Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rustical or Folk? Wooden Horse Makeover - tutorial

Hi again my dear friends!
It's great when we can share our creative ideas with friends don't you think? I was really happy when my Prima friends - Josie and Sally from Iron Orchid Designs proposed a creative collaboration!
A week ago they shared their creative genius with you showing how they combine IOD + Finnabair for the perfect Christmas DIY projects on Prima blog here.
Yesterday was my turn... and you can check out my project and tutorial also here! I hope you will like it!

Some of you know I LOVE wooden horses. My collection of them is not very big but it is growing and every time I spot a new interesting one, I'm really tempted to buy it!
My travels to Sweden were a real challenge for me - one of the symbols of that country is a beautifully hand painted, colorful...(yes, you got it right) Dala horse. I could see them everywhere and of course I took a couple home... but as they were beautiful vintage ones, I would never paint or alter them.
And then, one year IKEA came with this quite simple, nice in size and mass-produced version of Dala horse. Of course I bought one and took it home to re-purpose!

I took my art mediums and tools out and started working on the "grand makeover" - in a short time I got the results I was happy with!
I wanted my horse decor to be rustical and also to keep the folk style of the original Dala horse - and I think it is a great success!

Are you ready to try it? 
These techniques can be easily transferred to any objects including boxes, book covers, canvases, bottles and jars... and more!

1. I've started with getting one of the new IOD Moulds - floral elements from "Rustic Fleur" set were just perfect for the folk style I was going for. As you can use almost anything in these great quality moulds I decided to experiment with hot glue - and I filled the elements I was planning to use. When they cooled down I popped them out and glued them to the wooden horse using one of my favourite adhesives Art Basics Heavy Body Gel (but you could try Modeling Paste or 3D Gel from the same range too - they would work great!).
To make my dimensional folk design more interesting, I added some of my Art Ingredients Melange Art Pebbles in different sizes, glueing them to the horse exactly the same way!

2. I dried everything with a heating gun and I used Art Basics Heavy White Gesso to prime the whole surface of the horse.
After drying, I repeated the process on some parts which needed a second coat to get full coverage. I dried my project again.

3. When Gesso was dry, I added a generous amount of Art Extravagance White Crackle Texture Paste in between the elements to create a more worn, rustical look.
When the paste was still wet, I sprinkled a bit of Art Ingredients Art Stones in it to make the texture more interesting. I let my White Crackle Paste dry in my kitchen (the warmest place in my house!) and the results were just beautiful!

4. Now it was time to add a touch of colour. You can get beautiful vintage effects rubbing Memory Hardware Artisan Powder into your textured projects - I picked 2 tones: Vausseroux and Parthenay and brushed them with a soft paintbrush into all the details of my flower composition and all the crackles created with White Crackle Paste. I rubbed off the excess with my fingers and cleaned the project a bit with a wet wipe.

5. Finally, I added a touch of Teal and Deep Water Mica Powder from my Art Ingredients Line. I love how these tones beautifully go together with Artisan Powders and add a touch of shine too!
To protect my wooden horse, I sprayed it with a popular fixative for dry pastels and dried it. My winter folk horse was ready!

The real beauty of this project is in the details: just look at the beautiful, rustical finish, all the delicious details, beautiful effects of crackle over and around the floral elements - so simple to make, so much to see and touch!

Here is the list of the products I used - all of them linked to our Mixed Media Place Store!

Make sure to check Prima blog to see more of the fabulous, inspirational posts... and keep your eyes open for the sneak peeks of the new products coming soon too!
Sending hugs!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Memories Preserved

Hi there Friends!
I can't imagine a better start to the week than with Kasia's new vintage mixed media canvas, can you? :)
Kasia's signature style is at its best in this art piece and I'm sure you'll be tempted to recreate this beautiful atmosphere. Kasia's sharing a video tutorial so... don't wait! It might be a brilliant idea for a gift for someone special...
it's Kasia here with my new project - another vintage canvas. I really like to work with canvases because I can add a lot of paints, inks, pastes etc. and not worry about soaking the paper and possibly destroying it with too much of wet media.
This time I didn't use my own photo, but one from Finnabair's Ephemera pack. You can find there a lot of interesting vintage style pictures, so perfect for all kinds of projects.
For my background I used thick clothes tags. I think this is a great way to use these labels. Each of you will certainly find some at home.
I painted them with White Gesso and added colors with Prima oil pastels and Art Alchemy paints. You will see the whole process in my video below.
To make my canvas more vintage and to create a "worn" look I glued some gauze and Art Stones, and then covered it all with White Gesso.
The best thing to keep everything together is Heavy Body GelI really love this product as I am very impatient and this gel dries very quickly and I can continue my work.

