Monday, 22 May 2017

Break Out In Song

Happy Creative Monday, Everyone!
Athanasia prepared a true Art Alchemy feast for us all today. And not just that!
This project is packed with creative ideas you can use: inspiring journaling tricks, musical inspiration and some triple gesso action too. :) There's a video tutorial as well so together with Athanasia, I hope you will grab your paints and papers immediately. Happy creating!

*   *   *   *
Hello dear friends!
My last art journal page is already placed in my Denim Journal and makes me really happy when I open it and the first thing I see are these beautiful colors.
I always love to incorporate a variety of colors on my pages. It just cheers me up and makes my day every time. :)
The Art Alchemy acrylic paints come in such yummy shades and I can't resist to use almost all of them in my projects.
So, after I used the Heavy White Gesso to prime the page, I started by painting with my favorite colors using a paint roller.

When they were dry I used the 'Bubbles' stencil to create some round shapes here and there with the Rich Turquoise paint.
Then I grabed a black permanent pen and wrote the lyrics of my favorite song 'Other People' by LP.
I used Clear Gesso to seal the text, just to be sure that it won't come off in the next steps.

After that, I painted with some White Gesso here and there to blend the colors and the text with the white background.
I also used the black pen to add some doodling here and there...

Then I dealed with the bubbles. I wanted some spark in there and the Sparks Acrylic Paints were perfect for this effect.
I used three of my favorite shades: Raven BlackIris Potion and Mermaid Sparkle.
I also used the Mystic Turquoise and Amethyst Magic Antique Brilliance Waxes to achieve an even more shiny result. I realy love how they turned out.
I used a small tag to write down a quote I found on Pinterest and decorated it with these cute Mechanicals Wings, a button I had in my stash and thread in different colors.

Last thing to do was to make some splashes with the Black Gesso to add a bit of contrast.
You can see in my video below how I played with all these delicious colors and how I built this page.

Thank you for visiting and I hope my music inspired project will give you some creative ideas :)!

I wish you all a happy crafty day and weekend!


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Friday, 19 May 2017

My Art Dreamscapes

Hello Dear Art Friends!
Get ready for a beautiful new artwork from my Creative Team waiting here to inspire you this weekend!
Karolina made a magical mini album using a couple of tags, pretty papers, paints and some embellishments. You don't really need much to express yourself and create something special... Enjoy!

*   *   *   *
Hi everyone! I hope you have already begun your weekend and have found (or you're planning to find!) a moment to get your fingers dirty. :)

Today I'd like to show you my new project - a mini mixed media album that I created just for myself.
I used the amazing ,,Dreamscapes" collection from 7 Dots Studio because I realized that the words that are on the stickers describe me and my life just perfectly at the moment.
I hope I have managed to express my soul and heart in this small artful album.
You will be able to follow my creative process in the video you'll find below.
First of all, I created multiple layers on each of the tags that are the base of my album and I did it with paper, bits of gauze and sisal fiber.
As you can see, many of the papers have distressed, uneven edges - it's such a simple trick to add depth and interest to your piece.
Next I glued the sentiments stickers, die-cut elements and Mechanicals metal embellishments.
I love this kind of combination - the possibilities are endless and you can easily give your project a multi dimensional character and a different style each time.
Gesso also played an important role in creating this piece.
I believe that  everyone who works with paper and mixed media should have all the colors of gesso - White, Black & Clear (and you can get them in a 3 pack too!). Why so?
Gesso gives you so many possibilities - in case of this album the White one unified the composition and Black Gesso mixed with water let me create some beautiful delicate splashes.
As for the Clear Gesso - I love the Dreamscapes papers so much and I didn't want them to get 'lost' under the paints and other media. A layer of Clear Gesso makes it easy to protect the bits you want to keep visible.
In my project I also used the beautiful Art Alchemy acrylic paints.
My very favorite shades are Metallique Vintage Rose, Steampunk Copper, Emerald Green and I simply couldn't do without the my number 1 - Opal Magic Rose Gold. (see links below) I'm really curious: which Art Alchemy colors are you must-haves? :)
Here's my 'making of' video - I hope you'll feel inspired!

My soulful mini album is a bit messy, filled with my thoughts and my favorite colors.

There's a drop of melancholy too and a lot of me and my art.

I hope you like it and feel inspired to create your own mini book filled with all your favorite things, words, media and pretty embellishments.

And I hope you'll have as much fun as I did! :)
Have a creative weekend!

