Thursday, 14 August 2014

"Breathe"... - bonus journal lesson for Life Book 2014

Hi again everybody!
I'm back - and I've got a nice treat for you... as you remember this year I'm one of the teachers invited to amazing project - Life Book 2014 (you can read more about this online class here) and I'm providing 2 lessons for those who decided to join the fun! First class - mixed-media collage was mentioned here - and I have to tell you i was really overwhelmed with great response of the sweet, talented people who decided to follow my creative path! The project were more than amazing and I really feel honored I could provide inspiration for this wonderful group... now it is the time again!
I've decided to focus my bonus lesson on the important to me matter: slowing down, breathing, remembering about small pleasures in life, small rituals that keep us all sane... And that brought me back to one of the
important elements of my everyday life: tea.

As I wrote in the Life Book Class intro: somehow in my crazy, hectic life tea started to have very important role. It is my everyday drink...but also paint and inspiration.
I'm hopeless tea drinker, I can have liters of it per day and I never say no to another cup. This the taste of my childhood, my teenage years and my adult life too.
Black tea, hot water. Perfect combination.

Because of my love and addiction tea is my “perfect break” no matter how stressful the situation is, it always makes me feel comforted, stronger, more relaxed.  It is a solution for bad moods and healing potion when I'm sad and exhausted. For me - it is pure calmness packed into beautifully smelling bags.
Ritual of boiling water, pouring it into the cup, smelling it, then trying the hot, strong, bitter taste – it all keeps me sane no matter how disorganized and stressful my life is.
It helps me “breathe.”

 Let's say this page is my tribute to tea and it calming, healing properties. My a bit unusual collection of teabag tags is a great starting point to create the background for the journaling page reminding me to stay calm and take care of myself, no matter what happens...

Do you want to see more? There is still time to join the class!
 To register simply follow the link below (Just one little note: this is an affiliate ink and this is how the teachers get paid. When you register through this link I get a small percentage. Thank you!)

And in the meantime... I'm working on something I was waiting for so long to happen! Step-by-step, the reveal time is getting closer - I can't wait to share who is joining my first ever Creative Team - and to see them creating for you, of course!
Keep your eyes opened!

Sending warm hugs!


Kezzy said...

Wow awesome journal pages, I love the colours and the meaning is definitely one I can identify to lol. Tea is definitely my stress release, its helps me to stay calm and think. At anytime that life is treating me unfairly, or chaos is happening a cuppa tea is the only thing that keeps me relaxed and sane, it also helps me to realise that things are not that bad and helps me calmly think of how to tackle it. But a cuppa is my first go to for good times as well, being able to sit and dwell be it on art or something else. My partner believes I drink way too much tea lol. Can't wait to see who's on your creative team, sitting here with my cuppa, feeling a little sad as I didn't make it on the team, but also excited to see what wonderful things I will learn from them :-) Kezzy xxx

Karen Clare said...

Always so excited by your work and talent. Can't wait for the Oct workshops. Looking forward to see your Creative Team unfold and inspire xx

teri reed said...

I to am so inspired by your work, your creative mind makes my mind boil over trying to learn your techniques. You are my rock star and I'm excited to be in your class in January at the Prima Art Venture!! See you there:$

Vicki said...

I was so happy to see you at Life Book! Did the lesson today - my very first truly mixed media attempt. Mine didn't turn out as beautifully as your's but then,YOU'RE you and I'm not! LOL! Thank you for a great lesson!!

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