Sunday, 15 April 2012

Perth classes - offical cancellation

I was so very hoping this will never come. Till the very last moment we were working hard to get information, get in touch with the organisators and find out what was happening, but with no luck. The class organisator and host- Scrappy Kapers dissapeared from my reach for weeks and when I finally found a way to contact her she kept gave me nothng but promises and information which proved to be untrue.
As I couldn't get any honest information about my classes, the event preparations and the fact that my contract had been violated several times - I have no option but to cancel the classes. I do this with deepest sorrow and pain, as I imagine your situation now - and I was very looking forward to this event and meeting you - students from the other part of the world.
I was so excited to be coming to teach you - and now I understand how dissapointed you are. I hope by making this announcement now now will allow you reorganise your plans.
It is my strong suggestion that you contact the store, Scrappy Kapers directly for your full refund for all class fees paid immediately.
I apolgise for that and I hope to visit you again soon, this time without any problems. I hope you will understand my situation - beeing here on the other side of the world made me helpless and the decision about this cancellation caused me a lot of stress. Please, pass this information to your friends attending the classes in Perth.
I know that Scrap Matrix in Darwin can offer several spots for my classes on the first weekend of May, if you who are interested, please contact Rae Cooper as soon as possible.
Again - I'm so verry sorry for you all.
Sending warmest  hugs


france papillon said...

keep your head up high girl, one door closes so a better one can open up.
we all know you didn't take this decision lightly and people will understand.

huge hugs sweetie

Colleen B. said...

I am so sorry to hear this but I am one of the fortunate ones going to Darwin so I will see you in May :)

Di Landers said...

Oh how awful for you Finn - I am sure the girls who were booked into you workshop in Perth will be very disappointed - unfortunately, at this time I was unable to book for one of your classes but hopefully next time you come to our wonderful country, I will get the chance to attend..


OMG that is so sad Finnabair....I'm so sorry someone here in Oz has treated you so badly as well. I am going to the Darwin one and I look forward to meeting you and doing classes with you :o)
Annette In Oz

slywalker (Lesley) said...

Dear Ania I feel so sorry for you that you had to come to this decision and am sure you agonised over it for a long time. I am very disappointed that I will no longer have the opportunity to learn from you but more disappointed with the organiser, just hoping one day I will get the opportunity again. Also hoping the organiser arranges for immediate refunds, unfortunately Darwin is just too far to go.

thinking of you and hope the Darwin classes go really well and you have a great trip to our country.

Ruth said...

I posted a comment earlier, but but not sure where it ended up, may even be in your moderate file. If so delete this one :) I just wanted to apologise to you on behalf of the West Australian scrapbooking community and industry, that this has happened is just heartbreaking for everyone. As a long standing member of the industry here in Australia and being Perth based, I would be happy to try and reschedule this and work with you and the girls who are looking forwarding to your workshops, please let me know if is not tooo late to salvage.

finnabair said...

Thank you so much for your understanding and sweet words. It means a lot to me.
Ruth, I apprecciate your offer very much but on this point I can see a serius problem with the kits for the classes, which were to be prepared by the Scrapy Kapers - I only prepared the product lists for her to complete the kits. I understand them might be a big problem. The next issue is the flight, which wasn't paid after booking - we need to sort this problem just now. Please, try to contact Rae (Scrap Matrix) and she will pass you all the information. Thanks again!

Scrapidea said...

Oh, what a difficult decision.
I am so glad to meet you in gent during the scraptastic event :-)

lisa greedy xxx said...

really sad and disappointed this has happened, Finn was so looking forward to your classes. I have tried to get in touch with Scrappy Kapers but cannot get any response at all ??? wonder when they are going to tell us what is happening and refunds etc.

finnabair said...

Lisa, that is the same situation I had - no responces for weeks:( I'd suggest you keep stalking her until she will pay the refund. I know she might be in NZ at the moment.

MARCH said...

:-( navrant comme situation et quelle déception pour les élevés
corinne de france

Heather Jacob said...

Oh Finnabair.. I feel for you ... please do not blame yourself ... sometimes we put our trust in some people who turn out to be untrustworthy .. I am one of the lucky ones going to Darwin .. cant wait to meet you ... loveeeeeeeeeeeee your work .... big hugz to you xoxo

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