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Enchanting Shades of Blue... Impasto Paints !

Hi my dear friends!
In the last days there was a lot happening in my creative life - release of the new products, announcement of my classes for the next months including very busy Summer Tour in the USA - and finally information about my product hitting the shelves of Michaels Stores in USA and Canada.
Wow, a lot to take in, indeed!

Today I wanted take abetter look at the new Art Alchemy Impasto Paints. Mainly because I couldn't resist and I had to put them on my table and create... they are delicious! Creamy, thick, so strongly pigmented and opaque! Perfect for painting and creating texture - hey, this is what Impasto is all about, right? Let me show you the video I've made again...

Those of you who love painting with fingers - like me - will just love this range of paints. They are so easy to blend, so intense in colours... I seriously can't wait to see what you will create with them!

So, when my sample tubes of paint arrived - I had to play with them... I had the best time ever creating my little collage for the release blogpost - the one you can see in the video above. I loved the deep tones of the paint, how easy it was to layer colours, cover darker tones with lighter ones - so I wanted to do it again!

I thin it is easy to see why shades of Cobalt, Jade and Azure are absolutely addictive!!!
I took my canvas and started painting. Soon there was a new project happening and I just went with the flow - here is the result, my a bit oriental Fairy Queen. I love this transformation of one of my old family photos (simply laser-printed on photocopy paper) - she got a brand new personality!
I combined the look of the Impasto Paints with my Art Alchemy Metallique Paints and finishing touches of Metallique Waxes. Perfect combo, amazing contrast and play of light and shadow - I can see more of this combo in my future projects!

I seriously loved these projects - so I made a quick decision and turned my Fairy Queen into a new class available. I hope you will like this choice and will join me in the classroom - I'd be more than happy to share my enthusiasm for these techniques with you! You can have a look at this project in the video I've made yesterday too: this is a recording of my Facebook Live - Presentation of Art Alchemy Impasto Paints.You can start around 3.05 s as the beginning is just getting ready ;)

I hope you are as excited as I am about my new art babies - this is another dream coming true for me and I can't wait to explore all the possibilities of using this product line!

Wishing you all a great creative week

Monday, 15 May 2017

Together Is The Best Place To Be

Hi there Friends!
Marta's here today with her brand new art journal creation and as always she made some truly stunning art...
Marta's so amazing at using very subtle means to achieve a spectacular effect!
We hope you'll feel inspired!

*   *   *   *
Hello there!
It's Marta here today - and I have for you my new vintage journal spread.
I was inspired by a picture of this lovely couple and fell in love with their clothes, posture and the feeling of being really close.
In the background I used pieces of tissue tape as well as some adhesive cotton plasters - the ones you can easily find in ever pharmacy. :)
I really likes the texture they created and wanted them to be visible, that's why this time I used Clear Gesso. It works just like the white one and is just as good, but it really helps to accent elements in the background. I applied it with a silicone brush, it gives a smooth and clean surface.
Next step was mixing Texture Powder with Ginger Magic Acrylic Paint. I don't know if you've ever tried this, but you definitely should! The mixture (when it's dry) has a cool rough surface and an amazing sparkle, it's perfect for using with stencils or as a texture paste. Just love it!
Later I've mixed Opal Magic Aqua-Rose Acrylic Paint with the Texture Powder in the same way.
This time the mixture was smoother, but it has a cool two tone shine.

I've used the same paint in the background - first, I used some water and I applied paint in a few places with a brush and with my fingers.
After I've dried paint with a heating tool, I used Fresh Orange Metallique Acrylic Paint with a Harlequin stencil. Then I used some pink color sprays to add color in the background.
In the end I added some stamps - the Butterfly plus ' Messy' and 'Read To Me' clear stamps.
I love to add only accents of stamps to make my background more interesting and not too neat or precise. I just love this kind of artful mess. ;)
I completed my pages with some red thread, metal embellishments, Vintage Gold Wax and liquid pearls.

As you can see I used Checker stamp and stencil - they perfectly complement each other.
I think this pattern is very stylish and really universal, I often use it for my backgrounds multiplying it and using different kinds of supplies and mediums.
Here's the video with my creative process step by step. Enjoy!

Using orange and red meant for me leaving my comfort zone - these are the colors that I always tend to avoid.

But this time I must say that I'm really satisfied with the effect, I like mixing these colors with pink and gold.
I think they go really well with the photo :)
And what do you think?


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