Monday, 25 January 2021

Mysteries of the Oceans by Olga Sępkowska

The mysteries of the ocean allow your imagination to go on amazing journey. The creatures that can be discovered in the depths are already similar to mystical creatures, and if you sprinkle a little magic on top of that? Surely, someone is watching over all of this nautical life, so that it can exist in harmony. But you still have to keep in the back of your mind how our world affects it's underwater counterpart. The blue of the ocean has been broken by the rust of objects that don't belong to the seabed. 

My project is a response to a longing in my heart for oceans, seas, and even lakes. The beautiful tissue paper - Nautical - worked perfectly here. I wanted to go a bit more into the theme and show the ocean magic. Marine creatures, rusty objects, sea plants - this is what I focused my composition around.

In the video you can see my trick for making gauze stiffer and easier to shape - I used a bit of Liquid Color Fluid Medium for this. After it dries you can tear it even more, you can colour it - and because it's much stiffer you can arrange it nicely on your project.

I used liquid acrylic paints and waxes for coloring. I love the effect the matte waxes give, and highlighted with gold wax they look simply gorgeous! What I love about liquid acrylic paints is how enjoyable they are to work with.

Project is never complete until I add some splashes or sparkling additives. This time I used metallique paint - Hazelnut, and add some art pebbles and a little bit of glass glitter.

Have a nice day!


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Friday, 22 January 2021

Shabby Metal Bird House by Iveta Ziedina

Well hello there!

it’s me once again, coming to inspire you to create some art!

Today I have this Shabby Metal Bird House to share with you. There was a bit of going backwards and forwards with it but we got there in the end!

First I started with a very blurry idea of what I would like the finished piece to look like, then I started taking steps to get to that result.

I started by painting on some stripes using Impasto Paints. I knew I had to get those done first because it is much more difficult to paint them on once the moulds and other 3D elements are on.

I used a lot of floral moulds on this piece because I wanted to give it a more romantic, fairy house kind of look. If you watch the video tutorial for this you’ll notice that I did not apply all of the moulds at once, and the reason for that is that the idea to put on more flowers on to the house itself came a little bit late! :)

Once I was done applying all the colour to the house, it looked a little bit mismatched so I used more of the brown Impasto and White Gesso to tone it down and bring it all together.

And of course, the last finishing touch - Pixie Effect Paste from the last release, I just couldn’t pass on an opportunity to add a little bit of magic!

I hope you will enjoy this project and tutorial!

Lots of love,

Iveta xx

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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