Friday, 27 January 2017

Ambassadors' Meeting - Hopes, Plans & Dreams

Hello Lovely Friends!
It's time for another inspiring meeting with my super talented Brand Ambassadors!
Today they are sharing their stunning new Art and we also talk about their Hopes, Plans and Dreams for the new year - so thought provoking and motivating in the most beautiful ways...
You can also see what happens when these amazing Artists get my new products into their hands...
Pure Magic! :)

My plans and resolutions for 2017? Hmm... I've never been very good at these...
But I do have many dreams - to find some stability in my personal life and to keep growing in my artistic life.
I dream about having more courage, to take more risks and to make my dreams come true.
My motto for the new year is the same as all the previous years really: Just Create!
Practice makes perfect, right? :)

I wish you to find your own path (both personal and artistic ones) and to find lots of Joy in your lives!
As for the piece I'd like to share with you today - no, you're not mistaken, this photo is NOT black & white. :)

This is the result of me playing with a very limited palette. I achieved this effect thanks to Black Gesso, a little bit of white acrylic paint, Stone Effect Pastes and Old Silver Metallique Wax. I love how it all turned out!

I always look forward to new year fresh starts.
I'm not usually into making new year resolutions, however I do like to think about what I have done and achieved and refresh my approach to life and all of those things on my wish and 'to do' list.

For 2017 I will continue to explore my creative to do list; especially in the area of assemblage/sculpture and pottery/ceramics. I also need to finish some personal projects that include 2 wedding albums. :)

The artwork I'm presenting here today was inspired by the 'The Lord of the Forest' myth. I created my interpretation of Tane Mahuta whose fascinating story you can read on my instagram. You can see more shots of my piece there too.
I began by applying Heavy White Gesso to a small plaster statue. Then a layer of Stone Effect Concrete Paste to emulate a skin made to look like dirt.
I adhered metal branches and pebbles to emulate stones and tree branches. Then a coat of Color Bloom spay mist and 2 of the new release Waxes to make it look like it had been made from dirt, trees and stone. I also applied blue wax to the head to represent the colour of the sky.

It's 2017 already. I cannot believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I started playing with Anna's wonderful products...
The newest release is probably one of my favorites because I've always loved the look of Waxes. They add a metallic flare and are just plain fun to get into with your fingers.
The new Patina Effect Pastes are magical. Then you have the Sparks!
Here I started with a black tag and Limestone Stone Effect Paste on a stencil. I added lots of Waxes of all colors.
Then the metal pieces and paper flowers were painted, pasted, and waxed.
I added a couple of embellishments made with moulds and I painted the numbers with Sparks. It's bright, and shiny and full of texture. If you'd like to know more about the creation of this tag, please visit this post on my blog.
My motto this year I guess is "Hope for the Best". Our world here has been turned upside down and I just hope everyone comes out OK on the other side. I truly want the World to make it through the coming year and have a sense of Peace...

I haven't made any resolutions as such, but my wish for the 2017 is to have more play time. Just create out of the passion, not to any particular assignment or deadline.
I just started working more hours on my day job and because of that, I needed unfortunately to cut back some design teams.
The other reason was that I hadn't had the time to "just create" for quite some time as there's deadlines pushing in. So my wish for 2017 is to just create, just to play with the products and see what they can do.

To illustrate this, I made this little canvas. It's actually started as a demo sample way back 2016, but I have kept it and thought to make something of it.
So now, when I actually had a moment to play, I coated the piece with Black Gesso and then started to try out the new Waxes! There's something so relaxing and soothing about playing with them. They smell phenomenal and also the effect is stunning. They turn anything into metallic, reflective goodness!

My other wish for the year is to teach and learn more. Each workshop I keep gives me so much as I learn as much as the persons attending. It powers me up, makes me want to push even further and experiment more. I just added some new workshops in my repertoire, so if you'd like to see me during 2017, please don't hesitate to mail and ask! In my blog's sidebar there are some dates that are agreed already.

Have fun and play! Wishing you a creative, innovative year!

This album shows one of my mottos for this year: trying new things. :)
I was supposed to create an album for man and it was quite a challenge... With no flowers? ;)
Turns out it's not that difficult! I love how it turned out: only 10 pages, but it can hold from 88 photos and up!
It has lots of pockets and can hold many secrets.
And, of course, the main masculine accents are created with Finnabair's metal Mechanicals embellishments!

Apart from trying new things this year, I am planning and dreaming about travelling and discovering new places of the world.
Wishing all of you, friends, not only to make resolutions, but take confident steps towards achieving your goals!
Here's a video in which you can see my 'masculine' style album, I hope you like it as much as I do.

I'm sure you loved today's meeting with my Brand Ambassadors, so packed with beautiful inspirations and reflections...!
Do you too have any artistic goals and dreams for 2017?
We're so curious and would love to hear about them! Drop by our Open Studio facebook group or leave us a comment.
Happy creating, everyone!
Finn & The Team


Garance said...

Merci pour tous les partages dont je m'inspire souvent en mixed média

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Wow girls, these are fabulous works of art! I am so amazed! GORGEOUS work!

Marci said...

I love all of these projects. Your team is so talented and inspiring!

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