

First of all, let me introduce the new Pastes enriching my Art Extravagance line -

Rust Texture Pastes now are available in three new sets:
Metal Rust Set, Camouflage Set, and Military Set.
Each set comes with three rich colors, so you can blend and build your perfect color and texture on each project!

The Metal Rust Paste Set here includes Dark Brown, Green, and Rusty:

The Camouflage Set includes Dark Olive, Brown, and Dusty:

The Military Set includes Yellow Rust, Green-Grey and Grey:

 I hope you're getting your paintbrushes ready, are you? :)
'Cause yes, there's more!

The next product I'm introducing in 2018 is a super special Paper Texture Paste.
 Paper Paste is opaque and comes with a matte finish that creates an illusion of hand-crafted paper!
It's just perfect for creating natural looking texture and adding dimension.
It's very easy to use, simply apply with a palette knife, texture tool, or silicone brush.
You can also customize it mixing the Paste with acrylic paints, inks, mica powders and other color media.

Another new special Texture Paste to get your creativity going is the new Plaster Paste.
 All you texture lovers will jump for joy! :)
It is a buildable and sandable paste, so you can create a whole new world of textures!

Here's my new birdy canvas I created having a lot of fun with all my new goodies. :) 
A little bit of Rust Pastes for a vintage, time-worn effect and Plaster Paste to create beautiful depth and texture.
I absolutely love the super smooth finish of the Plaster Paste... When you apply it on a pregessoed surface and then treat with sand paper when dry, you will get an amazing velvety surface.
As for the new Rust Pastes, I'm the most excited about the way they can imitate the effect of old stones, moss and organically worn surfaces - so perfect for all kinds of rustic and industrial projects!
Your imagination's the limit! :)

*   *   *   *
Don't forget to check this post on Prima blog where you will find my talented Teamies' brilliant projects in which they present the possibilities of these brand new goodies! I'm in love with each of their creations...

And yes, there's more to come! :)
See you soon


Mona_63 said...

Jaki ładny ten tag...

Helen said...

Ooh.....!! I really want to try that paper paste!

Myis Art said...

Me encantan. Estoy deseando poder probarlos y aprender todo lo que se puede hacer, sobre todo esa nueva pasta de papel

Tiitonyy said...

I'm in love for all the new product. I can't wait. 😍

Cariena said...

oh this is AMAZING!! can't wait for all of these!

mamablitger said...

Exciting new stuff. I’m looking forward to play with the new pastes. And the new color sets look fabulous. It will be so fun to add them to my craft room.
Hugs from Monica

Marci said...

Your bird canvas is so beautiful! I love it, it is exquisite. The paper paste and plaster paste sound very intriguing. I would like to see a video of someone using them. I am not into rust as much as a lot of people, but when you said your rust pastes could be used to create moss and stone effect, hmmmm. Very interesting.

Monika Januszewska-Rosik said...

I'd love to choose all of them! But if I had to choose, I put on the Military Set - the colors are perfectly matched and a the yellow-rust color is so fresh :)

Pooja Sharma said...


corinne de france MARCH said...


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