Friday, 8 February 2013

Better late than later... and Sizzix Friday!

I know I promised photos from CHA and Frankfurt - and looks like if I will wait a bit longer it will be time to show photos from February! I'm sorry for being away from my blog, really, but I simply try to put my life on "normal" tracks again .The longer it takes the more I think it will be never the same as it was before...
Anyway - here are some picture memories from January 2013!

1. New year with hubby and friends. 2. First layout of 2013.

3-4 . Playing with new Prima - my Sunrise-Sunset Collection and Mechaniclas are revealed!!!

5-6. Prima on my mind. The most crazy day of my life...thank you for the wonderful respond to my projects! 

7. Going to California. 8.Meeting Nic Howard from New Zealand! World is so small, huh?

9. CHA, here I come. Conference Center in Anaheim. 10. Some of my project in "Splash of Color" booth.

 11-12. My collections at Prima booth!!! Mechanicals and Sunrise-Sunset!

 13. Meeting sweet Louise Nelson. Soon we will see each other in Adelaide.
14. Meeting mixed-media icons: Pam Carriker and MaryBeth Shaw.

15. With great Stacy Cohen. 16. "My"samples at Sizzix booth ;)

 17. Epic photo - with Cari and Frank. 18. My "Yellow" project for Designer Challenge with Dylussions at Ranger booth

 19-20. Meeting friends: Barbara and Jing...and wonderful group of ladies from Nebrasca!

 21-22. Visiting Ranger booth... some fun with Dyan Reavely, group photo with Tim, of course.

23. Julie and Louise at Designer's Showcase area. 24. On the back seat of Jamie's car...with Sharon:)

 25. On the way to Palm Springs. Windmills all around. 26. One of the reasons why I love visiting California.

 27. Lovely and crazy talented Jamie. 28. Getting ready for the reception party - Janine and Michelle.

 29-30. Reception Dinner. Prima girls and me :) Tami, Molly, Pom - love you all!

 31. ArtVenture: Leeza Gibbons telling her story at the reception dinner. 32. Oh, I just love my new earrings...

33-34. Palm Spring views - garden with black swans in the middle of the desert.

 35-36. On my way again! Frankfurt, Creativeworld, here I come!

 37-38. Some peeks of the Sizzix booth. Me and my messy demos.

39. Angela at work. Her projects are breathtaking! 40. with friends at Sizzix booth:)

And as it is Friday today - here is a peek of the project waiting for you today on blog! Yes, I was having fun with Prima nad new Tim Holtz dies again - perfect match for me!

Finally - I'm on my way now, going to FRANCE!!! First time in my life, how cool is this? I can't wait to meet you all there, I know there is a fun group waiting... and I don't speak french at all! This is going to be amazing experience, hahaha!
xoxoxo to you all!


Anonymous said...

de beaux souvenirs !
bienvenue en France :-))

Helen said...

Thanks for taking the time in your hectic, busy schedule, to post these pics! Enjoy France.

Lizzy Hill said...

I hope you enjoy France ...I LOVE it & would move there in a heart beat....loved your post over at Sizzix:):) Great photos of your v busy month!!!!!!!?

SanDee1899 said...

Looks like Anna you had a lot of fun. And you did enjoy it a lot:-) Isnt it great that your passion has brought you there? I am really glad for you - and wish you from deep in my heard all the best. You may hear this all the time but you are soooooo talented and your work is just so amazing, oustanding ... it takes some time my breath away. Greetings from SanDee1899

Kookaburra Queen said...

Breathe.... WOW, what a busy life, but clearly you enjoy it, and are so talented, you deserve it. I can't wait to meet you in Aus in March, and see your stunning work first hand. Just hope your new ranges are available here by then so we can use mechanicals in our projects. Best wishes, enjoy France. Di

Meggie Cardoso said...

Visiting your blog to know a bit about you!!! Congratulations for your beautiful work. Hope to see you in Brazil next May. Meg

Thuria said...

Wahou! Thanks for sharing these photos. How lucky you are!!

Thuria said...

Wahou, thanks for sharing these photos. How lucky you are!!!

cat lacigale said...

welcome to Frnce ! Wish you a great time in Brie Comte Robert. See you soon in MAssy, and why not later in the south ???? ;)

zuzia620 said...

omg nic tylko pozazdroscic nie tylko niesamowitego talentu ale rowniez spotkania moich ulubionych scrapbookingowych artystek-ow:)powodzenia w tworzeniu :)

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