Thursday, 11 April 2013

A bit later... picture summary : Instagram February!

Hi again.
I know it is late  I know it is April, but I didn't have the possibility to do it before, and my Feabruary was just awesome... and I wan to share it with you!

1. Winter in Warsaw. 2 Celebrating in the Polish way.

3. Finally with Andrew. 4. Happy mail - My journals in Art Journaling - Somerset Studio.

5. Heading to Paris. 6. Prima goodies for the kits.

7-8. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

9-10. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

11-12. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - Splash Class photo!

13-14. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

15-16. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - group photo.

17. Some cool tools! 18. Students during the classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

19-20. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - students' projects

21-22. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - Prima goes Inky class group photo

23. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - with students and friends! 24. Disneyland Paris, here we come!

25. Photo with celebrity. 26. First rays of Caribbean sun...

27. Cute woolen hat I got at Disney - Paris. 28. Tower of Terror ride!

29. Wonderful keepsake from the classes - thank you! 30. Ira, my beagle.

31. Some Dylussion goodies arrived! Yay! 32. With friends at Manufabricum in Warsaw.

33. Kitting for Sweden... 34. Stockholm, here I come!

35-36. Sightseeing in Stiockholm and Vasa ship.

37-38. Classes in Stockholm

39-40. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden (Imagine class).

41-42. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden.

43-44. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden - Inky Memories - layout class.

45-46. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden - Inky Memories class and Imagine class. 

47-48. Beautiful Stockholm!

Thank you so much, my friends for this amazing experience - you make my dream true!
More photos soon...


Lizzy Hill said...

Man! You DO get around...fab pics:):) Shame about Russia - but I guess it will happen in the right time:):)

Angelica said...

So happy to have participated in the classes in Stockholm, had so much fun and learned so much. You are truly a big source of inspiration.

Miae said...

These are great pics! I love to read that your dreams are coming true! Congrats!

chrissies said...

Looks like a lot of fun but hard work for you. Lucky people who joined you and leant so much

Love Chrissie xx

MARCH said...

merveilleux souvenirs pour vous ^^

Andrene said...

Great photos....especially love the last one of Stockholm...beautiful. And Tower of Terror is THE BEST ride ever :)

Anonymous said...

Super , tu avais pleins de personnes. J' aimerai bien un jour être sur la photo ... Mais ,... Bon W-K, bisous. Anita F.

Maura said...

Finn, you have been on such an amazing global journey!

Anonymous said...

hi finn!
so happy to remind classes with you! And so glad to see the keepsake made by isa with mines stamps...I hope you'll try those i gave to you and most important that you'll enjoy to stamp with.Thanks to be yourself and keep enjoyed!
La Petite française

Sofia said...

You are amazing Ania, not only as a great artist but your personality as well!!

Love you girl!!


isabelle Gallien said...

wonderful week-end with you and your art ! You wellcome in France when you want !

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