Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mica Powders Hacks - video

Hi my dear ones!
Do you know how many possibilities you have once you have jars of Art Ingredients Mica Powders on your table? Can you name a few?
Making some paint using Soft Gel as a base?
And what about adding Mica Powder to your wax or embossing powders?
All sounds great, doesn't it... but have you ever tried to make your own metallic gesso? All you need is your favourite colour of Mica Powders and Art Basics Clear Gesso as your base - here is the video with this recipe and few more ideas which I've done for Prima Live on Facebook. Enjoy!

Do you feel you need more ideas? No problem! Check out these 2 videos I've made for you a while ago! I hope they will be helpful!

Sending you warmest hugs and see you soon - I wish you a wonderful, creative time!


mamablitger said...

Oh you are rhe sweetest !!! Thank you for the videos. I have'nt seen them yet.... but look so much forward to enjoy them !!!
Big hug to you ...

Mariane C said...

Thank you EVER so much for showing us this video, I have often thought about how to use the powder... Now I know (hehe) - thanks again !!

piseth san said...

Thank you for the videos. I have'nt seen them yet....


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