Friday, 27 May 2016

All About Rust Paste - Instant Vintage: Altered Camera Tutorial

Hi again my dear ones!
I heard a couple of times that you have some questions about my Art Extravagance Rust Paste Set - you were wondering how to use it, how to apply it... so here I am coming with the answers for you!

First of all - Rust Paste Set is really fun and easy to use.
This set of coarse, water-based pastes is made to imitate the rust effect and it works instantly, so it is perfect for these projects in which you can't wait for the real rusting reaction. Of course it is only an imitation, but in reality it is perfect for creating matte, rust-like texture and adding dimension, great for steampunk, grunge and masculine project - can be applied on all surfaces, especially if it is primed with gesso.
To get the best effect you should apply 3 colors of the paste on one project with a sponge, palette knife, texture tool or paintbrush to create multi-tone effect.

To make it all easier I decided to create a tutorial for you - I hope it will show you how simple it is to use and how great effect you can get in almost no time!

Here is the effect: 

How it all happened?
I took one of my vintage cameras - a very plain and simple "Ami 66" - and started the rusty makeover adding a coat of Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso on top of all the plastic and metal elements. This helps with gluing elements and adding paints and pastes.

Next, I used my favorite Art Basics Heavy Body Gel to alter the camera - I used Mechanicals, pieces of chipboard, Art Pebbles and more - finally I dried everything with a heating gun and added a bit of texture gluing some of my Art Ingredients Mini Art Stones in the selected places. I dried the camera and put a coat of gesso again.

Now it  was time to apply the Rust Paste - you can see the whole process with comments and tips in the video below - enjoy!

Here is the list of the products I used:

And here it is - an absolutely rustic and weathered old camera in less than few hours :) Instant vintage - how cool is that? Just think about all the possibilities and creative options...

I hope everything is clear now and you are inspired to experiment with your own projects. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments.

If you feel encouraged and would like to see more ideas and projects how to use the Rust Pastes, hit {this link} - you will find there some really amazing works & tutorials by my Creative Team - all featuring my magical Pastes. ;)

Have a great, creative weekend!
sending hugs

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Explore. Dream. Discover. - mixed-media assemblage

Hi, good to see you all here again :)
Today I'm coming back to this blogpost - where together with Prima we were celebrating our creativity on International Scrapbooking Day. Each of my super talented Creative Team Member prepared a project inspired by a quote - and I even if my plan was to made a Periscope session I wanted to have a chance to create something too... so here it is, my assemblage in the tin, ready, proudly standing on the shelf in my studio.

I you would like to come back to my videos here and here you would be able to listen bit about my inspiration - quote by Mark Twain you can see below - and know a bit more about my creative path too. In fact, when I found this quote I felt it was saying out loud what I had in my heart for many years. I do believe it is true.

Explore. Dream. Discover.
3 important words which I have always somewhere in the back of my head. Those of you who know me a bit better will know how much of a dreamer I am and how much my sense of adventure is a drive that pushes me forward. I believe that changes are important in life, challenges and a bit of unknown are good for you and there is no need to be afraid of the new things coming... fear won't help, just paralyse you instead - so the best way to deal which changes is to adjust the sails and go through the storms...

This little assemblage in an old tin represents these 3 important words for me - there are brushes - to explore my creativity and new art paths, there are wings for dreaming and finally - an eye for discovering new, exciting things. I had the best time ever putting it together - it was a bit challenging to do something quite small  - but I had a real blast when I started painting. I put my Art Alchemy Metallique paints on my table and simply painted away...

As usual I used my Art Basics Heavy Body Gel for gluing all the elements together - seriously this stuff just does the job! There was also a layer on Heavy Black Gesso for depth and a bit of Heavy White Gesso - for highlights. I enjoyed the process very much so it is possible there will be more similar smaller - or bigger - projects coming in the future!

Here is the list of product I used - for your reference. 
All linked from our Mixed Media Place Store:

And now it is time for important announcement - we have a WINNER!
After Creative Team voting for the project inspired by a quote -
our  prize will go to Sari Hanninen!
Congratulations Sari, please contact me with your shipping address at:!

Huge thanks to all of the participants - your projects were beautiful and inspirational - we had a very hard time picking just one!

Sending hugs to you all - see you again soon!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Bunny In A Hat

Hello Dear Readers!
The cutest mixed media spring bunny landed on the blog today! :)
It's Athanasia who brought him to life with some pretty awesome media tricks and techniques. You'll see everything in her video tutorial and I'm sure feel inspired to have your own little mixed media creature. :)

Hello dear friends!
This is the second card I'm altering from a card set I got from Ikea a long time ago.
I had so much fun painting and decorating this cute bunny and I'm happy to share the whole process in a video with you.

I started with covering the background with Heavy White Gesso in order to mute it a little bit and used some Art Alchemy acrylic colors in shades that matched the card's colors: Fresh Orange, Royal Red, Steampunk Copper and Black Berry - you will find the product links below.

I also used all these beautiful colors to paint the chipboard pieces and all the metal embellishments...

I love doodling on my projects and this time I used a black permanent pen, as well as a white pen.

The several stamps I used created a really messy and interesting background and helped me create even more texture with a fun technique I did on Heavy White Gesso - you can watch all these tricks in the video below.

I hope you will enjoy my video and maybe get some ideas to create your own altered card!

Thank you for visiting,
have a lovely crafty weekend!

Products used: