Sunday, 15 March 2015

Art Recipe: Days Long Gone

Have you got these moments when you start your project with something you just NEEDED to try and then the process takes the control and leads you into totally unexpected direction? I'm pretty familiar with this situation -  and it is very possible in these moments something magical will happen...

That was one of those days.
Everything started with one of my favorite vintage photos - which i found photo-copied on paper, somewhere in my stash. Right away I decided to try transferring technique with it... and this is the result:

As you can see I didn't stop after transferring the image - my hands just grabbed the stencils and Modeling Paste and I found myself adding more and more layers of lace and patterns - not sure if I should stop or continue!

Soon the texture took over almost the whole project - but I loved it this way and I was actually happy with the colour palette I've chosen. In the last moment I've also decided to add some extra shiny factor - Mica Powder in Gold worked almost like fairy dust...

Are you curious now about the whole process and my new Art Recipe
Here it goes - I was ready with a camera to take some shots for you to enjoy!  

Here is the whole page, made step-by-step for you:

1. I've started the whole project making a simple transfer of photocopied image on the journal page. I Added 2 coats of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso on the old book pages to prepare them for the next steps. Gesso made them more sturdy and it would stop any inks or paints from bleeding through the paper When my gesso was drying I ripped out the image (photocopy of a vintage photo on a regular white printing paper) and covered it with a coat of Art Basics Soft Gel (I've chosen Matte - but Gloss will also work perfectly!)

2. I dried the Soft Gel on the image and added a coat of Art Basic Soft Gel on the place on the page when I wanted to place my image. After a moment I placed the image face-down, pressed with with my fingers to make sure there will be no air left under the image. You can also use a roller to press the image better, if you prefer! I dried the image again.

3. When my image was glued to the page and really dry I sprayed some water on the back of the image to make it really soaking wet. After a short moment the paper started to be slightly transparent. It was a moment to start rubbing it of to reveal the transferred image.

4. It took me while to rub off all the remains of the paper and see all of the image. when it was still a bit wet I coated it again with another layer of Art Basics Soft Matte Gel to create a protective varnish on it and help the dark colors stay more in contrast.

5. When the image was dry I was ready for next steps: I wanted to add 2 different dimensional patterns to my project. I've picked Art Basics Modeling Paste which has heavy but very smooth body and I applied it through the first stencil. I added some extra texture around the pattern simply adding a bit of Modeling Paste with a palette knife. I dried it all with a heating tool.

6. I used the same Art Basics Modeling Paste to add little pieces of random lace and trim to the composition: around the transferred photo and on the opposite page. Next I applied the Modeling Paste again, this time using a different stencil.

7. I looked through my rubbish boxes and selected a couple of embellishments i wanted to add: some tiny pebbles, gems, an old coin and a metal frame. I mounted them all using Modeling Paste and I started to dry it all a heating tool. Next I sprayed the pages with my selected colors of Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays (shades of beige, blue, teal and deep green). I dried the pages completely and starting brushing Art Basics Heavy White Gesso in the selected areas of the page to create nice, soft, delicate look. Colours got lighter, more pastel and "misty".

8. As i wanted my image to have 100% matte finishing I added a coat of Art Basic Clear Gesso on the top of it. After drying Clear Gesso turned transparent and I was able to add some text on it. I've used a permanent white pen.

9.  As a very last step I've added some sparkle to the page. I mixed a bit of Art Ingredients Mica Powder with water ans sprayed this shiny mist in the selected areas of the project. (Extra tip: if you feel your mica powder is a bit too loose after drying and it stays on your fingers a lot - spray the project with some fixative or spray varnish to finish it!)

This way my textured and multi-layered journal page was done!
If you'd like to learn more about simple transferring technique using Art Basics Soft Gels or similar liquid mediums - check out this video! 

Here are all the products listed - selection of them is available in our Mixed Media Place Store: 

I hope you are having a great weekend full of relax - and hopefully also some creative moments! Maybe the creative madness will possess you the same way it did with me? ;)
Sending warm hugs:)


Carol McCready said...

Your page is gorgeous. Love those bits of lace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the art recipe, Anna. Love the texture of the page.

Frollein Rabenschwarz said...

This is stunning. I truly love how soft and delicate the sprayed areas appear after an extra layer of gesso. Have a great week, too.

Susan said...

Thank you so much for the detailed description and pictures of how to create this project.

Francesca said...

Bellissimo, bravaaaaaa

butterfly said...

Gorgeous soft colours over all that fab background texture, and I love the little frame full of embellishments.
Alison xx

Fragmentos ao Sol said...

Bravo! Wonderful art journal page said...

I remember in your interview you said you loved to take old books and make family albums.
I think this is exceptional.
Can I please ask what do you do about the weight of the pages?
I do love and admire your work.
susan s

Kathy Bradley said...

Your art journal pages are absolutely beautiful. I will be trying the photo transfer technique. The textures and colors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your art and the tutorial.

finnabair said...

Susan, I put 2 or 3 coats of gesso on the pages in the books - that makes them really sturdy and durable! :)

LucianaW said...

Great Art!!!! Gorgeous!

Katia said...

awesome and looks so beautiful!!!

Sandra C. said...

You are the texture Queen! Love the stencils and colors, too.

Unknown said...

Love the final result, so textural I just want to touch it!!!

Louise Marie Arts said...

Thanks so much for sharing,
Love your beautiful art,

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