Saturday, 20 September 2014

Happy Mixed Media Mistakes

Hello, Friends!
A couple of days ago I shared with you the news about my upcoming classes (you can also find regular updates on my Live Classes page).
Today I come with one more piece of exciting news! :)
I will start the new year with a truly special event that is Art Venture in Anaheim, California.

This will be a super special opportunity to learn all about my latest Prima mixed media products and... some more new CHA 2015 products that will come out in January. :) Can't tell you enough how excited I am...

You can register online and join us all on facebook for all the updates.
Just take a look at this amazing group of Prima educators and the projects that I'm sure will make you want to join us! :)

I'm so looking forward to meeting some of you there!
As you know, teaching is my great passion, it's always such a thrilling experience to share my knowledge and my love for mixed media but...
... well, sometimes something has to go wrong... ;)
And this is exactly what once happened during my Overemotional class... While I was working with this canvas...

I was acting quick (as ususal) and I carelessly splashed some Silks paints right onto the photo I had already glued. Deep breath...
Giving up is not really my style. ;)
I decided to pretend it was supposed to happen, I added some more colors on the photo and managed to make it work with the background.

A perfect happy mistake, don't you think? :)
That's the beauty of mixed media art - even when it happens that something doesn't go your way, you can always turn it into something beautiful or interesting.
Or...simply paint over and start again. :)

I ended up happy with my canvas thinking that sometimes it's good to let go, even when things don't quite go as planned...

Here are some of the supplies that we use during the Overemotional classes:
{Note that it's sometimes tricky to buy a stretched canvas long enough. What we do is simply join two canvases together with the masking tape. You can then display your work as one piece but it also makes a fantastic dyptych! :) }

Have a great creative weekend!


vampyrdancer said...

Beautiful.... and I see absolutely no mistakes in this piece. It is definitely a thing of complete beauty!

Pistichina said...

So beautiful mistake !!! 😀😁

Jane said...

This is just stunning. mistakes here x

MARCH said...

mistake? je ne la voie pas ;-)
comme d'habitude magnifique Finn

Gigi Black said...

It's never a mistake. That's the way it's supposed to be!

Carol McCready said...

Looks awesome.