Wednesday, 17 December 2014

CHA 2015 Peeks - New Art Ingredients!

Hi again, is it this time of the year yet?
Winter CHA Show is coming, and Prima Marketing is ready to reveal small peeks of the new coming releases - how exciting is that?
This week I was lucky to have my 2 days on Prima Blog and I'd like to share with you a small peek into the new products from me coming this season :) It is not an Art Recipe - but I hope a bunch of tips will make you forgive me this little change on the schedule of the blog :)

So, Ladies and Gentelmen, let me present:

What are in fact Art Ingredients?

Some people may say there's nothing special about them... but for me they are sources of endless possibilities and inspiration! This line was designed to support, expand and customize Art Basics Line - by simply mixing and matching, adding and combining you get wonderful, endless results of customized pastes, and gels which are both affordable and easy to do.
Why investing money in specialty paste if you need to apply it only on  a small tag or card? I'd suggest taking a base you need from Art Basics and add your favorite Ingredient into it - and stunning special effect product is ready! How cool (and easy!) is that?
Art Ingredients are also great to use just as they are - directly from the jar so you don't really need to be mixed-media focused person to use them with great results! In the end - we all  love a bit of sparkle in our life!

This season we're introducing 2 new inspiring add-ons to Art Ingredients Line: Micro Beads and Mica Powder. Let me show you the projects I've made with them now!

Colors of the scrapbook page are based on 2 products: homemade tea stain (of course!) and Mica Powder mixed with water in the sprayer bottles. Easy to do - and great, vintage- metallic effect!

Can you see small blue Micro Beads used in the corners of the composition? They look just like frosted snow - perfect effect for winter-themed projects!

Products used:
Art Ingredients: 962470 - Mica Powder - Purple, 962494 - Mica Powder - Blue, 962524 - Mica Powder - Gold, 962630 - Micro Beads - Splash, 962715 - Glass Glitter- Midnight Blue, 961374 - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White, 961411 - Art Basics - Modeling Paste, 961671 - Glass Beads - Crystal, 960407 - Mechanicals - Trinkets x10, 960339 - Mechanicals - 3D Roses, 960629 - Elementals - 12x12'' Resist Canvas - Dots, 577780 - Rodanthe - Neptune, 564803 - 12x12'' Stencil - Flourish

Again, the colors of the projects came mostly from Mica Powders mixed with water in sprayer bottles and a bit of Color Bloom Sprays: Iris, Pressed Petal and Tea Stain. Using Mica adds stunning shiny effect to your elements and shows beautifully details of the texture. 

Micro Beads and Glass Glitter added the finishing touches to my composition. I love how easy is to add them to to the project - with a bit of 3D Gel, Soft Gel or any glue they stay in place and look just breathtaking!

Mixing 2 sizes of Beads  makes the structures even more interesting!

Products used:
Art Ingredients: 962616 - Micro Beads - Berry, 962739 - Glass Glitter - Violet, 962715 - Glass Glitter - Midnight Blue, 962470 - Mica Powder - Purple, 962548 - Mica Powder - Rust, 962524 - Mica Powder - Gold, 962319 - Elementals - Grungy Grid Stencil, 579357 - Say It In Crystals - Bella Rouge, 580551 - Paper Flowers, 961671 - Glass Beads - Crystal, 961466 - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Clear, 961404 - Art Basics - Light Paste, 961435 - Art Basics - Soft Gloss Gel, 961381 - Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel, 960605 - Elementals - 12x12 White Resist Canvas "Honeycomb"

Now it's time to share some tips and ideas - what to do with these new art ingredients?

(click for larger images)

1. Try applying them directly on the glue. Choose Art Basics Soft Gel or any kind of glue you like and gets dry after drying. Apply it in the selected places and sprinkle the Micro Beads directly on it. If you have a fine tip bottle you can get really fun effects! For more dimensional effect you can replace Soft Gel with 3D Gel or any similar gel medium! 

Extra tip: if you feel that after drying your Micro Beads are still loose - try some fixative on the top!

2. Going for super-dimensional and durable effect? Mix your Micro Beads into one of our 3D Gels (for transparent effect) or Pastes (for opaque effect). It will dry a bit longer, but the Beads will be practically irremovable!

