Friday, 23 February 2018

Red Poppy Collage Painting

Hello Friends!
How can one ever have enough of flowers, right? :)
If for some reason you can't have the real ones on your table, why not creating them with paint?

Sanda's new art inspiration is so unique that you will surely want to follow her lead and get your own paint & collage poppy! Or maybe even a whole bouquet! :)

*   *   *   *

Hi guys,
I'm back today with another project for Finn’s Creative Team - a mixed media collage painting on a canvas board, I called “Red Poppy”.

I hope you’ll get inspired by this project and try some of these techniques in your artwork.
I started by creating a cluster of some recycled Finnabair packaging and ephemera, including some old theatre tickets that I stapled together.

Using a Finnabair silicone brush, I applied a generous layer of Plaster Paste on the upper part of the canvas and Art Extravagane White Crackle Paste on the bottom.

***TIP: If you see your Plaster Paste separating in the jar, don’t worry, this is absolutely normal. Just take a palette knife, stir it and you are good to go.
Next, I embedded the cluster into the wet pastes, adding more plaster and crackle paste, made some marks using a texture tool from one of Finnabair’s brushes and left it to dry overnight. (Don’t rush this step if you want your cracks to be perfect.)

When the canvas was completely dry, I created my poppy and two seed heads using cotton from Finnabair's Fabric Pack and Sculpture Medium, shaping the petals with the help of an old brush (don’t use your good brushes as they might get damaged).
This step is very messy, so I recommend you to use a pair of latex gloves.

For the stems, I used some thick cotton string. I left the flowers dry completely but if you are impatient, you can hurry the process with a heating gun.
I started painting the background with Art Alchemy Metallique old and new (all of them are just fabulous!) and Impasto paints adding some Heavy White Gesso to the mix. You can see all the colours I used by watching the video and in the list below.

To add even more texture I used some of the new Rust Pastes and applied them with one of Finn’s new dabbing brushes (they work fantastic with the rust paste, but you can use them with Waxes and even with paints!).
I added some Art Stones to the centre of my poppy and few other places around the canvas, using 3D Gloss Gel to stick them down and then, I started to paint the flower, seed heads and stems.

For some nice contrast, to help my flowers stand out even more, I did some shading using Cobalt Impasto paint.
When I was happy with the result, I added some red splatters, painted the centre of the poppy with black Impasto paint and sprinkled some glitter on top.

To finish my painting I added a few touches of Art Alchemy Sparks – Dragon’s Eye.

Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!

I love these delicate, butterfly-like flowers - apparently fragile, yet pretty resilient. Bent by the summer breeze, yet not broken.

They are always reminding me very much of the creative act of every artist…

“Through the dancing poppies stole A breeze most softly lulling to my soul.“ - John Keats
Have a lovely day, my friends,
Sanda xoxo

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Back on the Track and some Classes Updates!

Hi again!
Would you like to create a project like the one below? Learn techniques and have some serious mixed-media fun, making your fingers dirty? Well, you can as it is one of the classes I'm teaching this year - Art Celebration! 
This sample was made by me during the classes I was teaching this February in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Yes - I do make a new sample every time, it is true! Real step-by-step process in front of your eyes!

After the break I had I'm back on the track and I'm working on finalising the schedule of my classes for 2018! My schedule for Europe has closed already, now I'm adding details to my visits overseas! Check it out!

6-11 March 2018 - Art Venture SA - Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa - booking closed
23-25 March 2018 - Classes for Творчесике люди, ST. Petersburg, Russia - bookings here! 

7-8 April 2018 - Texture and Colour - Art Workshops event, Coventry, UK - info here bookings:

1-3 May 2018 - Donna Downey Studios, Huntersville, NC, USA - bookings here!
5-6 May 2018 - Cafe Crop, Merrillville, IN, USA - more info soon
USA - schedule in progress

24-26 May 2018 - Classes at Mims Studio and Shop, Israel - more info soon!

2-3 June 2018 - Classes at AFTH, Harrogate, UK - more info soon!
16-17 June 2018 - classes for СКРАПБУСИНКА in Moscow, Russia - more info soon!

August 2018 - classes in the USA- schedule in progress

8-9 September 2018 - Classes at the Skaparlusten, Sjobo, Sweden 
21-23 September 2018 - Classes at De Scrapheap, The Netherlands
29-30 September 2018 - Classes in Valencia, Spain 

12-15 October 2018 - Classes in Colombia 

27-28 October 2018 - Classes at The Mad Scrapper, Edinburgh, Scotland 

November 2018 - classes in Australia and NZ - schedule in progress
3-4 November 2018 - Art and Soul Studio, AU
10-11 November 2018 - Artified, Melourne, AU

Will any of these places work for you?
I hope to see you in the classroom - stay tuned to see more details!
huge hugs!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Shabby Kitchen Memories

Hello Friends!
Say hello Monday and hello wonderful Juliya whose creativity never stops inspiring us all!
This project is original on many levels - you will see for yourselves when Juliya transfers you to your grandma's kitchen filled with a smell of a warm homemade cake... :)
*   *   *   *
For today's inspiration I created a piece of home decor destined for the kitchen.
It's a decorative mixed media panel to which I attached a towel hook to make it not just pretty but also functional.
This piece was so much fun for my to make and you will be able to follow my whole process step by step in the video below.

First I primed a wood slice with Heavy White Gesso. Then, I applied the first layer of wonderful new Finnabair Plaster Paste and used 3D Gloss Gel to securely adhere an irregular pattern of little pieces of ceramic mosaic.
Apart from being an excellent adhesive, this gel medium also creates another layer on the Plaster Paste and this way adds another interesting texture.
When I was done, I rubbed some Plaster Texture Paste in between and around my mosaic tiles.
I must tell you these pastes are my new love! They are so easy to use and create really amazing textures.

I arranged my composition of a cute photo, small pieces of wood and lovely metal Mechanicals.
When I was happy with it, I could start painting and adding colors with Art Alchemy Metallique paints.
I also added some freehand stamping, some shadows with alcohol inks and rubbed in the beautiful Art Alchemy Waxes that are just perfect to create a subtle shabby, time-worn look.

I also reached for some Art Ingredients - Mica Flakes added a delicate gold glow and Splash Micro Beads make me think of pretty sugar spilled on a kitchen table. When I'm in the kitchen, it usually turns into a mess and that is left to say is "oh la la"... ;)
And now, please enjoy my short video tutorial!


I have to say I really like creating textures and making them look vintage and time-worn. 

In this piece I wanted to create a mood of an old kitchen - just think about beautiful shabby tiles which fell off in several places. 

Think traditional old kitchen equipment, shabby wallpapers, yet sunny and filled with warmth and love... A scent of a fresh pie. A small piece of childhood... :)
I hope you're feeling inspired!

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