Monday, 9 February 2015

Green Or Pink?

Dear Friends!
You are going to have a tough decision to make today. ;)
We are having a double art treat from Riikka - two layouts, the same techniques, two different color schemes. Which one makes your heart sing more...?

I guess first of all, I need to explain why I'm sharing two pages today.
Last month I did a layout, as I think of myself as scrapbooker more than anything else and that page was green. 
After I created the page with the video I got annoyed with myself using the same color again. So I couldn't do anything else than create another page using a completely different color scheme, an opposite one actually, and went with pink. So today you'll have a double treat, seeing two pages done with the same techniques.

The first one, the green one is about one of my favorite foods at the moment. Salmon pasta. It's so easy, tastes great and can be done in minutes! A perfect dinner for the family after a busy day.

The avocado slices I have on the side there, in the photo, led me to the greenish color scheme and I mimicked the round shapes with the stencil I used.
The net stencil on the other hand reminded me of fish scales so it went with the theme, too!

In the video underneath you will see how the page was made starting with a resist layer and then making a molding paste of my own. But as I mention in the video, be aware in the first step that you are working with an adhesive! Move quickly or you'll be washing the paper out of your stencil!

The second page is about one trip to a museum, the Finnish National Museum to be precise. They have this exhibition for kids on the top most floor that is all about hands on. Everything can be touched, tried and played with. The best part for the kids was the huge horse they had there, although my younger one also loved grinding grains into flour!

The steps creating the background are absolutely the same in both pages, only the colors and the composition slightly changes.

Are you more a green or a pink person? Which one of the two layouts is your favorite?
Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great day!

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Georgie C said...

Absolutely beautiful pages Riikka, love all those yummy textures and the first one is making me feel hungry too lol. Stunning as always xx

Corien said...

Oww, i love the green one, beautiful!!!

Carol McCready said...

Your pages are beautiful. But if I had to pick one, it would be the pink.

paperkraftD said...

They are both gorgeous, but I really like the subject of the pink -- well the whole composition, really, and all the little details.

Helen said...

both fantastic, but the green for me.

LucianaW said...

OMG Stunning!!!! Beautiful pages!!!! I loved the colors!

Nirvana said...

It's beautilful!!! :)

Amante del Papel said...

both are beautiful, but my favorite was the pink!!!

CreativSpirit said...

Both lovely but I prefer the green.

paperkraftD said...

Wow -- looks like a tie!!

Carolyn said...

Both are stunning and I am not usually a green person but this time I select the green over the bright pink.

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