Thursday, 13 February 2014

Save the date: UK, Sweden, France, Ireland, Spain...

Hi again friends!
I know what you are thinking - this girl, she is away all the time, running around like a headless chicken...
well - it's true - I travel  lot. This way I'm able to share my projects and classes and I'm happy to meet so many wonderful people on my way. You make this adventure so special and unforgettable - I can't even express  how rewarding, inspirational my travels are. Maybe I don't always have the time for sightseeing or enjoying the places I'm staying in - but teaching, visiting stores and events covers all that ;)
There is also a large group of you who don't attend the events but I can see you follow my projects and travels on social media - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You need to know how great  is to feel and see your presence there: all your comments are so heartwarming and they put a smile on my face :) Thanks to you I don't feel so lonely on the airports, train stations and in the hotel rooms - there are always some friends waiting "on the other side" :) Isn't that just amazing? :)

Travelling is about planning - so I've made a quite long list of the new coming events for the next couple of months. Check them out - maybe I'll be somewhere around? :)

First of all - this weekend is the beginning of the big show in Birmingham, UK - CraftHobby and Stitch.
I have to admit I'm very excited to attend it for the very first time - I'm sure it will be a great experience and I'm looking forward to meet you all in person... hey, who is coming? ;)
The easiest way to find me will be visiting Booth H 20 where I'll be doing  demos all days of the show:)
I can't promise I'll be there all the time, but surely this is the best place to start!
Here is a little reminder:

I hope to see you there!

The next big event I'm attending is STOCKHOLM SCRAP AND PEARL EVENT 2014  at Ericsson Globe ANNEXET. This is a huge show - Scrapbooking and Jewelry Making Convention, where we can seat 1,000 crafters each day. I really believe it is the biggest show of this kind I've ever seen!
(just have a look at this photo!)

During the event I'll be teaching 2 mini-classes focused on smaller craft forms: dimensional cards and home-decor - both of the mini-classes are fun, technique-packed events which should be enjoyable for anyone:)
Here are further details:

To attend the event simply go to the Scrap and Pearl Blog and register.  To book my class - visit this link:)
I'm sure it will be a great experience :) See you in the classroom!

The next important point in my calendar are CLASSES IN FRANCE - last 2 weekends of March 2014
I'm very happy to share I'm visiting 2 events - please see below:

To contact the organizators and get info about booking please visit this link! See you there!

Next weekend I'm teaching: 

I hope you like the class selection - as far as I know the spaces are already very limited so if you are planning to come read the blogpost and contact Cat as soon as possible:

Next event is one which is close to my heart for many reasons - first of all - it is DUBLIN, IRELAND, secondly - our Mixed Media Place Store will be attending the event too!
This event is one day only (26th april 2014 - Saturday) and I'm teaching 2 classes:

To find more details please visit our Facebook Event Page or email Elaine directly at:

And finally (I know it is early, but bookings are already opened!)
I'm announcing the event in CIUDAD REAL, SPAIN:

You can find more information about the event or bookings on the FB Event Page here - or email the shop directly:

I should probably warn you it  is going to be a very long post - but you know? there is more! :)
If you will have a look at my Live Classes Page - you will find more locations and new classes which will be launched soon (let me just mention Norway, UK, The Neatherlands...) - so keep your eyes open! 
Wishing you all a great, creative weekend!


cardsetalia said...

Looking forward to the Dublin class, exciting news.

Buttons said...

Most definitely will be paying your booth a visit (or two)! Really looking forward to it. Jenny x

MARCH said...

I can't wait to see you
I cross fingers for March

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Aniu, bardzo chetnie zawitam i pomacham lapka. Bede niedziele - mam nadzieje, ze uda mi sie Ciebie 'zlapac' na goracym craftowym uczynku! Pozdrawiam i do zobaczenia - Asia

Bi said...

Please, come to Portugal. Love love love your work

Bi said...

Please, come to Portugal. Love love love your work

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh goodness that Stockholm class is HUGE!! Wish I could come but I am in South Africa! Need to win the lotto first!!

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