Saturday, 22 November 2014

Embracing Experiments

Hello, Friends!
Perhaps you remember my small experiment with abstract art I showed on my blog a couple of weeks ago.
I had so much fun that I decided to play some more with the idea.

So again - no photos, just one (hah!) cog and a lot of texture.
The concept is similar, I just tried to experiment some more with a different composition and a new color palette.
This is something I really enjoy doing from time to time - pure fun, seeing where the pages take me, no overthinking, just going with the flow.

The textures were created with Modelling Paste + a stencil and also "combing" Gel Medium with a Catalyst tool. Very relaxing, higly recommended. ;)

I added the colors with Silks and Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays that come in most delicious shades and colors.

Here are the materials I used:

Just one more piece of important news... :)
Do you remember our Cosy Challenge?
First of all, on behalf of my Creative Team and myself, I'd like to thank you so very much for such a wonderful response to our challenge. We had enormous fun visiting your blogs and seeing how beautiful and creative your warm creations were.
Sweet Ladies from my Team would feel the best if we could award each of you with a prize. :)
Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and this person is...

Make sure you head over to her blog and congratulate this super talented lady!
And here you can see the winning piece that made us all feel inspired and much much warmer. :)

Have a wonderful creative weekend!

Friday, 21 November 2014

The Magic of a Golden Bottle

Hello, Friends!
It's Friday which means it's my Creative Team day and today we have our Lovely Linda with a fantastic altered art project that will surely make a wonderful Christmas gift!
Do you prepare handmade presents for your loved ones? We hope you feel inspired!

It’s time to start thinking about the Season of Giving. Here we will be celebrating Christmas, and it’s always fun to make a few things for those who enjoy an Artsy Creation.

Since it’s a time when we all love a bit of sparkle, I thought I’d decorate a glass bottle with layers of glitz!

I started with a glass stoppered bottle from Hobby Lobby that I coated with Soft Gloss Gel.

When dry, I added a coat of Clear Texture Crackle. The heavier the layer, the larger the cracks, and I found you need it to be a thinner layer to dry clear. I LOVE the tiny little cracks it creates. I added a 2nd coat when it was dry.

Next, I added layers of Distress Inks in browns, oranges and black soot. Heat set. I dry-brushed Soft Matte Gel in areas. Your inks will run together a bit. That’s good. Then sprinkle the glued areas with Charcoal Art Sugar. I really think this turned out cool!

The glass stopper was painted with Heavy Black Gesso first, then a layer of Copper Crackle Paste. Here you see it before it dries. I used a thinner coating so the Black Gesso shows through in spots. Set aside to dry completely.

I glued a button into a medium gold Bottle Cap that was then layered into a medium sized Pendant Cap using 3D Gloss Gel. A jewelry tool was used to roll the edges of the Cap when it was done drying.
Sprinkle the gorgeous Blue/Black Ebony and Ivory Glitter into the background using Soft Gloss Gel for glue.

This piece starts out as a Mechanical Flower. I used jewelry snips to remove every-other section in this round metal piece.

When the topper is dry, carefully bend the Mechanical over the top of the stopper and glue with 3D Gloss Gel.

I added some vintage trim with 3D Gloss Gel and some Say It with Pearls from Prima to the bottle. Cut the sheet of Pearls in half and add some to the back and some to the front sections of the bottle.

The Tassel was loaded up with some gold glitter from the Luminous Collection and more Ebony and Ivory Black glitter.

The Mechanical Rose with the Ebony and Ivory Glitter is used to adorn the top. A large clear Rhinestone is added to the center of the flower and glued to the stopper with 3D Gloss Gel.

A second layer of decorative ribbon is added to the bottom and the neck of the bottle. A Gold Chain is looped over and criss-crossed at the top for just a bit more glitz. I really think it added a lot to the bottle.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial today and use it to make some wonderful gifts this year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create with a bit of glitter and glue!
Be Well.

Materials used:

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Art Recipe Wednesday: New Beginning

Hi there folks! Is it Winter yet?
Well, not here - we mostly suffer from constant rain and dark gloomy weather, but looking at my latest project you may think I'm in the middle of the white, frosty season!

The truth is - I got inspired by "Creative Gym" - great post on Mixed Media Place Blog. The challenge to use just 4 colors: white, black, gray and... one more of your choice!
MMP Team created a selection of wonderful projects (you can check it all here) and there were so many beautiful artworks submitted that we are surely going to have a serious problem to choose the winner!
The challenge is closed now but there is new "Exercise" coming soon - be sure to check it out!

As you can see my chosen color was blue - a bunch of different shades  which in my opinion look just great on the delicate gray background. I decided to blend the composition as much as I could with the pattern and color of the  7DS paper from my latest "Cold Country" collection, so I used both Art Basics Modeling Paste and Heavy White Gesso.

I guess I'm a great fan of cold colour palettes - If I could I would probably do most of my projects in blues, greens, purples with black and gray, well, maybe with a hint of tea stain in them! Does it mean I'm naturally cold and pessimistic person? Well, I don't think so... I'd like to believe it is just my natural way of expressing my a bit "melancholic" personality ;)

Multi-layered, complicated compositions like the one above are great way of cleaning my mind and keeping my hands busy. They naturally just happen when I let my instinct guide my fingers to pick the textures and elements to put on the page - this way the final result is often a surprise!
You can think about my scrapbook pages more as "visual journaling" on 12x12'' paper than real, "proper" scrapbooking. I've always been more focused on emotions and storytelling than saving memories anyway. Creativity has no rules, right?

I've made a new Art Recipe for you to go with this page - I hope you will enjoy!
Step-by-step instruction and product list is below, for your convenience!

1. My composition started with creating interesting texture in the middle of the page. I used a stencil with pretty damask pattern and my Art Basics Modeling Paste, which I applied with a palette knife. After a moment of drying I started adding layers of fabric and lace, torn into pieces and strips. I used Art Basics Soft Matte Gel which I put into fine tip bottle to glue all the elements down.

2. I continued building the composition adding more and more layers and elements: paper leaves, pieces of chipboard, ripped Prima Resist Canvas pieces, acrylic drops and a bunch of interesting electronic findings. My top layer was photo with a couple of paper scraps under it. In the same time I put a coat of Soft Matte Gel on a single white paper rose and sprinkled White Art Sugar (Prima Art Ingredients) on it to create pretty, frosty, shining effect.

3. When all the elements except the rose were in their places I dry brushed a bit of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso both on my fabric and paper layers and on the background around them to create delicate, whitewashed look. I I dried gesso for a moment with heating tool and started spraying with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays ( Azure Sea Asters, Whale Watch Blue, Gag Me with a Spoon Gray). Gesso resisted a bit to the water-based sprays so effect was really intriguing!

4. When I was happy with the effect of spraying I dried the project and brushed a bit more of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso to soften the effect even more. I added my last embellishments and I started adding final touches to the color with my Watercolour Pencils with a bit of water.  I finished with a bit of journaling made with a very soft pencil.

5. Finally I splashed a bit of Black Indian Ink and Lindy's Spray on the background - to create more balance and contrast, added stickers with text and coated them with Ranger Glossy Accents. I wanted them to shine as much as the rest of the page!

Here is the list of the supplies I used:

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and leaving so many lovely comments.
I really appreciate all of them! I hope to see you back soon - of course this Friday there will be a new tutorial from my CT waiting for you here!

Have a great creative week!