Extra tip: how about applying this custom gel through the stencil? Effects are amazing!

3. Use them for custom jewellery: they are great for combining with adhesives, resins and glazes. Just check these effects ( detail by Georgia Heald).

Mica Powder is amazingly shiny mineral in a form of delicate, loose powder - in fact it is very similar to eye shadows! It doesn't dissolve in water or water based products - it will float in them instead, that's why it is important to shake or stir the mixture before applying!

1. Simply spray it! Put small amount of the mica into empty spray bottle, add some water, shake and spray on your project. It can be dried with heating tool of course!

Extra tip: If after drying you feel your shimmer is a bit too loose - spray it with fixative for dry pastels or similar medium :) 

2.  Mix it into our 3D Gels to create amazing, shimmering dimensional paste - great to work with texture tools and stencils! This technique will be great for any mixed-media or altered art projects including home decor and book covers - it is not only beautiful but also very durable and permanent - just like all our 3D Gels and Pastes after drying. It can be dried a bit with heating tool, for faster results!

Extra tip: why not mixing it in our Art Extravagance Sand Pastes? Or combining 3D Gel, Micro Beads and mica? Or...

3. Paint with it! Dipping your brush into Soft Gel and then ito Mica Powder you wil get a sticky custom glaze, great for finishing touches! You need more intense shimmering color? Mix Mica in the Soft Gel and then paint - so easy - and so fun!

I hope you liked today's surprise - and you are at least a bit excited about the new products...I surely am!
You just have to check this great post on Prima Blog - DT just took it by storm creating the most beautiful and creative projects with new Art Ingredients!

For more CHA peeks check the blog during the weekend... and this Friday my amazing Creative Team will have of course a new tutorial for you too!
Sending you all warm hugs

Monday, 15 December 2014

Art Bottle

Hello, Lovely Readers!
Today's post may surprise you a little... :)
I know that we are right in the middle of Christmas preparations - December Daily projects, X-mas cards, reindeers and tree decorations but...
well, we do have readers in some parts of the wold where it's summer now and some of us simply miss hot lazy days... :)
We hope you'll feel inspired by Elena's summery altered piece today!

Hello friends!
Everyone is preparing for Christmas and the New Year, but I miss the summer and the heat... :)

That's why I had an idea to decorate a bottle of lemonade that would serve as a vase for my favorite small roses.

It was such a pleasant process and I'm incredibly pleased with the result. Maybe you will feel inspired to create a similar bottle?
My first step was to cover my bottle with Black and White Gesso to prime it properly and prepare for all the media and decorations that I wanted to use.

Everything dried really quickly, so I could move on and apply Light Paste. Applying it with my fingers was so cool! :)   
I also used my fingers to apply White Crackle Paste in some places. When it comes to Art Extravagance Pastes, you can of course dry them with a heat tool, but for best results - allow the crackle paste to dry naturally to achieve better results.
I have to tell you that I've tested a lot of different pastes but these ones gives the most beautiful cracks.

The next step was gluing the elements. I used Soft Gel - it's quick, it's easy and you can be certain all the embellishments will stay in place! Just make sure you wait until it's properly dried.
When the gel dries, you can start the painting.

For the colors I chose Primary Elements. I wanted to add vibrating, fresh colors to my work. I applied them with a wet brush. The paint hit the cracks just perfectly and they have become more visible. I'm sure you will totally enjoy this part!

Primary Elements shine somehow needed an extra touch so I added Art Ingredients Glitter, Beads and Art Sugar.

Frankly, I hadn't used them too often before, but now I'm in love! They help to add the final accents to the project and add an extra texture to all the elements. My favorite way of gluing the Ingredients is with the help of Soft Gel and a brush. Now I use them in almost every work.

Here's my video tutorial so you can see how I created my altered art bottle:

I hope you like this little taste of summer in the middle of December. ;)

Materials used:

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tangled and Connected - collage project for Life Book 2014

Hi again friends!
Getting ready for the Christmas? We are trying, but to be honest - it's more like balancing on the rope between deadlines, new exciting product reveals, new projects...and cooking, cleaning and trying to decorate the house as soon as possible... not easy, but a lot of fun and great time with Andrew:) Oh, how much I needed that!

