Saturday, 25 August 2012

13-14 October - classes in Vienna, Austria

Announcment after announcment - this time I'd like to invite you to my classes in Scrap Me! shop in Vienna, Austria. The event is planned for 13th and 14th October 2012 and there are 4 classes to choose from: "Industrial Baroque - Stemapunk Love", "Spalsh", "Inky Fingers" (paper layout classes) and "Imagine" - canvas class. This really sounds exciting!

For more info, bookings and all important details including prices, classes descriptions and more, visit Scrap Me! blog here! See you soon in Vienna - I can't wait!


Нинель said...

Москва ждет вас!

Scrap me! said...

only some weeks - I'm soooo happy that you come to Vienna!!! And we are all can't wait!!!!!

See you!


Marília Lopes said...

I just know that you come to Brazil in 2013, I did not lose for nothing!

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