Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Never Happened

Hello my Friends!
Today I'd like to share with you my recent journal pages - a very simple, spontaneous, spur of the moment spread.
True raw emotional journaling, simply to let off steam.

I was acting really quick here - no fancy techniques -
- just one cut out photo, tiny tags that were lying there on my desk -
- color smudges with watercolor pencils and a very soft pencil + some Distress inks pads stamped directly onto the page.

Then some wild splashes with Indian ink and a touch of Honeycomb stamp here and there.
That's it. That was enough.

Do you do that too from time to time?
Do you draw/paint/journal/scrapbook without much thinking, just raw emotions, no need for perfection?
I hope you do. I strongly recommend it. ;)

Lots of hugs to you all


Lucie said...

Love this, A LOT! … Can you tell me what you wrote behind the little girl?

Kathy Bradley said...

I do often do that - but usually it's when I am angry or hurt and my pages really show that - and they end up looking like a storm hit them - so I don't show them. It does, however, calm me down - so all is good. Your pages are really lovely and pretty colors. Thanks for sharing.

Will see you next Tuesday and Wednesday in Springfield, IL - I am so excited!

Plume said...

Yes I do that a LOT! I love the feeling!

joyful said...

This is so beautiful. The simplicity and colours appeal greatly yet even in this simplicity there is great talent! TFS

2amscrapper said...

This is wonderful! I'll be seeing you next week in Springfield IL too!

Lisa S. said...

Looks amazing!

Tayla Naden said...

Ha! Yes, I do paint without thinking... a lot... I don't know if I COULD think while I painted, even if I tried.

I like the "raw emotion." This is the kind of art that I love the most.

Caroline D. said...

Beautiful pages! We all have days like that. :)

Jan in Tucson said...

I often try NOT to do too much planing before a project...just create. See you Sunday at Artsy! Can't wait.

Miss Merricat said...

I love the page! But I can't read it all :(

Seth said...

Powerful page in its simplicity.

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

It's beautiful! I wish I could journal like that. But I never like my own paintings and handwritten tekst. So I stick with layouts and canvasses or some tags here and there ;)