I added many layers to my canvas and thus created some really nice depth.
I really like it when my projects have many dimensions and interesting details.

Please enjoy my video and don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear or you'd like to know more.

Happy creating, everybody!

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Two Words

December's here, My Friends!
For many of us this is a month when a lot of creative things are going on - December Daily practice, crafty Advent calendars, cardmaking, list making, thinking about dreams, plans and resolutions for 2017.
All this is obviously very exciting but... let's not run around too much! ;) Shall we pause just for a moment?
Take a seat, take a breath and find a moment to appreciate this incredible art piece (or even 2!) that Gayle's sharing with us today...
Do you have any special words that resonate for you? Any wishes for the world and yourselves? We hope you feel inspired to express them creatively. We'd love to see them! Drop by our Open Studio facebook group and share your Art with us!
Hello lovely Finnabair friends.
The last month of the year and of course for some of us, the celebration of Christmas.
For my project this month I have been completely indulgent and worked with three of my favourite things - wooden blocks, image transfer and collage.
But it’s Finnabair’s Texture Paste in Gold Crackle that has created the richness in these simple wooden blocks. For any of your Christmas projects this year, Gold Crackle Texture paste is a must. The process to these blocks is simple, I have included a few steps, but they are processes that I know you are all familiar with by now.
For me, this project is about how just one medium, used very simply through a stencil, can add so much warmth, texture and a little bit of magic. :)
Here are two more views of my Words Block - front and right side & right and back side:

My blocks come from a friend who is a furniture maker. They are off cuts, all different shapes and sizes and often quite rough.

No.1 The blocks get a coat of Heavy White Gesso. For my image transfer, I have chosen two “angel” images from the internet and printed them out onto regular photocopy paper.

No.2 For the image transfer, give the wooden block a coat of Soft Gel (either Gloss or Matte) and the front of the image a coat of Gel as well.
Place the image, face down onto the wooden block and smooth out very carefully from the centre to the sides, pressing out any air bubbles. Let dry completely. Once dry, use a baby wipe to gently rub away the white surface paper and reveal the image underneath (it will be in reverse). I love the muted, imperfect softness that this process gives.
No.3 Once you have rubbed away all the surface paper to reveal your image, add some stamping. I have used the Vintage Vanity “Book” Clear Stamp on both blocks.

No.4 Collage on some music note paper using Soft Matte Gel.
No.5 Cover the sides and back of the blocks with patterned paper using Soft Matte Gel as the adhesive.

No.6 Add extra texture and colour to the surface papers with Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints - they're so thick and in beautiful rich colours.
No.7 Add more texture to the sides with Art Extravagance Texture Paste in White Crackle.

No.8 Using a stencil apply Texture Paste in Gold Crackle.
A muted, soft, imperfect detail of the transfered image.

I added some metal and wire with beads.
The beautiful stars come from Finnabair's Mechanicals Barn Stars set.
First I painted the “Barn Stars” with Art Alchemy Ancient Coin paint and then sprinkled with Art Ingredients Art Sugar in White for some extra shimmer.

All metal embellishments were attached using Heavy Body Gel.

I have also used an old (but one of my all time favourites) Finnabair “Doily” stencil with red ink to add some pattern detail down the side of the block.

Also some splashes of gold ink.

Another view of the "Joy" block -

a metal name plate, wire with beads and again -

- Art Extravagance Gold Crackle Texture Paste used through a stencil.

The back of the blocks.
Art Extravagance Gold Crackle Texture Paste applied through a stencil and also in combination with silver embossing enamel, using Finnabair Vintage Vanity “Frilly Lace” Clear Stamp.

My two words - “Peace” and “Joy” - have seemed very elusive and in short supply this year, in a world that at times seems to be out of control.

But I genuinely and sincerely extend them to you all now, and, in whatever way you may celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the new, may it be filled with only Peace and Joy.

Gayle xx

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