Monday, 22 September 2014

Sail On!

Hello, Friends!
Today is the day when I have the pleasure to introduce another member of my Creative Team!

If you don't know Riikka, believe me - you really should!
She is an absolutely inspiring Artist from Finland whose creativity is limitless (as you will see in a moment...). Talented on so many levels, passionate and a wonderfully warm and friendly lady I'm so lucky to have on my Team...
But enough talking, you really need to see this project! :)

Hi there! I'm beyond thrilled to be here on Finnabair's blog and to show you my first DT creation.

This project is one of those that I have had in my mind for quite some time and when I heard the lucky news of me getting to this new DT, I knew that this one had to be my first project.
The story behind the creation is a bit of a mingle, but let me try to take you inside my head for a second.

Even earlier this year I had got to know the singer of another Finnish metal band, Thaurorod.
When he saw the Turisas piece and we got talking, I promised to make something inspired by Thaurorod, too. I started to listen to the songs differently after that promise and not long afterwards I had chosen piece called "Overboard" for my source of inspiration.

The lyrics talk about stormy seas, unknown waters and sailing to distant horizons.
Of course there's a deeper meaning to the words, but the storming sea and sailboats had already set my ideas flying.
The perfect base for this music inspired creation just fell into my hands.
My husband builds his own guitars and he received an old one to be used as parts for the new creations. As he had stripped the guitar from everything he needed, including the neck, he then asked if I wanted the body. As it was wooden, heavy one, I immediately saw it as a base for a mixed media creation and the whole project started to take shape in my head.

My vision was to create a stormy sea with a sailboat in full canvas trying to navigate to the home shores. I also wanted the piece to have textures so I had the idea of building some parts of the foaming waters out of ephemera. You can see them as waves or even shoal hiding under the surface, threatening the tall ship sailing forward. 

I recorded a video while working with the piece, but edited it in the form of a step-by-step project rather than a complete from start to finish video as the project took me two days to make.

You will see me using 3D Gel as an adhesive or Modeling Paste to create the waves. Art Ingredients like Glitter, Mica Flakes and Art Sugar also added some really special accents.
And can you also spot two stencils?


I hope this project inspires you to try out the new Finnabair mediums and see what they can be used for!
Push the limits and be a little mad professor mixing them and experimenting with the results.
Hoist the sails and sail on!
Hugs, Riikka

Products used in this piece:

Isn't this project breathtaking? Want to see more of Riikka's talent? Visit her blog, you can also send some love on her facebook or you can follow her on instagram or you tube.



Amante del Papel said...

my gondess is amazing and so beauitful!

Ansku said...

Our Finnish Girl is AMAZING <3

Jennifer Waugh said...

Stunning debut Rikka, just love it!!!!

Linda M. Cain said...

I so love this! It's brilliant.

Piia said...

Looks simply gorgeous <3 Love everything about this work - all the details are mindblowing! Got my first Finnabair mediums today and can't wait to try them on!

I'm so proud of you Riikka - you make us Finns look good - and I mean really good <3 Can't wait to see more of you projects!

Smiles from Finland,


toni said...

Amazing! Such a fantastic piece of art ! X

Robin said...

Riikka~ Your work is outstanding. I love the colors. I really enjoyed the video.

Helen said...

oh my word, Riikka, that is just fabulous! I wish I could dream up things like this - and bring them into being, as well!

Denyse Bédard said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW Riikka it just Amazing wowowow I love it!

Carol McCready said...

What a gorgeous project. I love it.

Virginia said...

Fabulous work - thank you for sharing !

Ania Komenda - Moriony said...

amazing!!!! I definetelly would like to have this piece of art on my wall

Kathy said...

Wow! This is a stunning project...I love your idea of using the old guitar for your base. And the details and work that went into this make it a true treasure!

Fiona Paltridge said...

WOW! Speechless ....... just WOW Riikka. This is some seriously awesome art!!!!! xx

dottielottie said...

Love this Riikka, you have captured so well the moodiness of the stormy sea with all those wonderful mediums. Thanks for the great video too.

SistersArt Creation said...

Oh my, what a beautiful yet inspiring project! Amazing!! said...

I absolutely love this project. When you look from a distance its like there are sailors in the water waving at the boat. I will be getting to know some of the products very soon in our Workshop on 5th October with at Wynyard. xxx

Riikka Kovasin said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Tracy said...

You are a GENIUS Rikka...adore your art and imagination:-) xxxx