Today I want to share with you a project I've made especially for the great online class - Life Book 2014, where I had a pleasure to be one of the teachers. You can read a bit more about  this online event here - and look into new edition, Life Book 2015 too! I'm sure you will be delighted with the line up of the teachers waiting for you!

In the project below I was trying to focus on the connections we have in our life - let me quote part of the text I wrote for this online class:

“Tangled” is 20x30 cm collage on stretched canvas representing my ties and connections I have with my Mom – Hanna. I always treat my collage projects very personal because I'm a kind of collage storyteller: I use photos of myself or my family and friends, they became “actors” in my personal theater, telling my stories and expressing the emotions I want to share. 

 This is one of my favorite pictures of her – she couldn't be older than 20 back then. I love her mysterious smile - and I can't help it – I always think about how similar and how different we are. I can see her eyes in my face, I got her hair and eyebrows... 

 Creating the collage I wanted to show the love, the connection we have in the project that will reflect my taste and personality. You can see I'm obsessed with texture and using all possible bits and pieces: changing plain, or even ugly elements into treasures is my next passion. Everything can be used for my 3D collage: engine and clock parts, computer parts, fake jewelry, buttons, fabric, lace, paper flowers, pieces of glass or acrylic – just name it! Inspiration is everywhere and nothing makes me more happy than using some special, selected elements to share my feelings .

I hope you like this idea and you will be inspired to create projects inspired by your loved ones - I believe it is one of the best ways to express our deep feelings we have for them. I keep this project on my wall together with other favorite collages I made - it's just special to me.

And just one more thing - information for European retailers attending the Craft Hobby + Stitch Show in Birmingham!
Prima is organizing FIRST EVER MIXED-MEDIA EDUCATION DAY IN EUROPE on 14th February 2015! Join for an in depth hands on Mixed Media Workshop with me and my new Mixed Media products! There will be lot of  in depth techniques, tutorials and hands-on make and takes. Bookings open here!

Please spread a word - we'd like to reach all the people interested!

Thanks again for visiting me... get ready for the next mind blowing post from my Creative Team on Monday too! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Steampunk Warrior

Hello, Friends!
It's Friday so it means it's time for another reveal of my wonderful Team's creativity.
Have you noticed today's title? These two little words put together made my heart flutter but wait until you see Linda's awesome project!

Hi everyone, Linda Cain here again today with a tutorial that I hope will inspire you to get out your pieces of lace and trims, paints and sprays, and just have fun.

1. This starts with a plain papier-mâché dress form that I painted with Heavy Black Gesso.

2. Next I added several colors of Silks acrylic paints.

3. The large Steampunk Wings were covered with Platinum Crackle TexturePaste using a sponge square.

4. I glued strips of trim in a criss-cross design onto the mannequin, and then sprayed with different colors of ArtDeco Acrylic Shimmers.

5. I added large black Ric-Rac and other trims and lace to the bodice. Then, more paint and Treasure Gold pastes were layered on.

6. This is a close-up shot of the lace that's been painted with WhiteGesso as the last layer, and dazzled with Glass Beads and GlassGlitter using Matte Gel.


7. Now I start to lay out the pieces of metal for the next layer. I painted the Leaves with Silver Mixative Alcohol Ink to brighten it up.

8. This Large Flower Mechanical has the center removed so I could use it as the collar.

9. The Label Plate is sanded and polished with a light sanding block to make the high points shine. Then I painted the accents in with VintajPatina Paints. The Prima Paper Flowers have a dusting of AntiqueSilver Art Sugar, and the Medium Flowers are glazed with Copper Inka Gold.

I added the Glass Beads with Gloss Gel to the openings in the Leaves and the trim. Copper Inka Gold is rubbed over these as well.

10. TheVintage Center is glued over two brass arrows with more Copper Inka Gold.

11. I used a Tassel on the collar and added some large turquoise pearls. The various gears and Mechanicals are glued to the wings with 3DMatte Gel. Each wingtip has a black rhinestone.

The wings are colored with Distress Inks and a final topcoat of Copper Inka Gold Paste.
I love how the Purples, Turquoises, Copper and Golds all make this Steampunk Warrior come to life.

Materials used: