Tuesday, 4 December 2012

November - photo summary (and Sizzix update!)

Here I am again! I just got out from the plane, still in weather shock and jet lag after one of the most breathtaking adventures I had in my life - Prima Tour classes in Singapore, Indonesia nad Brunei! Soon I will be on my right track again, but for now please let me share some of the photos from November - this was one crazy month!!!
(If you want to see more, or maybe follow me on Instagram - click this link:) More and more great photos is waiting for you there!)

  1- Travelling to Oslo, Norway, 2 - classes during the Grorudtreffet in Oslo

3,4 - Grorudtreffet in Oslo - my lovely students

 5 - "Fragmentation" - new big collage finished, 6 - launching of the new travelling art journal

 7 - "Pathfinder" - family photos projects, 8- Prima Asian Tour has started! On the way...

 9 - Temple in the Little India, Singapore, 10- Chinatown, Singapore

 11, 12 - Chinatown experience

 13 - Sightseeing in Singapore with Elaine :*, 14 - Gardens by the Bay

 15, 16 - Beautiful, breathtaking Gardens in Singapore. Magical place!

 17, 18 - My hardworking, talented students during the Paper Market Event in Singapore!

 19 - Group photo - thank you Elaine, sweet helpers and wonderful students! It was unforgettable! 20 - Singapore by night.

21 - Janine on the boat! Prima Asian Tour in full sail! 22 - Shopping with Ina in Surabaya, Indonesia.

 23, 24 - My Scrapbooking Ideas shop and staff in Surabaya

 25, 26 - Classes in Surabaya - we surely ha great time! Thank you so much! :*

 27 - Goodbye Surabaya!, 28 - Hello Jakarta - with Ina and Grace - MSI Indonesia

 29, 30 - Public transport and traffic in Jakarta. What an experience!

 31, 32 - Jakarta: our amazing students and MSI people - thank you so much for  your hospitality and help! We had a blast!

  33, 34 - Shabby Chic Brunei classes - we had lovely time! Thank you Bev for the invitation!

 35, 36 - With Bev and our students -  for this wonderful time!

 37 - Brunei by night, 38 - Unforgettable trip by boat to Water Village!

 39, 40 - Water Village in Brunei - what a place!  Amazing views and friendly taxi driver!

 41 - Children in the Water Village in Brunei, 42 - Travelling with Janine by City Train in Singapore:)

 43, 44 - Having great time with Janine in the Little India in Singapore!

 45 - Little India: flower garland stall, 46 - last photo with Janine on the Changi Airport. I will miss this girl so much!

And if you want to learn more about some of the classes I taught on the Prima Tour in Asia 2012 in Surabaya and Jakarta - please jump on Sizzix.uk blog today! There are many great photos of my creative students and their great projects waiting for you! Need a sip of inspiration? Here it comes!
(little teaser...)

See you soon!
(a bit jet lagged and dizzy) Finn


Nyusha said...


Martha Richardson said...

What a trip...what a year...you are rocking!

Marjolijn, Rotterdam, the Netherlands said...

Thanks for sharing!!

MARCH said...

incroyable aventure, heureuse pour vous :-))
à bientôt
corinne de france

Scrapidea said...

Welcome back from Asia Finn :-)

Lizzy Hill said...

Looks an amazing time...I've started to work on your 1st part of your interview ...am away in New Zealand atm..be in touch when you're NOT jet lagged & I'm home too:):):)

Jayne said...

Such wonderful pictures. Looks like you had so much fun. Rest up for the next time. Beautiful page...as usual.

Maura said...

Welcome back! Looks like a marvelous adventure!!

Maya Ariffin said...

Hello Anna. :)

I'm glad that you enjoyed your Asian Prima Tour.

Thank you for your wonderful class :D Hope to see you again someday in the future! Please come back to Brunei! Lol!


Villas in Tuscany said...

Totally outstanding i have no words..

Liliane said...

it was a marvelous adventure, thanks for sharing.

mark gould said...

Hi, wow, the trip looks amazing, just having a look through the blog and just become a follower, was pointed in your direction by Andy Skinner and not dissappointed, wonderful creations, I look forward to popping back. x

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