Tuesday, 14 May 2013

2 faces of Sizzix - I'm back from The Netherlands!

Hi again! I just got home from my last trip - wonderful classes in the Netherlands :) Although coming home took me about 9h longer than I expected the experience was just wonderful. Lucky me:)
I had the pleasure to teach 3 days of classes - and let me tell you the students were simply amazing: talented, sweet, kind-hearted, supportive and crazy creative. Let me show you a bit of the photos... hmmm... looks like photo-relation from one of the classes, "Steampunk  Love" is now posted on Sizzix.uk blog, here!

And here is what else you can find there: how about one of the new layouts, which I made during this class? It is all based of course on 7 DS and Prima products, including my collection, "Sunrise-Sunset" and my beloved "Mechanicals" - all colored with Luminarte Pigments and Silks.

Steampunk Love - 7DS, Prima, Sizzix

Or maybe something lighter, inspired by new 7 Dots Studio collection by Anai - "Queen's Heart"?

Hard Day - Sizzix and 7 DS

I hope to see you on Sizzix blog, more details and photos are waiting for you!
See you soon!


Dorotka said...

second one is great, so simple, dynamical and different!

Krisha said...

You just amaze me!!! Love to come look at your beautiful creations. I was so hoping I could make one of your classes while your in California, but the dates just don't work......:( So I guess I'll just keep popping in here and drool all ove my keyboard....LOL

Thuria said...

how beautiful!!! and the second one is gorgeous!

Yvonne said...

Thank you so much Anna for having an awesome weekend with two of your classes! I enjoyed it so much and went home with so many new ideas, techniques, tips and tricks. And you're a great teacher, the way you teach works very well for me!
Hope to see you again next year!
Greetings, Yvon

nimucha said...

Piękne! Ten pierwszy to klasyka Finn, a drugi to nowsza Finn i też jest obłędny.

Monique said...

I really, really enjoyed to be in your class last weekend! Thank you very much for all I've learned and the fun of doing it. I heard a little rumour that you will be back next year and certainly will be there again if so!
greetings, Monique

coco.nut said...

fantastyczne prace!!! to drugie LO nieco odmienne, ale widać twoją rękę, świetne!!!

Kerry-Jean Watson said...

Wow! As usual you have created some amazing layouts.

I was sad to have missed you when you were in Adelaide a few months back, but it is great to see your new work on here.

Lizzyc said...

These are awesome! Love the candid moment in the second one!

Scraplijn said...

Thank you for the great workshop I really enjoyed it.
Love those lo's you made, aspecially the first one. You can see min on my blog,

greetings from Holland,

Sue said...

I love the eclectic mix you have on these layouts. They're busy yet very clean. Love 'em!!

Maura said...

Amazing mix as always. Fun to see the different styles of the two.

Kyla said...

Simply stunning creations. I love the contrast between the colourful top one and the more muted, natural hues of the 2nd.


butterfly said...

Such great contrasting layouts - love the faded blue-greens of the first with the rusty autumnal golds providing the contrast - beautiful! And the use of space is just wonderful on the second one - can almost see the thoughts travelling across the page.
Alison x

Belinda Basson said...

I love the fact that you used the 3D rose die flat as a spiral in the second layout! They are so different from each other and stunning in their own rights. Beautiful and inspiring as always!

Dora said...

Wonderful work, and it was great to meet you and follow a workshop, made another one, lay out on Sunday, thanks again!

Jolanda said...

Thank you so much for the great classes and all the inspiration you've given me.
Until next time!!