Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Art Recipe: I'll say no more...

Hi my darlings, I hope you are ok!
I'm again on the run: I've just came from fabulous classes in UK - what a great time we had this weekend, just perfect official start of the teaching year! I'm always so happy to see my students coming back to see me and take some more classes - this is the best reward you can get. Thank you so much for making my dream true...
I'm leaving again for a couple of days  - with a secret mission, which includes seeing my friends from Prima again. I can't tell what it is, but it will surely keep me busy. I'm also working on new classes which will be released soon (I hope - no more unexpected travels, please!) and of course getting ready for the next class - France!

Anyway, I'm here with new Art Recipe for you!
I'm in this stage when I'd be just doing journal pages over and over, but I decided to push myself a bit and create something I didn't publish for quite a while - scrapbook page.

I did my best to stay as simple as possible - focusing on delicate effects, using minimum supplies and making the whole project closer to the original meaning of the word "scrapbooking" - using scraps, pieces, found elements. And  - OMG - it was so fun and refreshing!

This page will be a great example how much you can get just playing with a piece of wood,  couple of metal elements, paper and canvas pieces and a small bunch of vintage lace. I've used just a small bit of everything - I'm sure you can find similar supplies on your table!

Colours and textures are also based on very limited set of supplies: Art Basics Light Paste to create dimensional background, watercolur pencils and finally - some of Tea Stain, my favorite brown paint :) Splashes, last element of the composition were made with 2 colours of Ecoline watercolours. Can it be simpler than that?

Here is the full Art Recipe!

1. I've started the project simply applying the Art Basics Light Paste through one of my new stencils. - The Alpha. It took me just a short moment to dry the texture with heating gun. Next I've colored small pieces of Elementals Resist Canvas with  homemade tea stain. I dried them and they were ready to be used in my composition!

2.  I've started the composition: using craft glue and stapler I layered small paper pieces, resist canvas and tags under my vintage photo.  I didn't glue it to the background yet - I've just focused on building interesting composition. In next step I added some vintage lace from my home collection, metal trinkets - Mechanicals and finally a piece of drift wood, vintage button, fabric vines. Elements such as button or wood were mounted on 3D Foam Squares (Scrapbook adhesives by 3L).

3. I removed the finished composition from the page and started adding color to the background: I used new Prima Watercolour Pencils and then Water Brushes to blend the colours and get pretty, artistic look. I've used shades of blue, green, orange and ochre. I dried the paper background and before gluing back the composition with the photo I added some loose whiter thread and a piece of veil - for extra texture and interest!

4. Finally I used more of the 3D Foams to place my photo and scraps in the middle of the page, and to blend them a bit with the background colours I took my pencils and water brushes again: simply picking a bit of colour directly from the pencil I coloured selected places of my composition: lace, canvas and paper scraps. When I was happy with the results I dried everything and cover the middle of the page with a paper towel as I planned to splash some Ecolines  to add some interesting spills, dots and splatters. I dipped my brush in turquoise watercolour paint, tapped it several times to get nice little splatters and dried them before repeating the same step with black Ecoline. This way my project was finished!

Here are the supplies I've used - all from our Mixed Media Place Shop:

I hope you like my today's project. I now it is a bit lighter than usual - but who knows, maybe it is my way of getting ready for the Spring? We are all tired with cold, wet, windy weather, I guess!

See you soon - make sure you will check the blog on Friday to seen new wonderful tutorial from my super talented Creative Team!


Elena said...

So simple, nice and really refreshing! Spring is coming!!!

Klara said...

It is perfect. Love the simplysiti and the delicate effects you have made. Just stunning... ;-)

Linda said...

Beautiful in its simplicity

MARCH said...

Genial ! nouvelles classes ! J'espère en septembre à Tours ;-)
votre réalisation est magnifique
corinne xoxo

Mywiel said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the softiness and how tender the background looks. Have a great time at Prima :)

Ania Komenda - Moriony said...

świetny i inspirujący projekt! kredki zaczęły mnie swędzieć ;)

famillemarleau said...

It's a very beautiful page. Love it. Johanne Lacombe

Anjuli Johnson said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I'm always so inspired by your work. Any chance you'll be teaching in the US sometime soon? :)

Kathy Bradley said...

Simplicity can be quite beautiful - as you have shown on your gorgeous page. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing something wonderful at Prima.

Nadia Duparchy said...

c'est superbe ! j'adore la technique !

Neet said...

And what a great weekend it was. I love my page and when I hung it next to one I did a couple of years ago with you I saw just how different the two were.
Love the "build up" below the photographs and going to adopt this on a canvas I am hoping to do.
This will be great reinforcement for me and will ensure I don't forget any of the steps along the way.
Thanks Ania, you are a star!
Hugs, Neet xx

Sue said...

A wonderful layout and I love the textured background. I try to keep it simple but always get carried away with all the pretty things in my drawer.

Amante del Papel said...

it's wonderful!